Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tempting the Billionaire (A Sweet and Clean Romance) by Ginny Sterling

Tempting the Billionaire

Falling in love can happen with the click of a mouse...

Jemma Hastings enjoys the liberating freedom that being online can bring. Discovering a friendship with another student has given her someone to talk to when she feels alone. Both struggled growing up, reaching out to the faceless person on the other side of the world- a person who seemed to understand and care. The first rule in being friends was honoring each other’s privacy. No real names, no photos, and absolutely no details.

Her childhood internet friend has always been there for her. He used to talk her through her fears, the ups and downs of dating, as well as starting her own business. Time has a way of slipping by… but twenty-four years later – he is no longer anonymous- nor is he a teenager anymore.

Aaron Ichiyo is the billionaire mastermind behind the software company A. I. When he chooses to hire a marketing firm to launch his latest product – he finds the owner of the company is enchanting. When tragedy strikes, Jemma steps in for support just like the friend he once had. When identities are discovered, can their friendship blossom into true love… even when they are worlds apart?

Available on Amazon 6/26
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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Reunion by Victoria Banks

The Reunion

Following a rather bad breakup, Stell is back in her little town for the holiday. The supposed fun-filled holiday slowly turns into a disaster when she runs into the arrogant and outspoken Randy at a reunion party. The fact that the seemingly one-night stand that they shared slowly metamorphosed into a serious affair seemed not to go down well with more people, rather than one. 

Stell thought she had seen the worst of it all until Randy starts receiving threats messages in all forms. Is Randy safe? Is Stell safe? And above all, who is behind the threats? Is it that a crazy ex or a jealous lover like the Detective thinks or is it simply a prank?

Available on Amazon

About Victoria Banks

Victoria Banks is the independent best selling fiction writer having great passion towards romance suspense, thriller and mystery genre.

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Sin City Retribution: Stolen Steel by Rick Hart

Sin City Retribution: Stolen Steel

In this thrilling read, a member of a back-patched, outlaw motorcycle club tells a tale of the gritty, honor-bound, romantic life of a Sin City Biker. Based on an incredible true story, Sin City Retribution: Stolen Steel follows Rick Hart, known to his club as Turk, as he navigates the turbulent streets of ‘70s Vegas. Stripping bare the untold stories of an evasive and covert band of brothers, Turk recounts his exploits with the Noblemen Motorcycle Club. High-speed chases, gruesome wrecks, accidental movie cameos, and truck-stop brawls are only some of Turk’s crusades with his club; but his real motivation as a Nobleman remains a closely-guarded secret. Turk is out for information… and retribution.

Available on Amazon

About Rick Hart

Rick Hart moved to Las Vegas from Virginia in 1969 while in the U.S. Air Force. After leaving the military, Rick attained a Fourth Degree Black Belt in Shorin Ryu Karate and became a Five Star PADI Scuba Diver. Rick also received two degrees from the Clark County Community College and now works at a major resort hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Rick loves spending time with his five kids, 12 grandkids, three great-grandchildren, and his Boo-Doggy. He enjoys riding his Harley as much as always through the mountains that surround the Las Vegas valley.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

After Gardens by Katharine Coldiron Release Day

About the Book

Title: After Gardens 
Author: Katharine Coldiron 
Genre: Women’s Fiction 

Maya, a weekend at a hot springs with her boisterous friend Rhondey is just what she needs to move forward after her divorce. For Rhondey, it’s an opportunity to help Maya cut loose a little, shed some of her inhibitions. Maya doesn’t see the need to shed anything, and she’s not looking for a teacher. But the more Maya clings to her privacy, the more difficult it is for her to recognize her true teachers…and the right moment to step free.  

Available on Amazon

Author Bio

Katharine Coldiron’s work has appeared in Ms., the Times Literary Supplement, the Rumpus, the Manifest-Station, horoscope.com, and many other places. Find Katharine at kcoldiron.com or on Twitter @ferrifrigida.  


Website * Twitter *  Facebook * Goodreads

Monday, June 17, 2019

Lacewood by Jessica James

Welcome to the book blast for Lacewood by Jessica James! It's a women's fiction novel about healing and restoration. Please enjoy an excerpt before you download your own copy. And then follow the tour for more excerpts and reviews! Leave comments and questions for the author along the way and get bonus chances to enter the giveaway.


Thrust together by chance. Bound together by destiny. A disillusioned socialite and a special operations veteran find a way to save a small town while healing themselves. A haunting read about the journey to restore an abandoned 200-year-old mansion and the secrets it reveals about a long-lost love.

Read an excerpt:
Walking carefully along the overgrown path, Katie stepped to the side to touch the bark of one of the colossal trees towering over the front yard. “I’ve seen these trees before, but I don’t know what they are.” She threw her head back to see how the snowy white arms stretched toward the blue sky, catching and reflecting the amber rays.

The sheriff stopped and followed her gaze. . “They’re sycamores. See how the bark forms a lacy pattern at the bottom? Back in the old days they called it lacewood.”

He turned and bounded up the steps while Katie ran her fingertips over the intricate design. “It’s beautiful,” she said, under her breath. “Lacewood.”

“Of course, another name for the tree is ghostwood,” the sheriff quipped over his shoulder. “But that wouldn’t make a very good name for a house, now would it?”

Katie lifted her eyes from the multi-colored bark at the bottom to the white limbs overhead. Even in broad daylight the trees appeared ghostly, with skeletal-like branches reaching out like bony fingers.

Turning back to the house, Katie focused on the long-forgotten grandeur of the bygone days it represented. The outward signs might have worn off with age, but the dignity of the place remained intact as far as she was concerned.

Despite the decades of dirt and decay, she felt a welcoming presence here, a warm and friendly vibe. The peace of the house and its timeless beauty unlocked something in Katie, causing a prickly sensation to race up her spine. There were stories here. Long-forgotten and hidden just out of her reach. Were they to be lost forever?

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Amazon * BN
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About Jessica James

Jessica James believes in honor, duty, and true love—and that’s what she writes about in her award-winning novels that span the ages from the Revolutionary War to modern day.

She is a two-time winner of the John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction, and has won more than a dozen other literary awards, including a Readers' Favorite International Book Award and a Gold Medal from the Military Writers Society of America. Her novels have been used in schools and are available in hundreds of libraries including Harvard and the U.S. Naval Academy.

James is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Historical Novel Society, and the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Website: https://www.jessicajamesbooks.com
Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B001IYTXOG
BookBub : https://www.bookbub.com/authors/jessica-james
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/southernromance/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/586216.Jessica_James
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RomanticHistoricalFiction
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/southernromance/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorjessicajames/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jessicajames

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Elements of the Goal-to-Failure Scene in Commercial Dramatic Plotting by Warwick Gleeson

Welcome to the book tour for Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker by Warwick Gleeson! Today we're getting a writing lesson of sorts from the author, which is one of my favorite kinds of posts to read. I love to get into the writer's head, plus I can learn something to apply to my own writing. What do you think? Be sure to leave comments and questions and then follow the tour to learn even more. Plus there's a fantastic giveaway for a $50 Amazon/BN gift card!

Elements of the Goal-to-Failure Scene in Commercial Dramatic Plotting

  1. Goal
  2. Conflict or Complication
  3. Failure or Calamity
Goal: What does your protagonist or other major character(s) desire or wish to accomplish? What circumstance do they wish to come about? What objective do they want to achieve? Whatever they want should relate directly or indirectly to the progression of the major plot line(s) (or subplot). The Goal must be clear to the character and the reader (otherwise we have FINNEGAN'S WAKE). This assures you will write scenes with a point that relates to the bigger story, as well as create a character who is actively engaged, not just a victim or bystander. Very important!

Conflict: What are the obstacles your character faces? If he/she doesn't struggle in some manner for the goal, if no conflict of any kind present, you risk a dull read (esp if you're wrting high-impact genre fiction). Set your sights on at least two obstacles to overcome in any given scene. If only one, make it a BIG ONE, i.e., as appropriate for the setting and genre, as well as the role of the scene in the story.

Failure, Calamity, or Victory at a Cost: the character might come close but fails ultimately to reach the goal; reaches it only in part (and with difficulty), or achieves it but at a real cost (another character perishes, or another problem created, e.g., King Arthur is rescued but becomes a zombie as a result, etc.). You have to keep the page turning, regardless of the genre.

Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker

WORLD WAR OZ from coast to coast.

An adult fantasy that takes one of America's favorite tales and transforms it into a dark and epic landscape few can escape much less understand. Imagine Potter meets Avengers in Emerald city and you're getting close.

After a homicidal alien from Orion arrives on Earth intent on annihilating human life, the 21st century's greatest sorcerers create a network of seven Oz-like city worlds designed to harbor the human race in a newly formed utopia while also protecting it from the alien entity. But the alien is far more magically powerful than anyone suspected. Piper Robbin, ancient daughter of the Earth's greatest sorcerer inventor, Edison Godfellow, must sacrifice all to defeat the implacable force that calls itself "The Witch Queen of Oz," and quickly, before Earth becomes only a cold cinder floating among the stars.

Read an excerpt:
THE FORGOTTEN CHILD IN PIPER ROBBIN, for the first time that day in the coffee shop, understood the meaning of true panic. Crushing a stone to powder or throwing a javelin half a mile wouldn’t fix anything (and neither would anyone in New York care) like in the old days of Ulysses. Muttering spells that made deserts bloom or oceans boil meant less than cooking a burger on the grill. Mortality for all, even the gods and greatest sorcerers, might be just around the corner. People think just because you’re a great magical being of some kind you have it made. Nothing could be more wrong. Your hopes and dreams are often spit on, your happiness ruined, your friends killed, and you lose sleep at night, worrying about shit just like everyone else. And besides obligations you really don’t want, you face mega-dangerous freaks way too often because you’re expected to, you know, cause you’re the official bad ass superwoman. By the gods! Really? You crawl in pain and heave up your insides for starters, die in lots of ways, and after all that trouble, sometimes you don’t come back.

Available on Amazon

About Warwick Gleeson

Warwick Gleeson is a dedicated writer of screenplays, short stories, novels, and poetry. He has lived in both LA and NYC and worked many different jobs in his life, everything from roofer to waiter to small business owner to government analyst. He was the major writer, creator, and senior story editor for another project published by Del Sol Press called "War of the World Makers" that debuted in 2017. The novel has since won four national novel awards (two first place and two place) for SFF. Warwick is a big fan of great SFF television writing, like the kind you find in Emerald City, Gotham, The Expanse, and Umbrella Academy. He now lives in Tuscon, AZ, with a fat lazy cat and his most wonderful wife who is also a writer.



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Monday, June 3, 2019

Review of Joy After Noon by Debra Coleman Jeter

Welcome to the review tour for Joy After Noon by Debra Coleman Jeter! You can read my thoughts here and then follow the tour for even more people's opinions and reviews. Leave your questions comments for the author and be sure to enter the giveaway!

Joy After Noon

Joy marries a widowed bank executive caught in an ethical dilemma and misreads his obvious frustration while struggling to integrate into her new family. Inspired in part by Love, Come Softly, this novel explores the challenges of second marriages and dealing with step-children during the crucial years of puberty and teenage angst. A college professor coming up shortly for the huge tenure decision, Joy finds herself falling apart as her career and her home issues deteriorate and collide.

Read an excerpt:
“What was she like?” Joy dared at last to ask the question haunting her.

“Who?” Ray started, the warmth draining from his gaze. Even the hand lying between them in the car—the hand that until now had been holding and occasionally stroking Joy’s—seemed to grow colder.

“Carolyn. I saw her from time to time, but I never really knew her.” She was babbling but couldn’t seem to stop herself. “We did serve on the same committee once, but... well, actually I served on the committee. She chaired it.”

He hesitated, frowned slightly. He withdrew his hand, fiddled with the controls on the air conditioner.

Joy stared at the BMW’s sophisticated panel of controls, as different from those on her Volkswagen bug as Ray’s waterfront home was from her meager apartment. Not her apartment anymore. That part of her life ended when she said, I do, or—more precisely—when she gave notice and allowed the apartment to be shown and then rented by another single professional woman. She drew in a long slow breath, inhaling the delicious leathery smell of a nearly new car, while she forced herself to be silent, not to babble about something irrelevant, to wait for his answer. When she had about given up, he spoke, his voice clipped. “I don’t like to talk about her.”


A faint shiver ran down Joy’s spine. Although it was nearly five years ago that his first wife died, clearly the pain was still fresh. Perhaps it always would be.

Available on Amazon

**My thoughts**
Trying to take over as a stepmother is difficult enough, let alone trying to take the place of a mother who has passed away. I haven't been in exactly this situation, but can somewhat imagine how hard it would be. Add in all of the other difficulties that pop up in her marriage and career, and life just gets even more complicated. Prepare yourself for a roller coaster of emotions in this one.

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review.

About Debra Coleman Jeter

Debra Coleman Jeter has published both fiction and nonfiction in popular magazines, including Working Woman, New Woman, Self, Home Life, Savvy, Christian Woman, and American Baby. Her first novel, The Ticket, was a finalist for a Selah Award, as well as for Jerry Jenkins’ Operation First Novel. Her story, “Recovery,” was awarded first prize in a short story competition sponsored by Christian Woman; and her nonfiction book “Pshaw, It’s Me Grandson”: Tales of a Young Actor was a finalist in the USA Book News Awards. She is a co-writer of the screenplay for Jess + Moss, a feature film which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, screened at nearly forty film festivals around the world, and captured several domestic and international awards.

Website and Blog: www.debracolemanjeter.com

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/njjeter/the-ticket-a-novel/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/debra.c.jeter

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Conversely Matched (Match Made in Heaven) by Ginny Sterling

Conversely Matched

A tale as old as time…

Rose Bellavance was a woman down on her luck and wishing for a bit of magic in her life. Trapped in a dead-end job, working a second one to make ends meet, she escapes reality every chance she can - in a book.

Jarrett Ariet is an angry, miserable man. When fate steps in and puts Rose directly in his path, he reacts as only a man with a monstrous personality can! Their two worlds collide, and for a brief moment, he feels what it is to truly love someone… just before he loses her.

Can a bit of luck, a sprinkle of hope, and a twist of fate- teach these two lonely souls to find happiness together?

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Lawfully Betrothed (The Lawkeepers) by Ginny Sterling

Lawfully Betrothed

Once upon a time…

That was how fairy tales were supposed to begin, except in the case of young Faye Miller. When a dark-haired boy sneaks into her favorite hiding spot, she isn’t sure if this was the beginning of a fairy tale, a blessing, or an evil curse. Captivated by the sincerity and earnestness in his kind eyes, she’s convinced that this boy was an angel sent from the heavens to show her life would be okay someday. When he pledges to marry her and gives her a ring made of grass… how could she ever say no?

Yes, this is my affiliate link. Should you make a purchase through it, I may earn a few pennies at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my websites!

I was compensated via Fiverr for sharing this book with you. I only share those books that I feel are of interest to my readers.