Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Flight to Freedom by Ray Anselmo

Redemption Bluff, Kansas in 1869 was a place of safety for society’s unwanted – the outlaw, the shellshocked, the abandoned, the sinful, the dregs. People came there because there was nowhere else they could go, to start a new life, sometimes even with a new name, and leave their sordid or painful pasts behind.

That was why Rose Mahaffey was headed there. “Rose Red,” a longtime prostitute, wanted to get out of the “life” while she still had a life, and she’d heard about how others had turned their lives around in the odd little town. But getting there, changing herself – and getting others to believe she had changed – was going to be harder than she thought. As would avoiding the man who was committed to keeping her bound to his evil will.

Calder Owens escaped slavery in Mississippi during the Civil War and ran west, finally landing in Redemption Bluff to run the local stagecoach stop. He’d settled in and become part of the struggling community. But an early-morning knock on his door – and a stranger lying on his living room rug – was about to unsettle him, make him question many things in his life … and bring back the dark secret he’d worked for years to bury.

Surprises, conflicts, brushes with death, and even romance – all of these await Rose and Calder on their FLIGHT TO FREEDOM!

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Ray Anselmo lives with his wife, son, cat and neuroses in Stockton, California. Flight to Freedom is his fourteenth book and second Western.

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Monday, April 27, 2020

An Agent for Lorelai (Pinkerton Matchmaker Book 70) by Jo Grafford

Lorelai Woods believes she's engaged to the perfect man and living the perfect life, until she discovers he is part of a cattle rustling gang. In a desperate bid to regain control of her family’s ranch that the gang has commandeered, she signs on as a Pinkerton Agent, only to discover she’ll be required to marry a fellow agent (at least temporarily) before being allowed to launch an investigation into the case.

Pressed into the hard life of sailing on a pirate ship, John Langston quickly grows bored with his new vocation as a farmer once he is freed. A happenstance glance at an advert for Pinkerton Agents has him jumping at the opportunity to juggle adventure and danger once again. He doesn’t count on falling in love with the woman he’s sent to protect, and he hates the fact that his undercover assignment requires him to keep so many secrets from her.

To make matters worse, he receives orders to marry a new female agent...and discovers the ravishing Lorelai Woods has been keeping a few secrets of her own!

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Read an excerpt:
He’d known this day was coming. It was inevitable that Lorelai would eventually learn that he’d been less than completely honest with her about his presence on her ranch. He’d been hoping that he and Edgar would have successfully solved their case by then, but it simply wasn’t written in the stars. 
“She’s as smart as she is beautiful.” Dante made no attempt to mask the admiration in his voice. 
“So that’s the way the wind is blowing.” His partner sounded resigned. 
“On my part, yes,” Dante said. “I’m fairly certain she hates me, at the moment.” 
Edgar made a sound of disgust. “It’s never a good idea to let your personal feelings get involved in a case.” 
“Too late,” Dante snapped.

Find more of Jo's books here. 

About Jo Grafford

Jo writes sweet romance stories — with humor, sass, and happily ever-afters. She loves to visit with readers in her Cuppa Jo Readers group at Join her New Release Email List at, follow her on BookBub, or check out her Amazon author page at

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Billionaire's Birthday Wish (Billionaire Birthday Club) by Jenna Brandt

Wade McAllister is a celebrity pastry chef that turned his fame into a billionaire dollar cooking empire. He has everything he could ever want at his fingertips, but something is missing. When one of his friends gives him an exclusive invite to join the Billionaire Birthday Club, he’s intrigued. Could this place finally help him figure out what's missing in his life?

Tara Wilson takes the concierge position at the elite and very private island resort where the Billionaire Birthday Club is located, viewing it as a stepping stone to opening her own high-end hotel. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for one of her clients, which could jeopardize everything for her, including her heart.

Will Wade’s birthday wish come true? Will Tara be able to have both love and a career? And what will happen when the news gets out about their relationship?

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Find more of Jenna's bestselling books here.

Jenna Brandt is an international bestselling and award-winning author who writes inspiring sweet historical and contemporary romance. She earned her BA in English and is an active member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association. She also enjoys cooking, watching movies, reading, going to church, and spending time with her three daughters and husband where they live in California.

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Remember Courage (Healing Hearts) by Ginny Sterling

Dylan Luka has a job he loves. Seeing different parts of the world and hanging out with his best friends are the biggest perks of his career. Everything has always come easy to the handsome soldier armed with a devastating smile, but when he’s diagnosed with a medical condition, he struggles with maintaining the discipline he needs to survive. Winning over the lovely barista that has enchanted him is another matter altogether!

Eva Morrison cannot believe the gall of the man before her. He thinks if he flirts with her; she will fall immediately for his magnetic appeal all while serving him a hot cup of coffee. When his repeated attempts to ask her out fail, will a silent cry for help shatter the wall surrounding her determined resolve? Can she fight the chemistry between them—or will she have enough courage and patience to capture his heart?

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Find more of Ginny Sterling's books here.

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The Plus One Rescue (Disaster City Search & Rescue) by Jo Grafford

With a heroic-sounding name like his, Axel Hammerstone naturally made all the “most likely to succeed” lists in his high school yearbook. So it comes as no surprise to his friends when their favorite defensive tackle player returns from Afghanistan with a Purple Heart for wounds sustained while saving a bunch of fellow soldiers during an ambush. He’s the only one who blames himself for the one man he failed to rescue during the ensuing explosion. Despite his own injuries, he’s determined to atone for the loss of his best friend and battle buddy by devoting the rest of his career to search and rescue operations.

Kristi Kimiko was first called the “dog whisperer” on her sixteenth birthday when she coaxed a wounded Boston Terrier from their burning apartment complex. Seven years later, she’s living her dream as an expert search and rescue trainer in Disaster City, Texas. Unfortunately, it leaves her little time for dating or any sort of social life, for that matter. When the hunky Axel half-limps and half-swaggers his way into her renowned dog training course with his beautiful golden retriever, she senses her life is about to change — especially after he somehow manages to coax her into serving as his Plus One at a big family birthday bash the following weekend.

If she’s learned anything in her line of work, where there’s smoke, there’s a fire; and this particular hunky firefighter has a way of making the sparks fly every time he looks in her direction!

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Read an excerpt:
“I met the most wonderful young man on my flight home,” her grandmother gushed. 
“What? I didn’t know you were on the market again,” Kristi teased. 
“He was a handsome devil, too.” Aimi Kimiko ignored the jibe. “A Marine. I was hoping to introduce the two of you, but—” 
“But he caught wind of your ill-concealed matchmaking intentions and took off running in the opposite direction?” 
“He didn’t run.” Her grandmother looked mildly offended. “He limped.” She pointed one delicate finger toward the baggage claim area. 
Kristi glanced up. “Holy hotness!”

Find more of Jo's books here. 

About Jo Grafford

Jo writes sweet romance stories — with humor, sass, and happily ever-afters. She loves to visit with readers in her Cuppa Jo Readers group at Join her New Release Email List at, follow her on BookBub, or check out her Amazon author page at

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Easy Help in Your Life + $25 Amazon GC #Giveaway Ends 4/27 @FreakyHealer @las930

Easy Help In Your Life

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Life is a little crazy right now and we could use some help as we try to make sense of things. Check out these books for some insights into finding happiness and some humor in parenting. And who couldn't use some extra cash right now, even if it is in the form of gift cards? Note that affiliate links are present in this post, which just means I earn a few pennies should you make a purchase through them. Best of luck entering!

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365 Days of Happiness

365 Days of Happiness

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Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops

Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops

This book opens new doors for you to dive into parenthood with fresh zest, plenty of fun, and infinite love for yourself and for your children by teaching you 3 important pillars to better parenting.
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For the Love of Dog Tales by I. L. Cannon 99 cent special offer

Cannon introduces his first collection of “life stories” as told through the experiences of our canine friends. This volume, of five intriguing dog tales, takes you on an emotional joyride you’ll hold truly close to your heart for years. These stories captivate and expose the contradictions in the lives of our canine companions in their “man eat dog world”.

See through the battle-weary eyes of a pit bull that must fight the ultimate battle outside the arena for his very existence. Rally with two courageous police dogs, risking their lives following the sordid trail of a savage serial killer. Race alongside the thundering paws of a challenged greyhound, where losing a race means losing one’s life. Share the pitiful incarceration and uncertainty of a laboratory dog as he copes with his rapidly diminishing time on this Earth. Chum along on the mean city streets with a hapless canine hobo, as he wanders in and out of the lives of families and stumbles upon adventure after adventure, to learn tragically the painful lessons of love and its ultimate sacrifice.

Take advantage of a 99 cent deal!
Order directly from the author's website.

Praise for, For the Love of Dog Tales

"It was so incredibly moving and truly gives a voice to dogs living at the mercy of a world not of their making."

Heather Allen
President & CEO
HALO Animal Rescue

"Thank you for a book that not only gives a voice to our canine friends and their struggles but also compels us to raise our voices to end that struggle." 

Top Dog Eileen Proctor
Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate 

"You have captured in this work something greater than just a 'dog's tale'. Your story speaks to the greater issue of man's inhumanity to man as well as all living creatures." 

Valerie Fair

Also Available on Amazon
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Storyteller and dreamer, Irvin L. Cannon, put pen to paper for the first time in response to a challenge. A simple challenge issued in response to his comment… “I can write a better story than that.” The challenge uttered, “Do it then”! He began scribbling story after story into notebooks. For the Love of Dog Tales is the first release from those tucked away pages birthed from that short exchange.

Born and raised on the East Coast in large metropolitan cities, the author’s fascination with storytelling began in his youth. His vision and imagination for the art of storytelling was primarily nurtured by his love for comic books. A scientist by training, dog lover by nature, and a man with many years in law enforcement, author Cannon’s experience in the inner city street wars, combine to produce a biting view of the world around us as seen through the eyes of his canine characters—characters with whom he has crossed paths.

Cannon has seen and felt many evils imposed upon humanity and dogs in the performance of his duties. He has given the reader a window into the depth of emotions and cruelty experienced by the dogs, evidenced by their physical condition and the stories told through their eyes. For the Love of Dog Tales melds his love for a well-told story with his life experiences and love for animals.

The author presently resides in the Midwest with his wife.

Official websites:

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Friday, April 10, 2020

A Day in the Life of Lady Independence Mather from A Struggle for Independence by p.m. terrell

Today you get the chance to find out more about Lady Independence Mather, one of the characters in A Struggle for Independence, the latest book from author p.m. terrell. You can also read an excerpt from the book and then follow the tour for even more fun! Let her know what you think along the way! And then remember to enter the giveaway at the end!


A Day in the Life of Lady Independence Mather

In A Struggle for Independence, Lady Independence Mather (Penny) has fallen into a routine. Her husband is cold and aloof, their chambers separate in the sprawling estate known as Matherscourt. Once he leaves for his office in Dublin, she arises and begins her day.

Though a vast formal dining room exists, she prefers her breakfast in the cozy kitchen where the servants gather. Then she takes a stroll past her beloved horses as she makes her way to an old outbuilding that she has converted into her art studio. Penny lives in her head, drawing pictures of sweeping Irish vistas, horses in the fields, and pastoral streams. She consigns her art to her friend Eliza, who sells them in her gallery just blocks from the General Post Office in Dublin.

At the end of each day, Penny makes her way back down the path to the house, where she is expected to stand in line each evening to welcome Lord Mather on his arrival home from his office. He, however, does not acknowledge her but treats her as though she is just another servant.

All of this is about to change when Lord Mather hires an architect to oversee another addition to the estate. Nicky Bowers is charming and attentive and takes an interest in Penny’s art. When he invites her to accompany him to the Wicklow Mountains, she jumps at the chance. Away from Matherscourt and her self-imposed prison, her eyes are opened to the discrepancies between the British loyalist elite and the average Irish family, her art takes a different turn, depicting peasants, hollowed-out cottages and stark differences between the vast estates and hungry population.

She quickly falls in love with Nicky. Discovering an old gatehouse at the edge of Matherscourt, she spends her days in his arms there. When she discovers he is an Irish rebel running weapons for the Easter Rising, she faces a decision. She can remain in her comfortable yet loveless arranged marriage, surrounded by all the comforts her position affords. Or she can leave everything for an uncertain future with an Irish rebel. The uprising is far from an assured victory, and if it fails, she could be imprisoned or executed for treason.

Penny is at Eliza’s art gallery when the Easter Rising begins, and she is swept into the chaos from the GPO to Saint Stephen’s Green. She watches Dublin transform into a smoldering war zone, witnessing the breakdown of society as looting and indiscriminate killings begin. Separated from Nicky and at a crossroads, she must decide whether to return home to Matherscourt or breach the British lines in search of the man she loves.

Sometimes a woman comes to the realization that she has built the perfect life but with the wrong man.

It is 1916 Ireland, and Independence Mather has settled into a tedious routine in an arranged marriage when she meets an architect hired to add a wing onto her husband’s vast estate. She soon falls in love with the charming, attentive Nicky Bowers, but he has secrets to hide. When she discovers he is an Irish rebel, events propel her into the middle of the Easter Rising. Now she must decide whether to remain the wife of a British loyalist or risk everything to join the rebellion and be with the man she loves.

Read an excerpt:
I think when all is said and done, I prefer to sleep when the rains are upon me. There is something about curling up beneath layers of warm, cozy covers and listening to the raindrops against the glass or even the stronger pelting storms with their thunder and lightning that cause me to become lulled to contented sleep. But on nights like this, when the air is still and silent, time becomes stuck, and I feel suspended in wakefulness while sleep gathers just beyond my reach.

I rose, sliding my feet into my slippers and donning my robe to tread across the cold floor and poke the peat in the firebox. It was stubborn tonight; seeking the same slumber that evaded me, the remnants of earlier flames nothing more than a spark and a flicker. I finally gave up and began to make my way back to my bed, where warmth, if not sleep, awaited me. I paused at the window to note the frost forming in the lower corner, a late frost that could damage the flowers just beginning to bud to officially herald the spring and promise of summer. The skies were clear, the customary clouds nowhere in sight, the half-moon brilliant even though we were midway between full moons.

A flash caught my eye, and I turned my attention from the night sky to the ground below. I spotted it again, a glint and a glimmer, and it was gone as quickly as it had appeared. Forgetting the chill for the moment, I strained my eyes as I peered into the shadows, the moon unable to penetrate the copses of trees between the great house and the structures beyond the meadow.

I tried to pinpoint where the flashes were occurring and came to the conclusion they were at the old barn across from my little studio cottage. I thought vaguely of Stratford, asleep and snoring in his room down the hall, and knew I would not awaken him to the possibility of trespassers, nor would I rouse the servants from their beds. Completely and fully awake now, I felt my senses pricking at my mind, urging me to venture there myself.

I dressed quickly in dark clothing and carried my heavier shoes in my arms as I slipped outside my bedchamber and quietly closed the door behind me. The corridor was dark, and I groped at the walls as I made my way away from Stratford and down the stairs. The house was surreally quiet, objects that seemed ordinary or innocuous during the daytime, suddenly morphing into ghostly beings that loomed over the rooms to watch my departure from the house and into the chill of the night.

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About p.m. terrell

p.m.terrell is the pen name for Patricia McClelland Terrell, the award-winning, internationally acclaimed author of more than 24 books in multiple genres, including contemporary suspense, historical suspense, computer instructional, non-fiction and children’s books.

Prior to writing full-time, she founded two computer companies in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area: McClelland Enterprises, Inc. and Continental Software Development Corporation. Among her clients were the Central Intelligence Agency, United States Secret Service, U.S. Information Agency, and Department of Defense. Her specialties were in the detection of white collar computer crimes and computer intelligence.

A full-time author since 2002, Black Swamp Mysteries was her first series, inspired by the success of Exit 22, released in 2008. Vicki’s Key was a top five finalist in the 2012 International Book Awards and 2012 USA Book Awards nominee, and The Pendulum Files was a national finalist for the Best Cover of the Year in 2014. Her second series, Ryan O’Clery Suspense, is also award-winning. The Tempest Murders (Book 1) was one of four finalists in the 2013 International Book Awards, cross-genre category. Her historical suspense, River Passage, was a 2010 Best Fiction and Drama Winner. It was determined to be so historically accurate that a copy of the book resides at the Nashville Government Metropolitan Archives in Nashville, Tennessee. Songbirds are Free is her bestselling book to date; it is inspired by the true story of Mary Neely, who was captured in 1780 by Shawnee warriors near Fort Nashborough (now Nashville, TN).

She was the co-founder of The Book ‘Em Foundation, an organization committed to raising public awareness of the correlation between high crime rates and high illiteracy rates. She was the founder of Book ‘Em North Carolina, an annual event held in the town of Lumberton, North Carolina, to raise funds to increase literacy and reduce crime and served as its chairperson and organizer for its first four years. She also served on the boards of the Friends of the Robeson County (NC) Public Library, the Robeson County (NC) Arts Council, Virginia Crime Stoppers and became the first female president of the Chesterfield County-Colonial Heights Crime Solvers in Virginia.

For more information, book trailers, excerpts and more, visit the author’s website at


Twitter: @pmterrell



p.m.terrell will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Top 10 Things About Jake from Murder by Munchausen Series by M.T. Bass

Sometimes what seems to be the worst thing ends up being the best thing. Such is the case in the life of Jake, the star of the Murder by Munchausen series by M.T. Bass. Find out more about him in this Top 10 by the author. Let the author know what you think and ask questions along the way as you follow the rest of the tour. You can also enjoy an excerpt, plus enter the giveaway!


Top Ten About…Jake

Jake is the main character of the Murder by Munchausen Trilogy Series. His demotion from Robbery/Homicide into the Artificial Crimes Unit ultimately saved the career of his former work partner and now lover, Maddie, but left him to repo criminally wayward robots—until he crosses paths with the "Baron" who is resurrecting history's notorious serial killers, giving them a second life in the bodies of hacked and reprogrammed Personal Assistant Androids, then turning them loose to terrorize the city. While his flaws likely exceed a “Top 10 List,” I count these on the positive side of the ledger:

  1. He absolutely, positively hates self-driving cars…and he drives a classic black convertible Mustang……and an Indian Chief Dark Horse
  2. His favorite pistol is a Colt 1911 (and hates the department issued Glocks)
  3. His favorite beer is Shiner Bock
  4. He grills a mean Fred Flintstone steak
  5. His cat’s name is Frank (like mine)
  6. He reads books and hates Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much the entire Internet
  7. He likes flapjacks and black coffee
  8. His taste in women is exquisite
  9. His relationship with authority is, well, problematic
  10. And his mancave is awesome

So it goes…


About the series:
A Cyber Crime Thriller Series: Notorious serial killers digitally resurrected to live & hunt again in hacked replicants, pursued by detectives of the Artificial Crimes Unit.

Read an excerpt:
Murder by Munchausen Chapter 1 – The Warehouse

This particular Android Subject apparently went off the rails and killed a luckless pedestrian on his way to a bodega for some iced tea or bottled water to quench his thirst. A one-in-a-million occurrence, but every so often it still happens. Anyone who believes technology is infallible is a fool. The incident didn’t appear all that nefarious when first reported, but shortly thereafter the Atlas data stream went dark and patrol called our unit in. It quickly became obvious we were dealing with a malware hit, not a malfunction. The luckless pedestrian was actually not so luckless, being on what appeared to be the winning side of a particularly nasty termination suit with his ex, who we suspected had outsourced the final settlement to extra-judicial parties.

It might not make sense, but the beloved Media tags it “Murder by Munchausen.” For a price, there are hackers out there who will reprogram a synthoid to do your dirty work. The bad news: no fingerprints or DNA left at the crime scene. The good news—at least for us—is that they’re like missiles: once they hit their target, they’re usually as harmless as empty brass. The trick is to get them before they melt down their core OS data, so you can get the unit into forensics for analysis and, hopefully, an arrest.

EC’s scanner returned a hard ping. His quick double blink put his cross-hairs up on my lens and I followed his eye line to the northwest corner of the building…

 Buy Links
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About M.T. Bass

M.T. Bass is a scribbler of fiction who holds fast to the notion that while victors may get to write history, novelists get to write/right reality. He lives, writes, flies and makes music in Mudcat Falls, USA.

Born in Athens, Ohio, M.T. Bass grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, majoring in English and Philosophy, then worked in the private sector (where they expect “results”) mainly in the Aerospace & Defense manufacturing market. During those years, Bass continued to write fiction. He is the author of eight novels: My Brother’s Keeper, Crossroads, In the Black, Somethin’ for Nothin’, Murder by Munchausen, The Darknet (Murder by Munchausen Mystery #2), The Invisible Mind (Murder by Munchausen Mystery #3) and Article 15. His writing spans various genres, including Mystery, Adventure, Romance, Black Comedy and TechnoThrillers. A Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor, airplanes and pilots are featured in many of his stories. Bass currently lives on the shores of Lake Erie near Lorain, Ohio.

M.T. Bass Author Links





Amazon Author Page:


M.T. Bass Website Links

Murder by Munchausen Trilogy Page:

Murder by Munchausen Page:

The Darknet Page:

The Invisible Mind Page:

M.T. Bass will be awarding a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Author Gail Z. Martin on crafting the fictional world of Sellsword's Oath

I love learning about the creative beginnings that led to authors' works. Today, author Gail Z. Martin takes us back to the beginnings of the series that includes Sellsword's Oath. You'll also have the opportunity to read an excerpt and then you can follow the tour for even more. Be sure to leave comments and questions along the way and then enter the giveaway!


Sellsword’s Oath is the second book in the Assassins of Landria series. It follows the adventures of Joel “Ridge” Breckenridge and Garrett “Rett” Kennard, who are the two best King’s Shadows—elite assassins who protect the king and kingdom. Ridge and Rett are unconventional, they’re a headache to their boss, they suck at being stealthy, but they are fiercely loyal to the king and to their friends, and they will risk everything to protect the kingdom—even if doing so lands them on the ‘most wanted’ list!

The Assassins of Landria series is my fourth epic fantasy series. The other books were much more traditional—big page count, complex plot with a lot of sub-plots and plenty of characters. I enjoy those kinds of books (obviously, since I’ve written 12 of them), but I wanted to do something different with this series. So many people have told me that they enjoyed epic fantasy but didn’t read it anymore because they didn’t have time for such big books. So I decided to try a series that was shorter, fewer sub-plots, fewer characters to keep straight, but plenty of action, humor and heart. This is epic fantasy feels without the epic length.

When I got the idea of having assassins be the good guys, then I had to come up with the kind of kingdom where that would be necessary, and the kind of characters who would be likely to become ‘good’ assassins. It also meant thinking about who would be their allies and enemies, and who the ‘big bad’ would be. That led to thinking about what kind of magic exists and who is allowed to have it, and how it works. All those pieces need to work together for a book to make sense.

Creating a fictional world is one of the most fun parts of writing for me because there’s so much room to be creative!

Buddy flick epic fantasy! The second in the Assassins of Landria series from the award-winning, bestselling author of Scourge: A Novel of Darkhurst and The Chronicles Of The Necromancer books!

Wandering mystic Yefim Makary, known to his followers as the ‘Witch Lord’, disappeared before he could be accused of inciting dissent against King Kristoph. His supporters among the disenchanted aristocrats who weren’t arrested have fled or died by their own hand. The king is happy to put the matter behind him. Yet Burke, the commander of the elite King’s Shadows, doesn’t believe the threat is over, and he assigns his two most troublesome, rule-breaking—and successful—assassins to ferret out the real threat and put a stop to Makary’s plots.

Joel “Ridge” Breckinridge and Garrett “Rett” Kennard rose through the ranks of the Landrian army together, from teenaged conscripts to seasoned fighters. Together, they became the most feared team of assassins in Landria, surviving longer that most in their profession by virtue of excellent fighting skills, legendary bravado, peerless strategy, and an uncanny synchronicity.

As the threads of a new plot come together revealing disloyalty among the priests and generals, Ridge and Rett once again find themselves on the run, hoping they and their allies can figure out the Witch Lord’s latest scheme before it costs them their lives—and the king his throne.

Read an excerpt:
The trick, when setting off gunpowder, was to be far enough away.
Ridge had never been good at that part.
He’d almost reached the embankment when he heard the shot from Rett’s matchlock. Knowing what was about to happen next, Ridge dove into the ravine, taking his chances with brambles and thickets over flying rocks and shattered glass.

Behind him, the country manor exploded in a fireball as Rett’s shot touched off the barrels of gunpowder on its roof. That would bring down the ceiling and blow the bombers on the roof sky high while trapping the traitors inside, where they’d either be killed by the blast or buried in the rubble for the king’s guards to collect.

Ridge grunted as he tumbled over roots and rocks, tucking his arms over his face and trusting his leather cuirass to take the brunt of the hits. Even so, rock dust settled like snow over the whole area, and small bits of stone pelted like hail.

To keep it all official, Ridge had nailed the letter of marque to a tree in front of the manor, after he had ensured that no one but the smugglers were inside the abandoned country house. The smugglers—and their rivals on the roof—were already in the process of setting explosives when Ridge and Rett arrived to carry out the assassination. That was a bonus, killing two sets of troublemakers in one swoop and without the personal danger of getting close enough to throw a knife or slit a throat.

He trusted Rett to stay in position, where he would be able to pick off stragglers from his vantage point high in a sturdy tree. Ridge dragged himself to his feet, brushed off the worst of the dirt, and climbed back up the slope. Once he got to the top of the embankment, he would have a good view to spot anyone who might have escaped the explosion and eluded Rett’s aim.

“Damn,” he muttered when he reached the top and saw the results.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Bookish Belinda (Mail Order Brides Rescue Series Book 9) by Jo Grafford

Belinda Fairfax has an ax to grind with Colt Branson. She’s been patient — as patient as can be expected by a woman who was jilted at the altar by the only man she’s ever loved. She quietly supported his decision to travel west in search of his missing sister. She wordlessly held her tongue when he and his brother opened a mail-order bride agency — with their one-of-a-kind Gallant Rescuer clause — to help prevent any other would-be brides from suffering the way their sister had suffered.

However, Belinda draws the line at watching Colt’s brother, Jordan, fall in love and marry one of their lovely clientele. For all she knows, Colt may be courting someone, too. She breaks her silence with a letter, delivered to Headstone by the next mail-order bride. When a few months pass with no response, she decides writing isn’t enough. Without the funds to travel west to confront her former affianced, she sees no other choice but to sign one of his blasted bridal agency contracts and send herself to Arizona as a would-be bride!

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About Jo Grafford

Jo writes sweet historical and contemporary romance stories — with humor, sass, and happily ever-afters. She loves to visit with readers in her Cuppa Jo Readers group on Facebook at To receive a personal email about each book she publishes, join her New Release Email List at or follow her on BookBub at or her Amazon author page at