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Prison Blade: The Abduction of Abigail Averies by Niki Hebert McQuilling

Prison Blade

During transport, Deputy Abigail Averies is abducted by her abusive ex-husband who disguises himself as a prisoner.

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About Niki Herbert McQuilling

I'm from South Louisiana. I've been in law enforcement for nearly 12 years. I love wine and chocolate while I read or write.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Review of Welcome to the Show (A Mickey Tussler Novel) by Frank Nappi

Welcome to the Show

It’s 1950 and Mickey Tussler—the now-famous pitching prodigy with autism and a golden arm—is back for another baseball season in this third installment of Frank Nappi’s critically acclaimed Legend of Mickey Tussler series. Talk of Mickey’s legendary exploits on the field has grown since his improbable debut two years prior, as have the fortunes of Murph and the rest of the lovable ragtag Brew Crew. Now Mickey, Murph, and Lester find themselves heading to Bean Town to play for the Boston Braves.

The call up is sweet, for all of them have overcome insurmountable odds to get where they are. But life in the major leagues is filled with fast-paced action both on and off the field. The bright lights of Boston hold a new series of challenges, hardships, and life lessons—especially for Mickey, who finds himself a long way from throwing apples into a barrel back on the farm. The three newest Braves have each other to lean on, as well as a new group of fans who are swept away by pennant fever, but balancing everything this new world has to offer may prove to be the greatest challenge of all.

**My thoughts**
I fell in love with Mickey Tussler four years ago when the first book came out. I devoured it and then greatly enjoyed the second book in the series. When that one ended, I knew there was a good chance for a third, but it didn't come. When I found out that the third book had finally been released, I was ecstatic to jump on board the tour to read and review it. I now feel like it is complete, though conceivably the story could go on.

Mickey is a young boy with autism, which wasn't widely understood back when this book takes place. I recognize some of the qualities in his personality, and yet he is a unique individual. Then again, once you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism. I felt like Nappi captured what it could be like for one individual with "high-functioning autism" to be thrust into the spotlight for his gift. He embraces the athletic prowess this young man possesses, yet captures the lack of social skills, the sensitivity to stimulation, the self-soothing behaviors, and processing issues. I love the demonstration of how Mickey's mother and Murph handle him. Plus there is the added interest of Jolene, a young woman who also has her own struggles and is often misunderstood, yet seems to perfectly understand Mickey. Both of them have a huge heart and I loved watching their relationship develop over the course of the novel.

This story hits on so many important topics. It is reflective of the racism that was still occurring 70 years ago (and honestly has been popping up again today). It shows the lack of understanding for individuals with special needs. It chronicles the difficulties in relationships when one partner's dream may get in the way of what is important, and how what you think you want in life isn't always what you really need. It values the importance of friendship, brotherhood, and teamwork, both on and off the playing field. And then you have the added joy of fast-paced recounts of the baseball games of the season. Baseball back in the day sure was different from how it is today. It was also fun to see a lot of familiar names pop up in fictional accounts.

Baseball fans will like this series, because it also captures the heart of America's favorite pastime. I love heartwarming stories that are well written, and Nappi is an excellent writer. These are books that I will read more than once. In fact, I have read the first two more than once, and will likely reread this one, as well. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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About Frank Nappi

Frank Nappi has taught high school English and Creative Writing for over twenty five years. His debut novel, ECHOES FROM THE INFANTRY, received national attention, including MWSA's silver medal for outstanding fiction. His follow-up novel, THE LEGEND OF MICKEY TUSSLER, garnered rave reviews as well, including a movie adaptation of the touching story "A Mile in His Shoes" starring Dean Cain and Luke Schroder. Nappi continues to produce quality work, including SOPHOMORE CAMPAIGN, the intriguing sequel to the much heralded original story and the thriller, NOBODY HAS TO KNOW, which received an endorsement from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nelson DeMille. The third installment of Nappi's Mickey Tussler series, WELCOME TO THE SHOW, was released April 2016, and he is currently working on his next thriller, AS LONG AS WE BOTH SHALL LIVE. Nappi lives on Long Island with his wife Julia and their two sons, Nicholas and Anthony.

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Read my review of Nobody Has to Know here.

You can also read an interview with Frank Nappi from 2013 here.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Meet Jessie Newburn, author of Uber Chronicles: Field Notes From the Front Seat

You know about Uber. You may even use it on occasion. Why do people get involved in it and what is the experience like? Jessie Newburn decided to write about her experiences as a new Uber driver and is sharing more with us here in this exclusive interview. Check out what she has to say and then download her book! (FREE July 19-21)

What was the inspiration behind this book?

I think most people get into grooves (or ruts) in their lives about where they go, who they call a friend, places they shop, hobbies they do. Driving for Uber is an amazing way to see, first hand, people’s lives beyond one’s normal paths. Uber takes you, as a driver, all over. You go where the next passenger is, and you go where they want to go. It’s fascinating. I wanted to share my experience.
How did you determine your format?
It came to me. I didn’t pre-think it. I sat down, opened my laptop and wrote. I gave my first passenger’s experience a subhead, followed it with a short story, and followed that with what I call a “key experience,” or what I got from the ride.
Why did you offer the book for free on your blog before choosing to publish as a book?
I didn’t start out with the vision of writing a book. I simply blogged about what I was doing, shared my blog posts on Facebook and Twitter and then responded to the feedback, which overwhelmingly sounded like, “write a book.”
What is your favorite Uber story?
Ah, my favorite one isn’t published yet. But in this book, my first, I found the passenger in “He likes the pasta” to be a very sweet experience. This kid got in my car. Our lives were worlds apart. And yet we shared this tender-to-me moment in time together in the car. Sometimes with younger passengers, I feel like I’m their mom or aunt giving them a ride.
Recent news stories have caused great concern for both Uber drivers and passengers. What do you have to say to those who are worried?
Chill. If you have a date with disaster, you have a date with disaster … whether it shows up in the form of an Uber driver or someone else. Fear less, love more.
What is the greatest lesson you have learned from Uber?
To go with the flow. I have no control as to where I’m driving to next. The passenger’s destination is not made available to me until after I accept the ride. I control when I drive, but not where I drive to.
What advice do you have for those who wish to give Uber a try?
Do it! If nothing else, do it as a bucket-list experience.
What lessons do you want people to pull from your book?
I think that one of the greatest gifts we can give another (and ourselves) is the gift of witnessing another’s life, without judgement or need. Simply to witness. I feel I get to do that with my Uber driving, and I believe I help others, my readers, witness my passengers for a moment in time.
You talk about having a side business. Tell us about that.
Do I have a side business?! Yes, I’m very into the gig economy. I’m a Nerium Brand Partner and sell anti-aging products; I do #bizdev for a digital marketing company; and I run a community website, two actually.
You mention that you used to blog. Are you still blogging?
Rarely. I find I get more engagement on Facebook, so I “blog” (write longer posts than a simple status update, that is) there sometimes.
On what other projects are you currently working?
My next few books in the Uber Chronicles series. :-)
You like to read a lot while waiting for jobs. What are you reading right now?
The Soul of an Octopus. The full title is The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness.
Anything else you would like to share with us?
Only that I’m grateful for this interview and the good work you do in the world.
Thank you so much for your time!

Uber Chronicles

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive for Uber? Have you ever been curious as to what kind of people use Uber? Where are they going? What do they talk about during the ride? How do they behave, or misbehave?

This is the book to read!

About Jessie Newburn

Jessie Newburn never planned to write about her experiences as an Uber driver. Heck, she never even thought she'd drive for Uber.

But there she was one day, desperately needing to Just.Do.Something, and so she decided to Uber. After a few nights out, she came home and was taken by the thought that what was happening inside her car was interesting. And so she wrote. And wrote. About each and every passenger.

"Uber Chronicles: Field Note from the Front Seat" is her first book in a series.

Beyond this book, Jessie has embraced the gig economy, doing #bizdev for a digital marketing firm, hawking anti-aging products, managing a community site in her hometown, and doing various and sundry other gigs.

She forages (in meadows and in friends’ refrigerators); dances contra, zydeco and waltz; champions the thoughtful and intelligent use of social media (particularly on the local level); travels to Black Rock City often; and advocates for an updated conversation about cannabis and psychedelics.

While she ponders—seemingly incessantly—whether she should (1) move to a place with more land and, idyllically, more room to grow more food or (2) move to the city and have a smaller footprint, for now she continues to live in one of the suburbiest suburbs in the world: Columbia, Maryland, which is both conveniently and not conveniently located between Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington, D.C.

Monday, July 11, 2016

What Kind of Peanut Butter Is Your Massage? by Heather Leigh

What Kind of Peanut Butter Is Your Massage?

Written for the massage therapist who wants to give their best. From maximizing money, to turning the first time client into a 'regular', there are new ideas to help you achieve your goal. Learn how to re-book, communicate effectively, treat customers, and work in different venues. 

Geared toward the new therapist, there are also many things for seasoned professionals to learn. As a massage therapist with over a dozen years of experience, allow me impart to you what I've learned after performing hundreds of massages.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My BBW Geek Wedding by Leslie Hunter

My BBW Geek Wedding

Will Claire and Alan's engagement crash and burn before they can make it to the altar? 

Claire is better with math than people... which makes her even more thankful for Alan. He's a man that loves his geeky girl with curves in all the right places.

When an accident jeopardizes Alan’s baseball career, he feels like a burden instead of a partner. His fiance is under more pressure than ever. Can Claire persuade Alan she’s serious about getting married, and heal his injury?

Or will she lose the only man she’s ever wanted?

About Leslie Hunter

Leslie Hunter is a typical country girl living on a island in the middle of the Pacific.

She's a part-time travel agent who sends people into their fantasy both in real-life and in her books.

When she's not in front of her keyboard, she enjoys surfing the waves of the North Shore, visiting other islands, and laying on a beach with a rum drink in hand as the ocean waves come in and out.

You can find out more about Leslie at

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Summer to Remember (A Tallgrass Novel) by Marilyn Pappano Release Blitz and Giveaway


Tallgrass Series #6
Marilyn Pappano
Releasing June 28th, 2016


It's been a long time since widow Fia Thomas felt the spark of physical attraction. But from the moment she meets Elliot Ross one stormy night, she yearns for a fresh start, for him to make her feel whole and well again. With his broad shoulders and a warm smile crinkling his dark eyes, he could finally offer her the solace she's been seeking. And she's willing to give him anything in return . . . except a promise that could break his heart.

Now that Elliot is out of the Army, he's looking for a place to call home. Tallgrass was just a stop to stretch his legs, yet one look at Fia halts him in his tracks. In her sweet, sassy company, he finds the soul mate he never thought he'd have. But Fia is holding something back-something that keeps her from making any plans. Elliot's new mission: gain Fia's trust...and convince her that summer's end can mean a new beginning.

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“Go on. Sing more.”
He did, and she listened with her eyes half closed. The tones were sweet, the emotion fierce, the quality hands-down better than the singer on the radio. Everything she learned about Elliot was adding up to an extraordinary man.
While she remained plain, average Fia. With “issues.”
“Beautiful,” she responded when the song ended. At about the same time, he turned into her driveway.
He came around and held hands with her to the stoop and up the steps, where he propped open the storm door with his boot while she unlocked the door. She set her purse on the floor inside the door, then faced him. “I’m not going to invite you inside because you’ve got to get up early.”
“Darn.” He moved a step closer, fitted his hands to her waist, and leaned toward her. She met him in the kiss, her mouth parting, her hands sliding around to the back of his neck, combing through his silky hair. Dear Lord, she’d forgotten how good a kiss could be. She nibbled at his lip, pausing only when his tongue thrust between her teeth, invading, exploring, rousing a long-unsatisfied need deep inside. Moving intuitively, her hands glided over soft cotton that covered the lean muscles along his spine. When they reached the rougher texture of jeans and leather belt, the tips tingled, like the briefest touch of a live wire, singeing and searing and sparking pleasure through her body.
When she stroked a few inches lower to slide her palm over his erection, his breath caught, and so did hers. It had been so very long . . .would be so very easy . . . back up one step, don’t let go, take him to the bedroom or, better, the couch, strip off their clothes . . .So easy. So perfect. So wrong.
Even the thought of that last word was wrong. It jangled in the midst of nerves humming with need. It pulled her out of the haze of what she could do, of the incredible satisfaction she could have, and brought back all the ugly uncertainty of her life. Elliot might be Prince Charming, but she was no princess, and her life was no simple, sweet fairy tale with a happily ever after.
Tears seeped into her eyes—disappointment, weariness—and she opened her eyes to blink them away. Apparently sensing the change in her, Elliot ended the kiss with another tiny, sweeter kiss, then clasped her hands in his. For a long time, he studied her face with an intensity that rippled along her skin, then he took a step back, putting breathing room between them.
When he spoke, he sounded as if he’d done a long hump with a heavy ruck on a hot day. “You never did tell me.”
“Is Fia short for something?”
“You never did ask.” She didn’t sound much better. “Sofia.”
He laid his palm gently against her cheek, repeated her name, then backed away even farther. “Thank you, Sofia.”
“For what?”
“Being in that parking lot Friday night. For liking me and my dog. For kissing like—” Breaking off, he grinned and shook his head. “Damn.”
“It takes two.”
His grin strengthened, then slowly faded. “Good night.”
Leaning against the door jamb, she watched him go to his truck, get in, and drive away with a final wave. Sighing deeply, she stepped inside the house, closed and locked the door, and stumbled, hitting the floor with a solid thud.

Known for her intensely emotional stories, Marilyn Pappano is the USA Today  bestselling author of nearly eighty books. She has made regular appearances on bestseller lists and has received recognition for her work in the form of numerous awards. Though her husband's Navy career took them across the United States, he and Ms. Pappano now live in Oklahoma high on a hill that overlooks her hometown. They have one son and daughter-in-law, an adorable grandson, and a pack of mischievous dogs.

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Meet Jan Elliott, author of Faith Full Retirement

Jan Elliot, author of Faith Full Retirement, has had a long and inspired speaking career, presenting women’s seminars and conferences for her own company, janspeaks, for National Seminars and as a certified trainer for the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. She’s trained hundreds of men and women how to be more effective in the workplace, and now she speaks to baby boomer women who want to make the most of retirement. Jan offers compassionate, faith-based guidance to help retiring women find clarity, take action and gain peace of mind in their golden years. Get to know her a bit better with these five fun facts:

Five Fun Facts (you didn’t know about Jan Elliott but now you do):

  1. During my speaking career with National Seminars and Franklin Covey, I spoke in every state in the US except North and South Dakota.
  2. My most favorite trip ever was an RV trip we took with my husband, daughter, son, mother in law, sister in law and niece from Seattle WA to San Diego CA in 1984. And we were all still speaking when we returned home.
  3. My husband went to school with Hillary Rodam Clinton in Park Ridge IL and therefore I got to attend his 25th high class reunion at the White House. And yes, Bill Clinton, just getting started in his Presidential term, is magnetic.
  4. I served, then Govenor, Jimmy Carter, tea and cake, in Atlanta when my husband was at GA Tech.
  5. My daughter and my most favorite thing to do is hit a really good Goodwill store. We find such treasures!

Faith Full Retirement

If you are a woman between 45 and 65 and struggle with planning for retirement and fear you may not make or be making the best choices, you have come to the right place. Once you discover how to analyze what's working and what's not working, you will be able to implement the tools need to put into action to find true joy in your later years.

"Be happy, for your life is a gift ... You make it beautiful at any age."
Jan Elliott

Get started on the website with a sneak peek

Retirement planning expert, Jan Elliott, works with women in close-knit workshop settings, to offer motivation and guidance in creating a vision and plan for retirement. Her past careers were spent supporting thousands of women in areas of weight loss, interior design, time management, appearance, organization and financial fitness through her own speaking business, as well as through National Seminars and Franklin Covey. She is also an entrepreneur at heart, with a knack for real estate investing and internet marketing, Learn more at