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Read an excerpt from 'Secrets From a Dangerous Time' by Hunter S. Jones


Chaos reigns in a lawless time filled with revenge and betrayals. Following the American Civil War, the Southern States are reeling under the revenge taken on them by the victors.

Casey King must change her name, fake a marriage and forget modern comforts to survive within the world she now finds herself - 1873 post-Civil War Reconstruction Era Chattanooga, Tennessee...a world full of violence and mystery.

The charismatic Dr. Garrett Cleighton, a mixed heritage Cherokee, decides to give her a part in his traveling medicine show. Casey takes a chance in order to hide her secrets. Dr. Cleighton could betray her or he might keep his promises.

Author Hunter S. Jones mixes romance with Civil War drama and brings contemporary suspense to life in the setting of the Reconstruction South. The journey begins in "Secrets from a Dangerous Time, Story 1".

Read an excerpt:
Overhead, a cloud blocked the sun. A shaft of lightning struck a nearby tree. That was when the pain ripped through my skull. The electricity from the storm must be triggering a migraine. The sky appeared to be melting as my vision slowly disappeared. Pressing my hands to my head, I tried to block the amplified sounds that the migraines induced. The thunder and wind were deafening. It was as if every leaf jarred the earth as it landed. As I attempted to shield my face from the elements, the ground beneath me shifted and swayed, matching the overhead turmoil in the sky. Heaven and earth felt as if they had turned against me. The car...I had to get back to the car and my phone. The lightning crackled once more as it spiraled me into an open chasm of pain and a disconnection from my senses. The headache was now so intense, I could no longer see or hear. There was only a sensation of nausea and a foreboding as I was swept into a maelstrom of pain. Feeling as if I was suspended in the air, I knew I was stumbling into the wet dirt of the battlefield.

A twig snapped underneath someone’s foot. The sound came from the tree line to my left. Strange, I hadn’t noticed anyone nearby earlier. That was when I saw him. The next thing I recall, there was a nudge at first then a hard kick. It is the sharp pain as he kicks the side of my body. Mold and the scent of damp earth surround me. I open my eyes to see leaves and mud stuck to my hands. The moisture trickling down my forehead let me know I had cut my head in the plummet. 
The boot kicked my side again and a velvet-tinged baritone voice drawled, “Get up, boy.” 
“I’m not a boy!” I said as I attempt to sit up. 
Blood dripped into my left eye. Looking up, I saw his silhouette against the sky. His hat cast a shadow across my face.

“Pardon me, ma’am. The way you are dressed led me to believe you were a boy.” He uncocked the pistol that had been aimed at me and placed the gun in his jacket. “Woman don’t wear them kinda clothes generally. At least not in these parts. Where you from?”


About the author:

Deb Hunter writes fiction as Hunter S. Jones. She is a member of the prestigious Society of Authors founded by Lord Tennyson, Rivendell Writers Colony, Historical Writers’ Association, Historical Novel Society and the Atlanta Writer’s Club. Her Tudor History blog, Fear and Loathing in Tudor England, is a reader’s favorite. Originally from a Chattanooga, Tennessee, she currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her Scottish born husband. Her best seller, PHOENIX RISING, a fictional story of the last hour of Anne Boleyn is available on Amazon.com and at a bookstore near you.

SECRETS from a DANGEROUS TIME is a multi-dimensional series set in post-Civil War Reconstruction in Chattanooga, Tennessee and the north Georgia. This series is an Amazon Exclusive available via MadeGlobal Publishing.

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Get the latest from the Dangerous Time series by following the Pinterest board: www.pinterest.com/huntersjones/dangerous-time/

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#BookReview 'e-Murderer' by Joan C. Curtis

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e-Murderer copy


On this anything but typical Monday morning Jenna Scali, who works part-time for a shrink, opens an email that depicts the brutal death of a young girl. On that same day the police uncover a dead coed two blocks from Jenna’s house. The e-murderer’s description creepily echos the death described in the newspapers.

When Jenna receives other emails, she takes what she knows to the police and thus begins her journey in the path of the e-murderer. Her curious nature impels her from e-messages to dead coeds to a ring of prostitutes. With the help of her quirky friends, Jenna learns that she’s more than a conduit for the killer. She’s his target. New secrets unfold, and finally her love life takes a tumble when the true killer emerges.

THE E-MURDERER is a race to find a psychotic killer before he kills again.

This new mystery series with a young female sleuth promises to keep you glued to your seat until the last page.

**My review**

This is the first book that I have read in a while that actually had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. I wasn't even reading alone at home, but tucked into a booth at my favorite pub. The emails that are harassing Jenna are downright creepy. And I can easily see this happening in real life.

I want to throttle Jenna for taking matters into her own hands, trying to figure out what is going on. At the same time, I don't blame her. Someone has to follow these weird leads and no one really wants to listen to her. She also waits way too long to get the police involved. I'm not fully aware of the truth behind doctor-patient confidentiality when a potential murder suspect is involved, but my life is definitely worth more than a job! I do understand her hesitation, though.

I am surprised that other people didn't catch on sooner rather than later. I pretty much had it all figured out very early on, though there were a few twists that I didn't quite see coming. And even though I solved most of it early, I still wanted to keep on reading, to see when everyone else was going to catch on. Plus, all of those other little twists were intriguing. I kept reading in bursts as a sort of reward for getting other work done. 

I like Jenna. I like her friends and the hottie detective working on her case. I think Jenna is going to get them embroiled in all kinds of shenanigans as this series continues, and I plan on coming along for the ride.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Buy on Amazon / Barnes and Noble / Kobo Books / MuseItUp Publishing

The author is giving away two prizes: One, a $15 Amazon or BN Gift card (their choice) and Two, a signed copy of the award-winning book, The Clock Strikes Midnight.

About the author:

Joan Curtis Joan is an award-winning writer who has published 6 books and numerous stories. Readers compare her to the great Southern writer, Fanny Flagg. “She writes characters and a story that will stay with you.”

Her debut mystery/suspense novel, The Clock Strikes Midnight, won the silver medal for fiction/suspense in the Global eBook Awards for 2015 and is a finalist for the Royal Palm Literary Award. The e-Murderer won first place in the Malice Domestic Grants competition for new writers.

Joan Curtis - RPLA_Finalist_Badge

Joan has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember. She reads all kinds of books, including women’s fiction, mysteries, biography, and nonfiction. Mystery/suspense with a psychological twist is exactly the kind of book Joan loves to read.

"I write about characters who remind me of myself at times and my sister at times, but never fully so. My stories are told from a woman's point of view with a destiny. Characters drive my writing and my reading."

Having grown up in the South with a mother from Westchester County New York, Joan has a unique take on blending the Southern traditions with the eye of a Northerner. She spent most of her childhood in North Carolina and now resides in Athens, Georgia.

Author website: http://www.joancurtis.com | Author’s blog: http://www.joancurtis.com/blog

Facebook Author page: http://www.facebook.com/joanccurtisauthor | Twitter page: @joancurtis http://www.twitter.com/joancurtis

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99 cent flash sale! 'Cold Beer and a Hot Dart (An Adventure Memoir)' by Brandon Wolfe


Are YOU happy?

Over a span of eleven years, Brandon Wolfe backpacked throughout fifteen different countries, having been chased by wild animals, contracted one of the world’s deadliest diseases three different times, witnessed multiple natural wonders of the Earth, found himself in the middle of demonic deliverances, and set foot in villages that had never seen white people before. He was also told in 2005 by medical professionals that he had until around age forty (give or take) to live…

Through the incredible adventures and tribulations and every story in between, Brandon discovered the ingredients to organic joy, to true happiness…how he got from point A to point B, however, is purely for your reading entertainment.

This riveting self-help adventure memoir will fundamentally and permanently challenge your worldview, inspire your heart and mind for the positive, and encourage you to view life purpose and happiness from a new, liberating perspective.


About the author:

I humbly grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and after high school I bounced around the world for a handful of years before finally setting up a "headquarters" in central Florida. My twenties were absolutely incredible, and full of every adventure and pleasure you can imagine- hence the production of my memoir, "Cold Beer and a Hot Dart", that covers these epic years. In the fall of 2014 I married the most amazing woman whom I now do life with, along with two handsome boys and a very special dog! Today, I am a full-time husband, stepdad, and Adventure Specialist...

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'Gertie's Paranormal Plantation (A Literal Leigh Spinoff)' by Melanie James


When you run a shelter for paranormal creatures, you can’t afford to let your guard down. Gertie O’Leary, a carefree and quite naïve, witch welcomes an enchanting new guest to the plantation and finds herself caught up in an ancient struggle. Can Marie Laveau and the gang pull together to save Gertie and her love life? 

Love, lust, and laughs await at Gertie’s Paranormal Plantation.


Bestselling author, Melanie James spent 14 years as an IT systems administrator before tiring of the hustle and bustle of the technology world. She's doing what she loves, by writing steamy paranormal, contemporary, and romantic comedy books. Melanie has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in Leadership and Development, with a minor in Women's Studies. She is currently working on her Master's Degree in Adult Education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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#BookReview 'All For Family (A Rawley Family Novel)' by Olivia Hardin

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All For Family

Wedding bells will soon be ringing in the Rawley family, but gearing up for Van and Kay’s nuptials revives old insecurities for Kay’s sister-in-law Meg. When she learns that her ex-husband is asking for her from his hospital bed, Meg must confront the painful memories of her past.

Family is everything for Jeremy Rawley. Most important is the one he and Meg created together. But their beginning was tangled in memories he wishes his wife could forget for good. A call from her past brings them back to a place he thought they’d never have to be again.

Forgiveness may be the key, but the first step is finding the locked heart that needs it.

**My thoughts**
This is the third installment in the Rawley Family series by Olivia Hardin. This story can definitely stand on its own, as its focus is on Meg and Jeremy. Yes, they talk about Kay's wedding, but you don't need the details from Justice For All to appreciate this story. (Although, I highly recommend reading that one!) You may also enjoy reading All For Hope, but again it isn't necessary before picking up this book.

I love Meg. She is a real woman and one to whom many of us should be able to relate. She is going through a divorce, so her world is a bit topsy-turvy as it is. What I love about her the most is her vulnerability and insecurity about herself and her curvy figure, while also demonstrating a lot of strength in taking her life back. She is a big, beautiful woman, inside and out, without falling into that stereotypical BBW genre that is so popular right now. Her struggles and her growth are completely genuine. You truly want to see her overcome, to fall in love and be loved, and to be successful in everything she does. You also want to smack her ex-husband around a lot and admire how she is able to take the higher road. The woman has amazing compassion and forgiveness inside of her.

Jeremy is everything you would want in a man. He is also genuine and caring. He is another relatable character. You probably know a few like him (and are hopefully involved with one like him!). It's just that Durma thing that makes him a little different from the other men in your life. The two of them mesh well together.

One of my favorite things in this book is how Meg and Jeremy write letters to each other when they are separated. This allows them to create an even deeper relationship than you usually find in a contemporary romance book. It gave them almost an old-fashioned feel, though the story only takes place twelve years ago. I think it encompasses some beauty in love that we have forgotten as technology has taken over our lives.

This book left me with a really warm and fuzzy feeling after I finished it. I absolutely loved it.

I did receive a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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#BookReview 'Justice for All (A Rawley Family Novel)' by Olivia Hardin


Sometimes the road you’re on is just a detour to your heart's destination...

Kay Rawley has plans. She might be the second child of an earl, but she wants a life away from her father’s estate in New Durma. She wants a life apart from her family’s name. Becoming a lawyer was a bright, shiny object she just couldn’t resist grabbing. Her classes are complete, and all she has to do is pass the bar to get permanent employment at the Dallas law firm where she’s been interning for the past year.

Kay's been on Audrick Van Buren's radar since the day she walked into his classroom two years ago. That admiration only grew when she came to work for his firm. But if there's anything he recognizes, it's a woman who's driven--and Kay is definitely one. It's all he can do to keep his distance and allow her the chance to come into her own. What Van doesn't know is that someone else is watching Kay, too, and if he doesn't step between them, that person might not only derail her career but threaten her very life.

Things aren’t always what they seem, and Kay’s about to learn that the best laid plans are so much better when they go astray.

**My thoughts**

This is the second book in the series about the Rawley family. This one can definitely be a standalone, but you may better understand some of the family dynamics if you read All for Hope first. That is the book that introduces us to the rest of the Rawley family.

Now in this book, we get to meet Kay. She isn't your typical wealthy high society woman. Instead of merely living off of her family's money and status, she chose to stay in America to go to law school and become a lawyer. That speaks volumes about her character. She naturally cares about people and wants to help in any way that she can. She is also protective and wants to make sure that justice is always fairly carried out. Her passion is admirable and she is well-loved by those around her.

Van is older and had been her instructor, but doesn't come off in that creepy professor hot for student or boss hot for employee way. Instead, he respects her as one of his equals and wants to mold her into a successful career (while also molding his body to hers!). He is also strong and protective, but is willing to grow with someone else.

This book is primarily a romance, but there is a hint of suspense, as someone is coming after Kay. It may be a bit predictable, but the story is so well-told that you want to read it to the very end. This book felt like a bit of a departure from the first book in the series, because it has a different focus. But I greatly enjoyed learning more about the Rawley family and will gladly follow up on any other spin-offs that come my way.

Get it on Amazon

About the Author:FotoFlexer_Photo

When Olivia Hardin started having movie-like dreams in her teens, she had no choice but to begin putting them to paper. Before long, the writing bug had bitten her, and she knew she wanted to be a published author. Several rejections plus a little bit of life later, she was temporarily “cured” of the urge to write. That is, until she met a group of talented and fabulous writers who gave her the direction and encouragement she needed to get lost in the words again.

Olivia has attended three different universities over the years and toyed with majors in Computer Technology, English, History and Geology. Then one day she heard the term “road scholar,”’ and she knew that was what she wanted to be. Now she “studies” anything and everything just for the joy of learning. She’s also an insatiable crafter who only completes about 1 out of 5 projects, a jogger who hates to run, and she’s sometimes accused of being artistic.

A native Texas girl, Olivia lives in the beautiful Lone Star state with her husband, Danny and their puppy, Bonnie.

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#BookReview 'Not So Picture Perfect' by Amber C. Carlyle

not so picture perfectNew Orleans native and private investigator Yumi Matthews finds herself steeped in a murder investigation – a far cry from the vision of reuniting people with their missing loved ones. Still, she devotes herself to investigating these supposedly unsolvable mysteries as a way to distract herself from the haunting disappearance of her own brother 10 years ago.

Yet, while at this latest crime scene, she unveils a bizarre clue into her brother’s cold case, which terrifies and excites her all at once. As she digs deeper into the case, the lines between reality and fantasy blur, causing her to question everything she knows. A cast of strangers gather around her, from the familiar Detective Joshua Boulliard to the new, and possibly dangerous, Ash. How far is she willing to go to discover the truth surrounding these mysterious clues?

Buy on Amazon 

**My Review**

I have been reading so many romance novels lately, that it was a nice change to pick up a mystery. This one also had a bit of a paranormal twist to it, which made it even more unique.

Yumi definitely has a backstory, which she gets into here and there. I felt like I wanted to know even more, in greater detail than she gives in the story. At first, I thought perhaps I had missed an earlier book, but this is the first book in the series. Perhaps a prequel to the series should come out later? I really want to know more details about Yumi's younger years.

The setting of New Orleans easily lends itself to the supernatural side of the story, which made it intriguing. I have never actually visited the area, but could easily picture what was going on and where they were based on the careful details.

Yumi is a likeable character. She has a shady past, which helps her in her investigative endeavors. This is another aspect of the story that I would love to see fleshed out in a prequel. I have a feeling her past is going to creep up again and again in future installments. Despite those earlier days, she has turned her life around and is doing something she seems to truly enjoy. You root for her to be successful.

Ash and Josh are two men who enter her life and come to her aid more often than she probably would like. They are both protective of her. You want to smack Josh a bit, but in that older brother kind of a way. I have a feeling that these two are going to square off a lot in the future, with Yumi being at the center.

This book does come to a satisfactory conclusion. The ending strongly suggests that there is going to be another book coming soon, but I didn't quite feel that cliffhanger growl that I get when the action is cut short. Yes, I want to know what is going to happen next, but I didn't feel the need to throw my Kindle, if that makes sense.

So, if you're looking for a new mystery with a twist, this is a good series to start on. It's also a quick read.
About the author:
Amber CHorror, Fantasy, Humor

Nothing thrills me more than a wonderful blend of those three elements, and that’s what I strive to bring to the words in my books: whether it’s an urban fantasy suspense/mystery, or a fantasy short story taking the reader down a dark and wayward road. Life is rarely so black and white to be just any one of these things, and humor can be as dark as it can be light.

It also has a great way of cutting the tension, even if not everyone finds it funny. That’s okay. It’s good that we’re all different in the end.

But, no need to fret. I try to incorporate my own weird, and probably twisted humor, into the things I discuss. Some are things that catch my fancy that I just need to share, others are serious topics that I can’t help myself but state. Most times, they will be the little things that inspire me to keep writing. I pull inspiration from my shows, movies, and games (video, board, and tabletop RPGs). The littlest thing can spark my brain into running a marathon disseminating the information until it resembles what it needs it to.

I want to share my passions in this world, and that’s more than just my own writings. I love to be engrossed by a world that let’s me walk its own twisted paths. It doesn’t have to be glamorous, and it doesn’t have to be happy. But it has to be a good story, and the best stories have to be shared. I want to share my best stories with you, and I want to share the stories by others that move me.
Find the author:
Facebook | Twitter  | Tumblr | Pinterest | Website  | Literary Addicts 

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Meet author Anne Kelleher

Welcome back to Anne Kelleher! She has been featured here on Andi's Book Reviews a couple of times. Now, she sits down with us to let us get to know her a little bit better.

What is your latest book about?
My latest book is a collection of short stories that I mostly wrote last winter in Hawaii. Since being sick, I’ve found that writing short stories helped me regain my confidence in being able to write a story….while I was sick, and especially before I was diagnosed, I found that my ability to think was seriously compromised – and to think creatively even more so.

A couple of the stories in the collection are older: I wrote “Conjuring Johnny Depp” as a Christmas gift for my friends one year in lieu of a holiday newsletter. “Finding Southside Johnny” is a very special story for me, personally; it was co-authored with my husband as we were in the process of reconciling from almost being divorced. Don and I also co-wrote “Raising Jerry Garcia.”

For the most part, the stories in the collection examine ideas we take for granted (parents are forever; the end of civilization is a bad thing) and stand them on their heads, posing such questions as – what if you could put your parents up for adoption, and what if the end of the world as we know it turned out to be a good thing, after all?
What first motivated you to write?
I sat down to write my first novel at the age of 8. It was going to be about a young girl named Sheila who was a Pilgrim. I only got as far as a few sentences when I realized I’d bitten off more than I could chew and I would have to wait a few years. I always loved books, but mostly what I loved were stories, read or told aloud. My father told wonderful stories and my mother loved to read. And I think storytelling is a human trait, and so I think it was only natural that at some point, I would sit down and try to do it myself.
Describe your writing schedule?
I like to write first thing in the morning, when it’s quiet and still dark. Even though I am not a morning person, four kids, two step-kids, and three dogs have made me into someone who gets up early. And here in Hawaii, Don works east coast hours, so he is awake and out of bed by 4 AM. I also like to write later in the afternoon – not a time I had when my kids were growing up.
What do you enjoy most about being a writer? 
I LOVE creating the stories. It’s like watching little movies in my head – what I manage to capture on the page is only an iota of the stuff the characters are doing in my mind.
Do you write first and edit later, or do you perfect your writing as you go along? 
I try to do a combination of both. After my cancer, I realized that I was much harder on myself as a writer than I needed to be, that I had a tendency to analyse and think things to death. And I realized that I did this not because I wanted to or enjoyed it, but because I believed that this is what you did when you were a “good” writer. And then I realized that maybe I didn’t have to agonize quite so much, and I tried writing faster. That’s how the short stories in Free To Good Home were born: I challenged myself to just write, not to labor so much over every little period and paragraph.
What has been the best achievement in your writing career? 
Selling my first novel was probably the biggest achievement. It is so difficult to publish traditionally and while I wouldn’t do it now – unless highly incentivetized – I do feel it was and is a major accomplishment. It was the publishing industry putting its stamp of approval on my work and I very much appreciate having that imprimatur, those eleven novels, on my resume.
What advice would you give to authors who are struggling to find enough time to write? 
Break it up in small chunks. Carry a notebook or use the recording function on your phone. I wrote and sold five novels in as many years while working full time outside the home as the single mom of four kids. I’d write five hundred to a thousand words every morning before everyone else got up, and would edit that work on the weekends. On the way to work, I’d envision whatever I needed to think about in the novel and write that down as soon as I got to my desk.
Fiction writers: Have you ever thought of writing non-fiction or for Non-fiction writers: Have you ever thought of writing fiction? 
I’m starting work on a book about how to use the Tarot to enhance your writing.
What’s next for Anne Kelleher? 
A new Tilton Chartwell mystery around Halloween…. The completion of my Wickedly Wickham erotic romance at Christmas – in both eformat AND print version…and a children’s story, written for my grandchildren… The Changeling Princess… and definitely another Celebrity Supernatural… or two!


About the author:

Born and raised at the South Jersey shore, Anne Kelleher has been writing from the time she could read. Her first novel, about a pair of pirate sisters who sailed the Carribean looking for love and adventure, was completed when she was in high school. Annie's been looking for the same ever since, mostly recently on the shores of the Pacific in Kailua-Kona, HI.

Reflecting Annie's own eclectic interests, her work ranges from historical romance (The Highwayman) to her contemporary series of celebrity supernatural short stories - most recently "Walking with Elvis." Although her first love is sf/fantasy, Annie is most proud of her "David" series - How David Met Sarah and When David Was Surprised - which was inspired by her youngest brother, who has Down Syndrome. Written at an elementary reading level, the stories appeal not only to developmentally disabled adults, but to anyone who seeks to understand what it's like to be differently-abled.

The mother of four, and the grandmother of two, Annie holds a BA from Johns Hopkins University. Find Annie online at annekelleher.net or on Facebook at facebook.com/annekelleherauthor

Monday, September 21, 2015

'Protecting Donald Trump (Celebrity Supernatural Book 5)' by Anne Kelleher


When a candidate for the highest office in the land needs supernatural protection, a rag-tag misfit finds herself part of a security team who turn out to be a pack of werewolves. But that's not the real surprise waiting for her to discover....


About the author:

Born and raised at the South Jersey shore, Anne Kelleher has been writing from the time she could read. Her first novel, about a pair of pirate sisters who sailed the Carribean looking for love and adventure, was completed when she was in high school. Annie's been looking for the same ever since, mostly recently on the shores of the Pacific in Kailua-Kona, HI.

Reflecting Annie's own eclectic interests, her work ranges from historical romance (The Highwayman) to her contemporary series of celebrity supernatural short stories - most recently "Walking with Elvis." Although her first love is sf/fantasy, Annie is most proud of her "David" series - How David Met Sarah and When David Was Surprised - which was inspired by her youngest brother, who has Down Syndrome. Written at an elementary reading level, the stories appeal not only to developmentally disabled adults, but to anyone who seeks to understand what it's like to be differently-abled.

The mother of four, and the grandmother of two, Annie holds a BA from Johns Hopkins University. Find Annie online at annekelleher.net or on Facebook at facebook.com/annekelleherauthor

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#FREE! 9/20-9/25 'Almost Perfect (Evolution Book 1)' by Thomas Rhein


We are living in a future that our parents didn't even think it will be possible, where we take technology advancements for granted. But, with this progress sometimes, something else comes knocking. 

Mark is a computer prodigy who makes leaping steps toward artificial intelligence and in the end manages to create it. George, the AI that Marks created rewards him by making him the richest bachelor in the world and together they are trying to create a perfect world. 

Reyna is a Top Gun fighter pilot who turns the head to all the man that she meets including Mark. The sparks fly between the two of them and George is watching Reyna every move so he can see if she is the one. Can Reyna clean up her act before George will take some extreme measures to remove her, or not? 

Is she the only one that is not safe around Mark creation? 

Are we safe around it? Or did Mark unleashed a timing bomb for the humanity?

Friday, September 18, 2015

#BookReview 'See You Soon, Broadway' by Melissa Baldwin


See You Soon Broadway ebook coverMaris Forrester has a wonderful life with an amazing boyfriend and a fulfilling job. She’s happy and content . . . or so she thinks. Maris has always had huge dreams of being on Broadway. Ever since her very first performance as a child, she has envisioned herself on the stage under the shining lights. Now she has to decide whether she should to give up her wonderful life to chase those dreams.

When her parents announce they are moving, she comes across a long-lost family treasure. She doesn’t realize that this treasure may hold the key to her future and to all her dreams coming true.

And if that wasn’t sign enough, a mysterious stranger throws another wrench in the mix at a dazzling rooftop party benefiting the Arts. These could be signs of things to come.

But will she remain content in her perfect world, or will she step into the unknown world she has always dreamed of?

Buy on Amazon | B&N | Kobo

**My thoughts**

I felt like I had a lot in common with Maris, She is probably biologically younger than I am, but not too much younger. (Or at least she is about my mental age.) She loves to reminisce and is nostalgic for her past, something I go through regularly. Reading about her going through the stashed belongings at her parents' house reminded me of when we had to clean out my parents' house. You get lost in those daydreams and cherish treasures that you either forgot about or had no idea ever existed. (And then there are those awful things like the Electric Youth perfume that seriously kept me laughing for five minutes.) She manages to get her hands on a treasure that is going to change her life, only she has no idea when she first holds it in her hands.

Maris has strong convictions. She is smart, knows what her dreams are and at least talks about following them some day. She has even taken some steps to get there. She recognizes the beautiful gifts in her life and how lucky she is to have these items and people. She seems to be accepting of fate, even though it can be hard to sort out all of those signs when they come at you.

The other characters are also great. Kyle is adorably sweet and everything you could possibly want in a man, other than he doesn't share quite the same goals that Maris does. Couples that are meant to be can adapt and grow together, though, right? Beatrice reminded me of my own grandmother, with some quirky Golden Girls thrown in. Her grandson, Trevor, is the kind of hot pain-in-the-butt that is ever so much fun to be around. His girlfriend, Giselle, is highly annoying. Cassie is a bit of a meddling sister, but I like to just think of her as being observant and outspoken. That isn't a bad person to have in your life. Ash just needs to be smacked. (And I swear there is one of her at almost every job I have ever had.) Georgie is the fun and supportive best friend who is also wrapped up in her own good fortune. All of these people play important roles in Maris's story.

Like all good rom-coms, this book played on the emotions with plenty of ups and downs. Some are forseen and others are not. I found the ending to be interesting. While not a cliffhanger, I did feel like a lot was unresolved, though it has the appearance of being tied up neatly for now. You just know that there is going to be another installment of Maris's story and I am going to be eagerly waiting for it. I also look forward to any other books that Melissa has to offer. This is my second one by her and I have liked them both a lot.

About the author:
Melissa Baldwin 2Melissa graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications; she has always had a love for writing. An avid journal keeper, she took her creativity to the next level by fulfilling her dream with her debut novel, An Event To Remember . . . Or Forget. Since then she has written and published two more novels, Wedding Haters and See You Soon Broadway within 14 months.

Melissa resides in Orlando, Florida, with her husband and young daughter. When she isn't writing, this multi-tasking master organizer is busy being a mother, wife, chauffeur, PTA President, and Fitness Trainer.

When she has free time, she enjoys traveling, running, fitness, fashion, and taking a Disney Cruise every now and then.

Follow the author:
Facebook | Website  | Twitter  | Instagram | Pinterest | Literary Addicts 

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#BookReview 'Rye Must Die' by Dakota Madison & Savannah Young

rye must die tour banner

Rye Must DieThere’s a fine line between sexy alpha and creepy stalker…and Rye has crossed it. Izzy Grant is supposed to be dead, suicide by hanging. But when she regains consciousness she’s still alive and still the crazy girl everyone in Old Town loves to hate. But one thing had changed. He saved her life, a shadowy figure wearing all black and riding a motorcycle. Now he’s following Izzy. She doesn’t know why, but she’s eager to find out. When charming ghost hunter, Max Elliot, barges into Izzy’s life she isn’t looking for love…except in the biker romance novels she’s obsessed with. But when Rye’s behavior takes on new and violent dimensions, Izzy and Max struggle to find a way to stop him before his violence against Izzy escalates.

Maybe the only solution is for Rye to die.

RYE MUST DIE is a NOVELLA by USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Dakota Madison and AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR Savannah Young. It can be read as a STANDALONE or as part of the ongoing series.

Buy on Amazon

**My Review**

I have been a fan of Savannah Young since I first read the series about the Wilde brothers. Through her work, I was also introduced to Dakota Madison. I usually love their quick reads, so I had a feeling I would also enjoy this one and grabbed it as soon as it came out. I think is my favorite one in a while.

The setting is familiar. Old Towne is the fictional town where a lot of the characters written by these two cross over. Haymakers is their favorite playground. Izzy is new to me, though. That is probably because she tends to be a loner. Within that lonely exterior, though, lies a girl who is waiting to be awakened, though she doesn't yet know it. I really like her.

Enter Rye.

Rye may have saved her life one time, but he is a very demanding and overprotective soul. The reason behind his manifestation in her life is an interesting one.

Bring on Max, the man from out of town who swoops in with his big personality and ghost hunting prowess. He is a determined man who can see Izzy's potential when she can't. He is also protective, but in a good way. He is kind of a pain, but the kind of pain you can't help but fall for.

They are an unlikely duo, but a combination that works really well. Their opposite personalities mesh together well and provide plenty of comic relief. I have a feeling that they are going to have lots of fantastic adventures together, both in the romantic and paranormal realms. I read this one while relaxing in a hot tub on a summer's afternoon. I can't wait to curl up with the next one!

Author Bio

Karen BrysonUSA TODAY Bestselling author Dakota Madison is known for writing New Adult and contemporary romance with a little spice and lots of heart. She likes to explore current social issues in her work. Dakota is a winner of the prestigious RONE Award for Excellence in the Indie and Small Publishing Industry. When she’s not at her computer creating spicy stories Dakota likes to spend time with her husband and their bloodhounds at their home outside Phoenix, Arizona. Dakota also writes under the pen names SAVANNAH YOUNG, SIERRA AVALON and REN MONTERREY.
Website / Facebook / Twitter

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

'Free to Good Home (Collected Short Stories)' by Anne Kelleher


They raise you, they love you and sooner or later, they drive you crazy. What if you could put your parents up for adoption when they do? FREE TO GOOD HOME is a whimsical look at this most provocative of what-if's? This collection includes all four Celebrity Supernatural stories, as well as two more.


About the author:

Born and raised at the South Jersey shore, Anne Kelleher has been writing from the time she could read. Her first novel, about a pair of pirate sisters who sailed the Carribean looking for love and adventure, was completed when she was in high school. Annie's been looking for the same ever since, mostly recently on the shores of the Pacific in Kailua-Kona, HI.

Reflecting Annie's own eclectic interests, her work ranges from historical romance (The Highwayman) to her contemporary series of celebrity supernatural short stories - most recently "Walking with Elvis." Although her first love is sf/fantasy, Annie is most proud of her "David" series - How David Met Sarah and When David Was Surprised - which was inspired by her youngest brother, who has Down Syndrome. Written at an elementary reading level, the stories appeal not only to developmentally disabled adults, but to anyone who seeks to understand what it's like to be differently-abled.

The mother of four, and the grandmother of two, Annie holds a BA from Johns Hopkins University. Find Annie online at annekelleher.net or on Facebook at facebook.com/annekelleherauthor

Sunday, September 13, 2015

'Keeping Her Pledge (The Yankee Years)' by Dianne Ascroft


Pearl Grainger’s life is much more exciting and fun since the Allied troops arrived in Northern Ireland but she is unprepared for the harsh reality of war, and her RCAF boyfriend is determined to protect her from it. Can Pearl keep her pledge to do her bit for the war effort without losing the man she loves?


Author Bio: 

Dianne Ascroft writes contemporary and historical fiction with an Irish connection.

#FREE 9/13-9/14 'Fallingwater: A Love Story' by David Taylor


An incredible voice and love of Opera took Ingrid away from her family, sending her to Paris where she became an Opera star and idol. Now, years later, her voice is failing and her husband, Damian, is waiting. Seeking to reconnect, the couple takes a vacation at the famed and awe inspiring Fallingwater House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Beautiful enough to be considered the eighth wonder of the World, this house serves as the unspoken witness to a drama 20 years in the making. Danielle, their grown daughter, has accompanied them, spiking tension and tempers as she faces the woman who essentially abandoned long ago. As beauty surrounds them, an unexpected visitor will make the estranged family face the past, each other and their future as shocking secrets are revealed, galvanizing events that will change all of them – forever.

About the author:

David Taylor is a prolific writer who resides in Florida. His area of expertise is Fiction writing and his work has appeared in dozens of magazines throughout the world. He first got a story published at the impressive age of fifteen years old, which appeared in a popular Fiction magazine entitled "American Short Fiction". When David isn't passionately writing, he loves to listen to classical music and thoroughly enjoys a nice cup of Japanese green tea. He also is an avid lover of photography and animals of all kinds. David is the proud owner of one loyal dog and two equally-as-loyal cats.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

#FREE read! 'What's Left of Me' by Amanda Maxlyn


Life works in mysterious ways. Four years ago, I became known as the girl with cancer. I refuse to cry. And I refuse to give in.

A relationship with a man is the last thing I'm looking for right now, but one night with Parker changes everything. He is persistent, and he knows what he wants. He doesn't treat me like I'm fragile. But he doesn't know, and I'm not ready to tell him.

What if it changes everything? Tragedy found me when I was seventeen. Love found me when I was twenty-one. My name is Aundrea McCall, and this is my journey.

FREE on iTunes

Rave reviews!
‘This heart-wrenching emotional story reflects Aundrea's struggle to live and to love. The chemistry, devotion and love Aundrea and Parker portray for one another is unfailing. You will fall in love with Parker and be moved by Aundrea's strength. What's Left of Me is a tear-inducing, emotionally epic journey you will not want to put down.’ ~ The Rock Stars of Romance

'What's Left of Me is an emotional story of love, strength, courage, devotion and dedication. It's the kind of story that while you're reading it, you become one with the character and feel every emotion she goes through on her journey. Amazing from start to finish.’ ~ Sandi Lynn, NYT and USA Today Best Selling Author

'What's Left of Me is an incredibly powerful, sexy and touching love story that will always hold a place in my heart.’ - Nicola with Flirty and Dirty Book Blog

About the author:

Amanda Maxlyn lives in a tiny town outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota with her husband and two awesome little boys. When she is not writing or cleaning up after her boys (yes all three!), she can be found snuggled up with her Kindle, a glass of wine, and spending time with her fictional friends and family.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

#BookTour #Blast 'The Path' by Tawdra Kandle & 'All for Family' by Olivia Hardin

AFF & TP tour banner

The Path CoverAbby Donavan came to the small beach community of Crystal Cove to start over. After a painful affair broke her heart and derailed her burgeoning career, taking over management for the just-opened bed-and-breakfast was the safe choice. In this sleepy town, Abby figured she could bury her memories and forget the pain.

When the chance to have her own hotel falls into her lap, though, she can’t resist the temptation. Making the old Riverside Inn into the showplace she’s always dreamed of running offers the second chance she never expected.

Abby didn’t expect another kind of second chance to land on her doorstep at the same time. Ryland Kent wants to help her bring the Riverside back to life, and his passion for restoration is irresistible. But as much as she wants to ignore it, she can’t help seeing another spark in his eyes . . . one that offers to reignite her own flame.

Sometimes the path to a happily-ever-after is anything but smooth.

Buy on
Amazon / B&N / Smashwords / Kobo / Google Play / ARe / iBooks

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00016]Wedding bells will soon be ringing in the Rawley family, but gearing up for Van and Kay’s nuptials revives old insecurities for Kay’s sister-in-law Meg. When she learns that her ex-husband is asking for her from his hospital bed, Meg must confront the painful memories of her past.

Family is everything for Jeremy Rawley. Most important is the one he and Meg created together. But their beginning was tangled in memories he wishes his wife could forget for good. A call from her past brings them back to a place he thought they’d never have to be again.

Forgiveness may be the key, but the first step is finding the locked heart that needs it.

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

'Angel Heart' by Marie Laval


Angel Heart is a lavish mix of romance, adventure, and a hint of the supernatural, largely set in France against the turbulent background of Napoleon’s return from Elba. 

Devonshire, January 1815.

Marie-Ange, the young widow of an English officer, accepts an inheritance in France only to find that everything in Beauregard is not as it seems. Why is the sinister Malleval so obsessed with her family? And could her darling Christopher still be alive? Marie-Ange finds herself trapped in a dangerous web of lies, intrigue, and mystical possession, and the only person to whom she can turn for help is Capitaine Hugo Saintclair. Yet the enigmatic Hugo represents a danger of a different kind …

Available on Amazon

Marie Laval Bio

Originally from Lyon in France, Marie studied History and Law at university there before moving to Lancashire in England where she worked in a variety of jobs, from PA in a busy university department to teacher of French in schools and colleges. Writing, however, was always her passion, and she spends what little free time she has dreaming and making up stories. A SPELL IN PROVENCE is her first contemporary romance. This, as well as her historical romances ANGEL HEART and THE LION'S EMBRACE are published by Áccent Press.

You can find Marie here http://marielaval.blogspot.co.uk/

'The Love Chronicles' by Samaria George


Beautiful, intelligent and vivacious Candice Evans seems to have it all, a prestigious career, a pristine home in an exclusive gated community, doting friends and family and a body most women would die for. Although her life is abundant in many ways, she hasn't been fortunate when it comes to love and longs to meet the man who will sweep her off her feet and with whom she can share a life-changing love.

She is introduced to the irresistible but extremely elusive Russell Ford; a regular at the eclectic neighborhood lounge she frequents who has had the hots for her for some time. She thinks the gods have finally decided to bestow their favor upon her until she discovers that no amount of love can help the handsome Southern Real Estate Developer get over his past. As crazy as he about her, he isn’t capable of giving her the love she so desperately wants and therefore has to be let go.

Her paths entwine with Nate Johnson’s; the unpredictable, dangerous but incredibly sexy Jamaican with whom she later becomes blindly entangled, against her better judgement. Nate turns her world upside down, teaches her what love isn’t and has her questioning her sanity after all the drama he introduces into her life. She knows that she needs to cut ties with him before it’s too late but seems entrapped by him until grave circumstances force her to finally free herself from him only to later find out that their last goodbye wasn’t their final goodbye.

Just when she seems resigned to a life without her true love, destiny plays a hand in reuniting Candice with wholesome and passionate Greg; the man from her past she is convinced is the man she has been waiting all her life for. He helps her believe in love’s beauty and power and shows her that love is really all it is cracked up to be.

Things couldn’t be going any better for her when the realization that love has many twists and turns that makes it extremely unpredictable and sometimes leads to heartache hits her.

Does any of these three men who intermittently weave in and out of her life finally give her the happily ever after ending she has always dreamed of? Find out in Candice’s thrilling and spell binding journey through love’s beauty, entanglements & heartaches.


Friday, September 4, 2015

'An Inspiring Afternoon' by Milan Bakrania


“What’s your secret?” 

That’s the question that jump-starts a conversation that will benefit anyone who is curious about life, happiness or their place in the world. As Grandma unfurls a lifetime of wisdom, the reader will feel like the fourth member of a crackling conversation that explores an exhilarating way to live.

Wise Grandma, wide-eyed Lucy and cynical son-in-law Stuart cover many things central to human existence from overcoming anger to finding love and gaining financial success. Though Stuart objects, he quickly finds himself faced with scientific research and real-world examples that make him question his assumptions.

Self-assured, kind and funny, Grandma is the ideal guide, combining philosophical musings, self-help practicality and a studied grasp of diet, psychology and brain chemistry to light the way to a better tomorrow.

This book is perfect for anyone pondering the big questions or looking to build a better life. Readers will find themselves taking away life-transforming advice, even as they begin to hope that Lucy, and even good-hearted Stuart, have understood enough to apply what they’ve learned over this inspiring afternoon.


About the author:

Milan Bakrania was born and raised in the United Kingdom, South London. As a child he would feed his imagination with stories of ancient myths, vampires and aliens. He left college with A-Level passes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, going on to study and work in the I.T. field. Along the way, and for no reason whatsoever, he would note down story ideas and thoughts in a journal. Today, much older but still a child at heart, it is these random musings that form the foundation for his work. He is a keen observer fascinated with the age-old questions: What is it to be human? Are we really evolving? What is our place in the universe? When he writes he is simply reacting to his observations. His quest continues.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

'The Necromancer's Gambit' by Nicolas Wilson

The Necromancer's Gambit

by Nicolas Wilson



Knight, the sheriff of a local magical government known as "the Gambit," is called to recover a mutilated body, tainted with magic and dumped at a popular haunt. When the corpse is identified as a close associate of the Gambit, it threatens the safety of the community he protects, and those he cares about most. As the fragile peace amongst the city's magic-wielding factions disintegrates, Knight must track down a cadre of murderers before his friends are picked off, one by one- with each death used to strengthen the spells cast against the Gambit.

Read an excerpt:
I try not to snap at her. Interrogation’s never pretty, even when Pawn isn’t involved. And I also don’t have the heart to tell her just how vanilla this one actually was. “That’s probably how this played out. But more often than not, interrogation gets you information a witness wouldn’t give up willingly. Interrogation’s a part of what I do. So’s scene investigation. Tracking. Pawn goes home and blackout drinks tonight away, and Bishop, after a day or two pulling apart that overcooked McNugget gets to set it aside. But this case is mine until I bury it. Pawn’s an ugly little thug-”

“Thanks,” he says, before realizing he should have kept his nose buried in his refrigerator, trying to find the halvah.

“-but he’s a terrier, and barks real loud to keep people in check. But when they become unchecked, it’s my job to find them and shut them down.”

Buy links:

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nicolas Wilson is a published journalist, graphic novelist, and novelist. He lives in the rainy wastes of Portland, Oregon with his wife, four cats and a dog.

Nic's work spans a variety of genres, from political thriller to science fiction and urban fantasy. He has several novels currently available, and many more due for release in the next year. Nic's stories are characterized by his eye for the absurd, the off-color, and the bombastic.

For information on Nic's books, and behind-the-scenes looks at his writing, visit nicolaswilson.com.

Website: www.nicolaswilson.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NovelistNicolasWilson

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6553776.Nicolas_Wilson

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicolasWilson

Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/u20RL

Nicolas Wilson will be awarding a swag package with a pendant and bookmarks (US ONLY) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, and a swag package with a pendant and bookmarks (US ONLY) to a randomly drawn host.

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