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Ruined by Kinley Baker

Ruined: Shadowed Love Book One

Book Blurb:

Jessa is one healing away from death. Under the thrall of her gift, the Court's Senior Healer risks giving her life in exchange for her patient's.

Vale is a rebel ruler. When his brother is killed, he's given the throne and the decree from the Court to produce an heir or lose his family's hold on the land--and his deceiving advisors aren't afraid to use murder as a weapon if their directive to stay away from the Senior Healer goes unheeded.

But Vale burns to possess Jessa. The heat between them leaves a wake of smoke, and even the
powerful forces above want to bind them in a union that lasts forever. Vale taking another would be a betrayal neither could survive.

Their enemies fear a child born of such a powerful Healer and Warrior, but the true threat lies in the bond forged in shadows and fused in fire.


"You." Fury burned hot under Jessa's skin as she glared at Vale. "Who do you think you are, demanding I come live in this castle? You can't just order your guards to enter a woman's home and pack up her things."

"Well, I did." Vale came around the desk and propped one hip against it, more of a threatening than casual movement.

"Someone tried to kill me. It makes sense that I have my Healer close by."

She released a pent-up breath. "Why couldn't you have explained that instead of mandating?" Silly. Her imagination had run away with her. The king needed his Healer. But the realization he didn't want her made her angrier.

"Because I didn't want to give you the option of saying no."

She most definitely would have said no.

"If you would have explained your reasoning, I would have complied. Your safety and health come first, even if I-"

"Even if you what?"

"Loathe you." She bunched her fingers into two fists, seriously tempted to hit him. For all the nonexistent pain it would inflict upon him.

"Do you?" His tone deadened with calm. "Because I can't stop thinking about you."

"That's normal." She brushed off the claim. "I saved your life."

He moved in a blur. A true Shadow Shifter. One second he stood near his desk, the next he had her in his arms, one locked around her waist and one hand tangled in her hair. Their lips almost brushed.

"I can't stop thinking about you." His murmur played down her spine, leaving a tingling trail. His scent invaded her. His voice embraced her like bare skin against satin sheets.

Her heart beat fast, her pulse jumped.

She disliked him, but didn't want him to let her go.

"Have you been thinking about me?" His soft tone feathered over her flesh.

"Only how much I dislike you." Lust pulsed in her belly.

He pulled her head back gently by her hair, so they looked straight into each other's eyes. Their bodies pressed tightly together. "Liar."

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 About the author:
Kinley Baker is the author of the fantasy romance series, Shadowed Love. She read her first romance at the age of thirteen and immediately fell in love with the hero and the genre.

She lives with her husband, Benjamin, and her dog, Joker, in the Pacific Northwest. Ruined, Denied, and Freed are all available now from Crescent Moon Press.

Look for a new paranormal romance series in 2013. As a firm supporter of all supernatural lifestyles, she writes fantasy, paranormal, and futuristic romances.

You can find Kinley at www.kinleybaker.com






'My Immortal: The Vampires of Berlin' Book Tour Promo

Book Description:

Genre: Horror
Publisher: 23 House
Date of Publication: March 9, 2012

ISBN-10: 0984645810
ISBN-13: 978-0984645817

Number of pages: 306
Word Count: 56,000

Book Blurb:
A supernatural adventure set in present day and 1945 Berlin. Our heroine is Eva, a shell-shocked young vampire who is found wandering around in the ruins of Berlin Cathedral on the last day of the war by soldiers.

Read an Excerpt: 

Eva sat on the riverbank as the sounds of battle resounded in the distance. She didn't say anything when Sebastian sat down next to her. Nor did he expect her to. 

Guten Abend,” he said. “Not the best time for a picnic on the riverbank, is it?”
Eva didn't respond. 

Sebastian didn’t believe in vampires until he met one. Until one bit him. Now, the sight of blood excited him and his strength was growing by the hour. He knew what the other men only suspected. Eva was a vampire and he was turning into one himself. He also instinctively knew that their survival depended on Eva, for reasons known only to God—assuming that God was still in Berlin. Somehow, he needed to get through to her. He tried again. 

“Eva. Do you understand me? Do you know where you are? Please, talk to me.” 

If Eva heard him, she didn't show it. Opening the lines of communication with the young vampire was going to be far more difficult than Sebastian had anticipated. Discouraged, he turned her towards him. “Look at me. That Luftwaffe pilot over there...”

Axel,” Eva said softly.

“Yes. Axel is about to die from burns he got when a vampire torched his face. He got hurt saving you.”
Eva blinked hard and then pointed to the sky. “It’s in the stars, Sebastian.”

Sebastian looked up. There were no stars, only a dark gloom lit by the flash of sporadic explosions. Before he could ask another question, an artillery shell exploded in the river. The freezing water that cascaded over them brought him crashing back to reality. 

Sebastian got up and took Eva’s hand. It was time to go.

Purchase Links:

VAMPIRE BLOG – (SIGNED COPIES) -- http://www.vampiresofberlin.blogspot.com/

About the Author:

Lee Rudnicki is an entertainment lawyer, producer, and writer in Los Angeles. Lee has a law degree from the University of San Francisco, a music degree from San Jose State, a Certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA and studied international law at Trinity College, Ireland and Charles University, Prague. Before law school, Lee was a world-class rudimental drummer and drum corps instructor.

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'The Witch Is Back' Review and Giveaway

Yay! The wait is almost over, H.P. Mallory fans! Her latest book The Witch Is Back is being released in a few short hours, on July 31st. I was lucky enough to procure an eARC from NetGalley to read and review. Below you will find my thoughts on the latest installment in the series. You also can enter to win your own ecopy of the book when it comes out! I am giving one away to one lucky reader. Happy reading and good luck!

The Witch Is Back
Book Blurb from Amazon:  Funny and feisty witch Jolie Wilkins is back—or rather, she’s back to her humble beginnings. Propelled into the past to her old Los Angeles fortune-telling shop, Jolie has no idea she possesses extraordinary powers, and she definitely doesn’t remember becoming Queen of the Underworld. But at least she has two incredibly sexy men vying for her affection: Rand Balfour, who looks very familiar, though Jolie can’t place his gorgeous face, and Sinjin Sinclair, who is tall, dark, and perfect . . . except for the fangs.

Yet despite her steamy love life, Jolie can’t shake the sense that something is not quite right—like she’s stuck in a déjà vu gone terribly awry. As both men race against time—and each other—to win Jolie’s heart, the fate of the Underworld hangs in the balance. And Jolie’s decision can either restore order or create an absolute, drop-dead disaster.

My thoughts:
When I opened up this book, I was thrown for a loop. Jolie is back in the United States, working as a fortune teller. Oh yeah, Sinjin went back in time. He is determined to screw up everything in the future by meeting Jolie first and making her fall in love with *him* and not Rand. Anyone who was ever on Team Sinjin better change their mind after reading this one! That vampire has only power and sex on his mind! He is just playing Jolie, I tell you! She's just too darn nice!

I was so aggravated by his shenanigans that I was often heard exclaiming out loud, startling the various furry kids and embarrassing myself. The pages kept flipping by in my anxiety over how successful Sinjin would be in his endeavors and whether or not Rand was going to even care enough to try to fix things.

Remember, this is a younger Jolie than we have ever met before. She was a quiet girl with some self-esteem issues when we met her in Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble. She hasn't yet had the experiences that made her so much more independent. You almost wince at how easily swayed she is, because you have gotten used to her stubborn nature. It's hard to read this time travel bit, because the outcome could be so different than what is implied in earlier books. It makes you a little uneasy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It keeps you on your toes.

This book also provides a lot of insight into other characters. You are still left wondering about the allegiance of a couple of them. Now is the time to figure out who is on which side, because the Lurkers are about to launch a huge attack. War is imminent. The Witch Is Back ends just on the eve of that war beginning. I'm ready to have the battle begin!

Just a note that Be Witched is included with this purchase.  

Buy links: Kindle | Paperback  

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'The Lust Garden' Promo and Huge Giveaway

The Lust Garden

With her perfectly tousled blonde hair and pink, pouty lips, Gianna Salvani is the girl everyone loves to hate. She has it all - fame, fortuneand unrivaled beauty. But behind the seductive smile is an insecure girl who still grieves for the father she lost years ago. With a controversial new film in the can, and the release of her debut album looming, Gianna ispoised to take center stage. But when a shocking secret leaves her exposed, her fame will bring her face-to-face with a nightmare she never saw coming. Because lurking in the shadow of her spotlight is an obsessed killer with plans of his own for Gianna.

Ignited by his first conquest, Gianna's greatest admirer begins a brutal hunt to claim her as the ultimate trophy in a string of look-alike murders. Motivated by envy, he forces himself into her seemingly untainted world and threatens to ruin everything she's built by revealing a hidden tie that binds them. And if you knew his secret, you'd want to kill her too

Buy it links:

Kindle / Paperback

Billy Jolie graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Mass Communications. He lives in the Tampa Bay area.

Follow him on Facebook / Twitter / Blog / Goodreads

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'Witchful Thinking' Review and Giveaway

In anticipation of H.P. Mallory's latest Jolie Wilkins book, The Witch Is Back, being released on Tuesday, July 31st, I am finally reading the entire series. I love it so much that I am going to gift one lucky winner an ecopy of the newest book on the day it comes out. Check out Book #3 in the series and remember to enter the Rafflecopter below!

Witchful Thinking
Blurb from Amazon: 
Jolie thinks she’s seen it all, but life continues to spring surprises. The latest shocker? She’s just been crowned Queen of the Underworld. Jolie may possess a rare gift for reanimating the dead, but she doesn’t know the first thing about governing disparate factions of supernatural creatures. She can barely maintain order in her own chaotic personal life, which is heading into a romantic tailspin.

First there’s sexy warlock Rand, the love of her life, from whom Jolie is hiding a devastating secret. Then there’s Sinjin, a darkly seductive vampire and Jolie’s sworn protector—though others suspect he harbors ulterior motives. As the two polar opposite yet magnetic men vie for Jolie’s affection, she must keep her wits about her to balance affairs of state and affairs of her heart. Overwhelmed, under pressure, and longing for love, Jolie decides it’s time to take charge—and show everyone that this queen won’t take jack.

My thoughts:
If you have been reading this series the whole way through, this installment is a little difficult to read for the first third, or so. There are a lot of flashbacks, many taken directly from the earlier books, to explain various situations that occur. You have to keep in mind, though, that this appears to be the first book in the series that was published by Bantam Books. H.P. Mallory had been an indie author. When she had so much success, she eventually went to traditional publishing and has never looked back. This is the second book that I have noticed as being printed by Bantam. (The first was the ebook novella Be Witched.) So, chances are that many readers are new to the series and would have no idea what had transpired in the first couple of books.

I say keep plugging through the reruns and you will not be disappointed. Rand continues to be absolutely frustrating in both love and lust. He is still terrified to give in to his true feelings for Jolie. He is also vehemently opposed to a monarchy. Now that Jolie is Queen, that is posing some serious problems for them.

Jolie continues to be almost defiantly independent in this book, a world of growth and change since we first met her a couple of years ago. She continues to discover new powers within herself. She even discovers a few secrets that you don't quite see coming. She also naively trusts everyone, which is endearing, yet frightening in some ways. Despite all of the warnings given to her, that trust ends up backfiring on her, leaving one helluva cliffhanger. Fans are desperate to get their hands on the next novel, to find out what happens! (I've already started reading it, because I was lucky enough to get an eARC from NetGalley.) This series is truly addictive!

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'Guardian of Fate' Book Tour Promo

Guardian of Fate

Book Description:

Fear of death is all too common. Visions of it chill the bones and skip heartbeats. Seeing it coming and knowing only you can rescue the soul of the victim from the fiery bowels of hell…that’s downright life-altering.

Cassandra Cosgrove’s life was altered at the age of sixteen when she found out that it was her responsibility to save the lives, and ultimately the souls, of innocent victims targeted by Hell’s demons. As impossible as it seemed at first, she was able to live a fairly normal life, while secretly fulfilling her obligation as a Guardian of Fate.

But years later Fate has its own plan when her visions begin drastically changing at the same time two mysterious men appear in her life. Cassandra suddenly finds herself caught in a battle between good and evil, with her own soul on the line. When it seems everyone in her life has a secret they’ve been hiding from her, who can she trust to be the Guardian of her Fate?

Short Excerpt:

He reached his arm across my body, and I trembled from the mere breeze of his action. Holding my breath, I froze. My eyes were the only thing capable of motion, as I watched him open up the console and grab a tissue. I was so hypnotized by him that I couldn't even form the words to ask him how he knew they were there.

He offered it to me, and I took it slowly. As I wiped my nose, he continued to watch me, his body still too close to mine. Even after I was finished, I remained frozen in my awkward position, afraid to move. Emotions warred within me. My mind told me that I should be terrified of this big, powerful man, whom I just met. Crouching in front of me, he was close enough that I wouldn't stand a chance of escape if he chose to attack me, but something deep inside made me feel safe with him. Maybe it was because I felt I knew him from all the years I'd dreamt of him. Maybe I just had a death wish.

My emotions battled silently, and my pent-up breath rushed through my lips in a pant. As his eyes moved to my mouth, the air between us suddenly felt so thick, I thought I might suffocate.

He moved away from me, but remained crouched next to the car.

"Are you okay now?" he asked.


He stood up, and I was struck by an incredible urge to make him stay, if only for a second longer.

"Hunter, have we met before?" I blurted out. It wasn't just a question to keep him near me. I had to find out if, somehow, he knew me too.

He looked at me for a moment with his head tilted slightly to the side, as if a better angle might help him place me. Slowly, he crouched next to me again, causing me to lean back once more.

"No, we've never met."

Not willing to come to terms with the fact that I was the only one who could feel this powerful connection between us, I asked, "Are you sure?"

"Cassandra, if we had met before," he said in a deep, almost seductive voice, "I assure you, it would have been memorable."

My body shook from the meaning of his words. I was sure that he had me under some kind of spell, because I didn't realize he'd actually moved in closer. Wiping a stray tear from my cheek with his thumb, his fingers rested softly against the side of my head. His touch was so light, I would have considered it a mere caress, if not for the burning sensation it left when he pulled it away. My hand immediately flew to the spot he had touched, and I stared at him in astonishment.

"I should apologize for being so forward as to touch you," he said, "but I'm afraid I'd do it again if given the opportunity." Standing up, he continued, "I hope your mother is well. Maybe we'll see each other again."

I felt as if I were in some crazy trance that I couldn't shake, so it took me a minute to process what he said. As he started to walk away, I stood up and called, "I thought you were just passing through?"

I heard him laugh, and then he stopped and turned around. The smile was still on his face when he told me, "I was, but I'm starting to like what I see here, so maybe I'll stick around for a bit longer." The shocked expression I wore was starting to feel like a permanent facial feature tonight. It remained in place as I watched him turn back around and walk into the night.

Author Bio:

L.J. Kentowski is living in disguise as the author of her debut novel, Guardian Of Fate, working
diligently on the subsequent novels in the Fate series. Her true identity as Supermom and
Superwife, living in the Midwest with SuperDog must never be revealed without security
clearance. Every day, after tucking in her 6yr old talking prodigy, she rips off her cape and
delves into the world of angels, demons, and the in-betweens.

Author website: http://www.LJKentowski.com

Blog: http://www.ljwrites.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/laurajeanwrites

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LJKentowski

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5382939.L_J_Kentowski

'Bride of Fae' Release Day Party!

Bride of Fae

A love more powerful than magic or time.

Beverly Bratton has a safe, mundane life. No drama. No magic. Since her parents died, she’s cared for her little sister Marion and worked at the Tragic Fall Inn. When a fairy’s charm sends Beverly a hundred years into the past–and into the path of a banished fairy prince–nothing will ever be mundane or safe again.

The regent of the Dumnos fae is turning the court from light to dark, and there's nothing the rightful king, Prince Dandelion, can do about it. The mystical coronation cup which he needs to become king has fallen into human hands. When he meets a human woman with access to the cup, everything changes. Beverly is fascinating as well as useful–but of course Dandelion doesn’t love her.

Love for a fairy is rare. Love with a human, impossible. But when Beverly and Dandelion are thrown together in a battle against both wyrd and fae, they learn that in Dumnos the impossible happens every day.

Facebook Event page http://www.facebook.com/events/471663176178149/


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Twitter Party for 'Hollywood Ever After' by Sasha Summers on 7-30


As a part of the Virtual Book Tour for Sasha Summers' book Hollywood Ever After, Bewitching Book Tours is hosting a Twitter party on Monday, July 30th from 12-1 pm EST. Log in to your Twitter account and follow the hashtag #sashasummer. 

Want to know more about Sasha Summers and Hollywood Ever After?

She wasn’t meant for movie stars, Hollywood, or happy endings. And then she met him.

Happy Endings are for fairy tales. Or the movies. Not for real life. At least, not in Claire’s life. Even though she’s starting over, she knows better than to want too much this time. But when she falls, literally, into the strong arms of Hollywood’s ‘it’ boy Josh Wiley, Claire’s in for some surprises. Her plans for rest and relaxation are forgotten as one incredible night with Josh becomes two… And her heart begins to want him as much as her body. Will two kids, one bastard ex-husband, and Josh’s juggernaut career mean the end of their affair? Or can Claire find her happy ending after all?
About the Author
Sasha is part gypsy. Her passions have always been storytelling, history, and travel. It's no surprise that her books visit times past, set in places rich with legends and myth. Her first play, 'Greek Gods and Goddesses' (original title, right?), was written for her Girl Scout troupe. She's been writing ever since. She loves getting lost in the worlds and characters she creates; even if she frequently forgets to run the dishwasher or wash socks when she's doing so. Luckily, her four brilliant children and hero-inspiring hubby are super understanding and supportive.

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'Be Witched' Review and Giveaway

Be Witched is the third installment of the Jolie Wilkins series by bestselling author H.P. Mallory. This one is a novella. Check out my review and enter below for your own ecopy of the latest book in the series, The Witch Is Back, due out on July 31st.

Be Witched

Blurb from Amazon:

In this sexy and spellbinding original short story, available exclusively as an eBook, bestselling author H. P. Mallory presents the exciting Underworld from a never-before-seen point of view—through the eyes of Rand Balfour, a drop-dead gorgeous warlock and the love of Jolie Wilkins’s life.

While the undead wage a brutal civil war, Rand Balfour has only one thing on his mind: protecting his true love, Jolie Wilkins, the savvy and spirited witch whose powers have made her the toast—and target—of the new Underworld order.

For Rand, keeping Jolie safe means guarding against allies and enemies alike. First there’s Sinjin Sinclair, a dangerously seductive vampire who has his fangs set on Jolie, and who Rand suspects of harboring a sinister agenda. Then there are the factions of supernatural creatures causing chaos at every turn. But most shocking is Rand himself, whose wild desire for Jolie may put her very life at risk. Torn between his duty and his passion, Rand must summon all his strength to withstand temptation, even if it costs him the one woman he cannot bear to lose. 

Follow more of Rand and Jolie’s electrifying paranormal romance in this eBook’s special bonus: a thrilling excerpt from H. P. Mallory’s next novel, Witchful Thinking.

 My thoughts:
Be Witched is a novella, which means it is longer than a short story, but not quite a full-length book. In this installment in the series, we read a familiar tale - the first two books in the series. Only this time, they are told from Rand's point-of-view. H.P. Mallory took critical events from the first two books and gave us the other side of the story. You learn more about Rand and why he is so frustratingly distant from Jolie, despite being madly in love with her.  You better understand his hatred for Sinjin. You also see Jolie through his eyes. 

It is quite short and sometimes it is weird to read the same story from another point-of-view. But for 99-cents, it was okay by me. It helped to keep the momentum going as I made my way through the series and kept me entertained for a bit on a summer's afternoon.

This also appears to be the first publication of the series by Bantam Books. H.P. Mallory had been an indie author for quite some time, before turning to traditional publishing. That may also explain some of the repetition involved. 

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'Hacienda Moon' Book Tour Promo

Reading Addiction Blog Tours

Hacienda Moon

Gothic Romance

Date Published: July 28


A Pathseekers Novel

Love, obsession, and betrayal, the most powerful human emotions, are spun together in this gothic novel. Tandie Harrison is a police medium who has just suffered a divorce after losing both her psychic visions and her daughter in a car accident. When she leaves New York City to start a new life near her hometown, she moves into the alluring plantation house, Chelby Rose, and falls for its enigmatic caretaker, Eric Fontalvo. Their burgeoning affair ignites a century old curse, ensnaring them in a web of danger, deceit, and intrigue. Soon Tandie learns that in placid Bolivia, the worlds of the living and the dead are dangerously connected.

Hacienda Moon is a seductive tale of one woman’s journey to confront the demons of her past and find the courage to face her future. It is a mesmerizing novel that explores the deepest depths of human nature, and the characters will hold and haunt you long after you have read the final chapter.

Excerpt #1
Crowds, noise, loudspeakers, coffee smells: words that described Raleigh-Durham’s airport. There wasn’t much difference between New York’s JFK and North Carolina’s RDU. The noise and crowds were all the same in these places. An airport was still just another way of transporting someone from one life-changing situation to the next. And Tandie’s journey was about to begin again in a small town located about twenty minutes away from where she grew up.

Waiting at the conveyor carousel, she picked up her two bags and headed toward the rental-car section. With her head pounding from jet lag, Tandie took the keys from the woman behind the counter and mentally reviewed her driving route. Turning, she collided with a set of broad shoulders. Her handbag fell to the floor, scattering the contents.

Ready to offer a chunk of her tired mind, she opened her mouth to complain, but stopped right away. Her victim was a man. This wasn’t just any man, though. He stood just under six-feet-tall, and had gorgeous dark hair flopping over a ridiculously handsome face. Dressed in a dark-blue shirt and gray cargo pants, the man knelt down right away to help pick up Tandie’s things.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” he said, collecting Tandie’s items, which included tampons and sanitary napkins of all things to drop.

Their eyes met and locked on one another. His hazel-green ones took in her features with one glance. Her stomach flipped as if she were a young girl flirting with a cute guy. And something hitched in her chest, teasing her with a vague memory.

His muscular frame made him seem as if he could crush Tandie’s dainty little bag with one good squeeze. His strong facial features, full lips, and dark olive skin made him look Hispanic.

Damn he’s sexy!

Tandie concentrated on returning her things to the bag. If she were quick, then maybe he wouldn’t see her embarrassing stuff. Too late. He’d already picked up her little green Always bag and placed it back in the satchel without even flinching.

Cringe and die, won’t you?

“I’m such an ox,” he said in a deep voice.

“You’re not the clumsy one. I should really watch where I’m going,” Tandie said, still too embarrassed to look at his face. She was aware of him staring at her, even though she couldn’t figure out why he was doing it. Tandie’s face flushed. Even her golden-brown skin must’ve turned crimson.

Standing up quickly, she stepped on the edge of her pants and stumbled backward. Her unintentional hero caught her with ease, steadying her body. What else would she add to her klutz list? She’d probably do something stupid like slip up and grab his crotch by accident next.

“Thanks. Again, I’m really sorry,” Tandie said and moved around him.

“Wait. Can I carry your bags for you? It’s the least I can do,” he said in a voice to match his looks.

“No. I’ll be fine, thanks,” Tandie said, walking toward the rental-car garage. Behind her, she felt him watching as she scurried away.

Excerpt #2
"How many months has it been since you last had sex?" Frieda asked Tandie while taking a drink. She nearly spit out her Bahama Mama as she glanced around the club full of people, thankful they sat in a place where a rock band was playing. "It's okay to say: 'Frieda I haven't had sex in ages. Jack was a royal bastard who made me feel like the ice queen. So I never wanted any.' "Frieda took another swallow of her drink.

Even Tandie had to laugh, even though she was glad to be the designated driver. “Must we talk about something like that in a club?"

"Like that? Do you mean to say sex? Let me hear you say it?" Frieda teased.

Tandie rolled her eyes upward. "You know what I meant."

“If we weren’t in a club, you would still clam up. Mental note to me: Must take my bestie out more often before she forgets how to have any kind of fun at all. Deal?”

“All right, deal. Anything to keep you quiet.” Tandie glanced around, taking in the club scene. She hadn’t been anywhere near a dance floor like this one in almost six years. Getting involved with someone hadn’t even crossed her mind, especially while she still grieved for Breena. In the presence of a cute guy, she either stuttered or dropped her tampons at his feet.

“Frieda Tyson. You made it,” a dark-haired woman with a braid sweeping her waistline announced. A gangly man stood behind her, scoffing. Dressed in an apron, he was the thinnest male Tandie had ever seen. Spiky brown hair gave him a rock star look and the thick-rimmed glasses he wore reminded her of a movie she couldn't quite finger.

Frieda stood, embraced the woman, and stepped back to admire the huge diamond on her left hand. “Whoa! You must’ve really whipped it on him, Shania.”

“It was those tips and pointers you gave me. Now I know why you’re such a good therapist.” The two women exchanged laughs, while the gangly man standing behind them shook his head and sighed.

"Excuse, me," he said to Tandie and Frieda, "Shania, can you tell me where to sit this box of glasses. It feels like I'm holding an elephant."

"Gus, my fearless multi-tasker. Meet my co-worker, Frieda, and her sidekick I haven't met," Shania said. Her voice was light and her carefree attitude made Tandie want to know more about her.

Frieda turned to Tandie. “This is my good girlfriend, Tandie Harrison. She recently moved back here. Keep an eye on this chick, Shania. She intends to be a bestselling author.”

“Ah yes. I’ve read one of your non-fiction pieces. I especially enjoyed the one where you explain how you channel psychic energy. Excellent piece of literature,” Shania said and turned to Gus. "Put those over behind the wet bar. Those are for the Geisha celebration next week."

"It's about time," he muttered and turned to Tandie and Frieda, "Nice meeting you ladies. Try not to be strangers." His eyes were locked on Tandie, making her feel uneasy.

“Thanks,” Tandie said. Gus nodded and moved on toward the bar.

Tandie's gaze drifted off to the right side of Shania. The man sitting at the bar, the same man she’d run into at the airport a week ago, had his gaze locked on her. Tandie looked away, pretending not to notice him. But each time she glanced back in his direction he was still watching. Her breath hitched, and her pulse increased. It was the same feeling she experienced before when she last saw him.

Hugging her shoulders, she suddenly had the urge to leave the area. Frieda and Shania were engrossed in their own conversation, so Tandie had no problem slipping away.

She had wanted to investigate the rooftop dining area ever since they arrived. She headed up the steps leading to the balcony, taking in a quick breath when the cool nighttime wind bit into the top Frieda made her wear. A July night at the beach sometimes packed the same ice-cold punch as a September one. There were fewer people sitting at the tables.

Leaning on the rail facing the ocean, she took in the black view and listened to the waves sloshing against shores invisible in the nighttime hours. Something rode the waves in the distance. At first glance it resembled a cruise ship sailing along fully lit. Tandie moved over to the telescope attached to the rail and glanced at the ship. Inside the lens, the ship’s form changed. It was more like a blurry silhouette of a ship. Straining to focus on it, Tandie stretched her eyes until they felt dry. And then like magic, the ship disappeared completely from view. No lights, blurry outlines, no nothing. “Whoa. Too much Bahama Mama tonight, I think.”

"Nope. It's not your wine. Not that you'd be the type to get drunk," a woman's deeply accented voice said from behind her. The woman dressed in a red shirt and black jeans was pretty in a gothic kind of way. Her dark red lips blended in with her deep auburn tresses; but her eyes lined with mascara reminded Tandie of a burglar. "There's really a ship out there, but only certain ones of us can see it. Creepy isn't it?"

The woman studied the ocean, lost in her thoughts. Tandie always attracted strangers who would suddenly start spilling all their secrets. It had been that way for her ever since she was a little girl. But this woman along with the disappearing ship she had just seen succeeded in making her jittery. The chill in the air increased and the thin cottony blouse she wore did a lousy job of blocking any wind.

"Wow. It's really cold up here. I'm heading back inside."

"Don't you wanna know why you can see it?" the woman asked.

An invisible force stopped Tandie in her tracks. There was no way this woman could be talking about the ship she just saw. "Not really, I’m good," Tandie answered truthfully, turning to study her face.

"We can see it because I'm touched by death. And you…" she turned and narrowed her eyes at Tandie. "You got the witches mark. I can smell dark magic on somebody all the way from my house."

Feeling a bit anxious, Tandie turned to go back inside the club. The woman moved in her path and stepped closer to her face. "You stay away from what's mine, witch. Do you hear me?"

"I don't even know you. It would be hard to take something from a person I don't even know," Tandie said, inching back toward the telescope. She really wished her psychic intuition still worked.

"Abby! What's going on?" a male's deep voice said behind the woman. She flashed a bright smile just before she turned around and said, "Not a thing. We girls were just having a little chat."

It was him, the man from the airport and the bar. He strolled toward them. His dark shirt and blue jeans gave him a strikingly mysterious appearance under the balcony’s lights. With his gaze locked on Tandie, she suddenly understood the woman's warning. Sure, he was drop-dead sexy; but it was more like the turn-me-into-a-zombie kind of death. That way I can come back and kidnap you when I'm ready.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. Abby doesn't mean to be this way. We still have to keep child locks on the cupboards because of her."

Abby clucked her tongue. "Don't you dare talk down to me."

"Look, people. I don’t have a clue about who you two are; but y’all need to work out your problems. I'm heading back inside to get my friend. Try to have a good night," Tandie said and headed back into the club before the man could say anything else, and before that woman accused her of being a witch again.

Excerpt #3
Eric Fontalvo began Tandie's renovations the following Monday. He arrived with an armory of tools and gadgets, setting to work with a tape measure as quietly as he did the first time he came by. Tandie’s curiosity was killing her. She wanted to know more about why this handsome stranger appeared in her novel and her dreams.

After spending Saturday night with Saul, a man who seemed to be handling quite a few issues himself, she craved something normal. One thing Frieda was right about: there wasn’t a shortage of eye candy in her life at the moment.

Dressed in ripped jean shorts, an old tee-shirt, and a blue bandana that would scream gang-girl if she were ever spotted in public, Tandie walked outside. The outfit wasn't too New Yorker, and it had just enough grit to compliment any job a contractor might need for her to do. On the first day she arrived at Chelby Rose, she’d promised herself that she would put her own personal touches on any renovations.

“Um, Ms. Harrison, what are you doing?” Eric’s face bore an amused smirk underneath his smile. He also had a slight accent covered up by his well-spoken English.

At first, the accent in his voice sounded somewhat southern. But after listening to the next few sentences, Tandie thought it sounded more Puerto Rican or South Columbian.

“Isn’t that obvious? I’m going to paint. Do you have issues with that?” Tandie asked, slightly annoyed by his smirk.

“Course not. It's your place. I just thought you’d—want to be writing.” He flipped a strand of hair away from his face. Tandie wondered if he was going to move the one beside it too.

“That's exactly why I need to be out here. I need inspiration.” Tandie pranced over to the two five-gallon paint buckets Eric had lined up along the front porch. She pulled out her paintbrushes and counted them. One of the six that came in the pack was gone. “Crap. One is missing.”

He cleared his throat before speaking. “Far be it from me to keep a lady from her mission, Ms. Harrison. But, you’re going to paint with those?”

“What’s wrong with my paintbrushes?” Tandie asked, glancing down at her hands. She took her time picking them out at the hardware store.

“Not a thing if you’re doing a paint-by-number job, that is.” A grin was creeping across his face. “Those are touch-up paint brushes. As in, you paint little tiny sections with them. Not the best thing for covering 200-square-feet of siding.” Tandie frowned and glanced at her brushes. They were super small compared to the ones he had laid out on the ground. They glanced back at each other. He burst out laughing, and so did Tandie.

“Well why didn’t you say something before now?”

“Sorry, Ms. Harrison,” he said and tried to straighten out his face.

“And please, lay off all the Ms. Harrisons. I mean, that sounds so grandmotherly,” Tandie said. He gave her a tight smile and then turned his head toward his toolbox.

“All right, Tandie it is. At least let me help you with those.” He grabbed the buckets much to Tandie’s relief and set them down on the porch. “Painting can be trickier than it looks. The house has to be sanded first.”

Tandie was determined to not let him see her squirm in her moment of renovation stupidity. Translation, she was completely dependent on this contractor. Plus, there was something about this guy that made her feel like it was all right to be somewhat needy. “I appreciate your offer, but I suspect painting doesn’t come anywhere close to writer’s block.”

He set down two more of the heavy buckets after moving them out of the sun, wiped his face with the back of his hand, and glanced at Tandie with his intense chameleon-eyed gaze. Yeah sure, it was no secret that she had strange two-toned eyes, but Eric's did amazing things. The pupils changed colors depending on the way and type of light that hit them.

“Somehow, I believe you can handle some pretty fierce writing issues.” His voice came out low and raspy and the tee shirt he wore stuck to his abs, all six glorious packs of them. Perfect wasn't a word that came anywhere close to describing Eric Fontalvo.

“Thank you for that vote of confidence, Mr. Contractor.”

"Ooh, I get it. You can use old-fashioned greetings on me, but not the other way around," he said with a smile spreading across his heart-shaped mouth.

Tandie shrugged. "It doesn't count for work titles, only when you use someone's last name."

Eric smirked and made a small laugh. "How convenient." He bent down, picked up his tool belt, and then stood up, leaving a small amount of space between their faces. He was ruggedly handsome in a subtle way minus the cockiness that made Saul Chelby so popular with females. But even with Saul's confidence and rich boy looks, this guy held his ground with ease.

"What's so convenient?" Tandie asked.

"That I'm stuck with an assistant who makes words and rules up for a living." Moving around Tandie, he said, "I'm heading inside to take a look at those pipes. I’m sorry that you got all dressed up in those shorts for no reason." He strolled toward the house, leaving Tandie outside.

"Okay. Maybe I gave you too much praise, a little too early," she whispered to herself and headed toward the house.

Author Bio :

KaSonndra Leigh was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She now lives in the City of Alchemy and Medicine, North Carolina. She likes to write about people doing fantastical things in magical worlds. Her two sons have made her promise to write a boy book next.

She holds the MFA in creative writing, and loves to play CLUE, Monopoly (the Indiana Jones version), and Pandora's Box (good writer's block therapy). She lives in an L-shaped house with a garden dedicated to her grandmother. It has a secret library complete with fairies, Venetian plastered walls, and a desk made out of clear blue glass.


Twitter: @kasonndraleigh



Friday, July 27, 2012

'Toil and Trouble' Review and Giveaway

The second book in the Jolie Wilkins series by H.P. Mallory is Toil and Trouble. Read through my review and then enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win your own ecopy of The Witch Is Back. The fourth installment of this series is due out on Tuesday, July 31st and I am sending one reader a copy on that day!

Toil and Trouble
Blurb from Amazon:
The Underworld in civil war.
The cause? A witch who can reanimate the dead.
A sexy as sin vampire determined to claim her.
An infuriatingly handsome warlock torn between duty and love.
Who says blonds have more fun?

After defending herself against fairy magic, Jolie Wilkins wakes to find her world turned upside down—the creatures of the Underworld on the precipice of war.

The Underworld is polarized in a battle of witch against witch, creature against creature, led by the villainous Bella, who would be Queen.

While Jolie has one goal in mind, to stake the vampire, Ryder, who nearly killed her, she also must choose between the affections of her warlock employer, Rand, and the mysteriously sexy vampire, Sinjin.

And as if that weren’t enough to ruin a girl’s day, everything Jolie knows will be turned inside out when she’s thrust into the shock of a lifetime.

My thoughts:
I think so far this one is my favorite. Jolie is coming into her own with her powers. She isn't as anxious as she was in the first book. She is embracing who she is and her stubborn streak has definitely lengthened.  It's got to be overwhelming to know that you are the cause of a massive civil war. Kudos to her for taking matters into her own hands!

And we all could stand to have a little Rand in our lives...Jolie learns a lot of secrets about him that help to answer a lot of questions about their relationship. She gives up almost everything for him. You hope it is worth it!

Plenty of action keeps the pages turning. My Kindle barely hit the 100% mark before I was online seeking out the novella Bewitched, which comes after this book.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners of the Birthday Giveaway!

The big birthday giveaway ended a couple of days ago. Thank you so much to all of the authors who donated their books! And thank you so much to all who entered. Winners were chosen at random by Rafflecopter, which is powered by Random.org. They have all been notified of their wins by email. Here is the list:

Giedre S.- 100 Matchstick Puzzles app by The Grabarchuk Family of Puzzles & Summer in Martinstown by Jo Heroux

Crystal C. - Signed A House Divided Against Itself by Bob O'Connor & Summer in Martinstown by Jo Heroux

Joshua C. - A Collection of Dark Short Stories by Amy Browne & Summer in Martinstown by Jo Heroux

Phaedra S. - Time for Death by Christie Silvers & Summer in Martinstown by Jo Heroux

Carrie S. - The Mark of the Witch by Jessica Gibson & Summer in Martinstown by Jo Heroux

Katie R. - $10 gift card & Summer in Martinstown by Jo Heroux

Congratulations to all of the winners!

'Immortal Voyage' Book Tour - Review and Giveaway

Immortal Voyage

Book Blurb:

Before the time of the great pyramids, there was a place like none other, a city of glass and metal rising from the depths of the ocean. Shrouded in mist, the island of Hy-Brasil and its capital Atlantis lay hidden from the rest of the world by its people, a race of long lived, interstellar nomads.

What secrets would you keep to save your kingdom? On the Queen’s deathbed, the sonless King Rowe is force into a promise to allow his five daughters to marry for love. A promise he wished he had never made, and one he will have to break, to save the kingdom from his squabbling, incompetent son-in-laws.

The youngest of five daughters, Jael, spent most of her time at her father’s side learning to run a kingdom. Believed to be the King’s favorite, Jael is shocked when he betroths her to a longtime friend of his, Prince Sarik of Hy-Brasil. Soon she will learn that world is full of secrets and one of them is her very own birth. Will the secret that bonds her to Sarik be the ultimate downfall of a kingdom?

My thoughts:
This is not my usual genre of book to read. I have to admit that I was worried when I started it and there was all of this talk about kingdoms and clans and lots of names that seem so made up. However, once I got into it, I found a story of love on many levels. There is a love of family - the father and his daughters. There is a love of one's clan and kingdom. There is love of power. And there is love between a man and a woman. One of the most important lessons seemed to be that love can be right in front of your face. You don't need to go searching far and wide for it.

The blend of settings and time periods was an interesting mix. Jael and Sarik meet in Atlantis, which is even more technologically modern than the present day. When they leave to go back to their clans, it is more like ancient times. The characters somehow seamlessly shift from one to the other.

I had also never before experienced a book with Jinns. They are a new type of character for me and seem intriguing. 

I think people who like stories such as the Game of Thrones series are going to like this novel. Thank you, C.G. Powell, for taking me out of my realm of usual reads.

Buy on Kindle

Enter to Win - fill out the form Below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This book tour and contest is brought to you by Promotionalbooktours.com Open to U.S. Residents.

Review of 'Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble' and Giveaway

H.P. Mallory's latest book in the Jolie Wilkins series, The Witch Is Back, is due out at the end of the month. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of it. Leading up to its official release, I am going to review each of the books in the series. I am also offering up a free ecopy of the new book to one lucky reader! All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the review posts for the Jolie Wilkins series. Happy reading and good luck!

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

Book Blurb from Amazon: A self-deprecating witch with the unique ability to reanimate the dead. A dangerously handsome warlock torn between being her boss and her would-be lover. A six hundred year old English vampire with his own agenda; one that includes an appetite for witches. The Underworld in a state of chaos. Let the games begin. Life isn’t bad for psychic Jolie Wilkins. True, she doesn’t have a love life to speak of, but she has a cute house in the suburbs of Los Angeles, a cat and a quirky best friend. Enter Rand Balfour, a sinfully attractive warlock who insists she’s a witch and who just might turn her life upside down. Rand hires her to help him solve a mystery regarding the death of his client who also happens to be a ghost. Jolie not only uncovers the cause of the ghost’s demise but, in the process, she brings him back to life! Word of Jolie’s incredible ability to bring back the dead spreads like wildfire, putting her at the top of the Underworld’s most wanted list. Consequently, she finds herself at the center of a custody battle between a villainous witch, a dangerous but oh-so-sexy vampire, and her warlock boss, Rand.

My thoughts:
I fell madly in love with Jolie Wilkins from the opening pages of this book. She is smart and sassy, yet somewhat insecure in her own skin. She hasn't been on a date in ages. (She sounds like a lot of people I know!) She has this strange knack to read people's futures - some of the time. When a ghost enters her little business, her entire world changes. She finds out that she is really a witch. She is capable of bringing people back to life. And now all of the men in the Underworld want her. Women want to *be* her, or at least control her life. She is caught in this comical battle between two super sexy men and one crazy woman. She is totally the kind of girl you want for your best friend. You feel all of her pain and embarrassment. You long to feel the same devotion that she gets from Trent, Rand and Sinjin. You don't envy her tough decisions and having to rediscover who she is. You want to root for her the entire time.
This book has hot romance, undying devotion between best friends, werewolves, vampires, warlocks and witches. It's a blend of so many different things, yet is intriguing chick lit. I read most of it in one sitting, because I just couldn't tear myself away. I downloaded this first book in the series for free for my Kindle, but had no problem jumping back on Amazon to pay for the rest of the series.

Follow the blog to read reviews on the rest of the series. Remember to enter the Rafflecopter below to win your very own copy of the latest installment in the series, the day it comes out! 

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'The Blood Moon Chronicles' Book Promo Tour

The Blood Moon Chronicles

By June Spears

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Number of pages: 127

Purchase Links: Paperback | Kindle

Book Description:

Three young warriors, one of them with royal blood, will be born into the human race as natural enemies. They must overcome their differences to unite and bring light back into darkness. For there is no light without darkness, and there is no darkness without light.

However, victory does not come without a price.

Short Excerpt from The Blood Moon Chronicles

A raven-haired teenager sat there, carefree , on the warm damp sand. She stared off across the water, her back to the forest. To the casual observer, she’d seem like a normal teenage girl.

To Everit, however, she was a rare diamond waiting to be polished. The wind caressed her skin sending her hair blowing with its breeze, the scent of roses engulfed the forest. Everit closed his eyes and let the scent of her take him to a faraway place. He imagined her in a magical field, and the only thing that
covered her were the black and red rose petals that fell all around her beautiful body. Her simple beauty was unlike anything he had seen in all his years. Her body tensed, about to turn, so he dashed into the woods. He could not show himself to her. Not now. Not like this.

He was sent here to plant his seed, to fulfill the prophecy of the Dark Islands. He had not planned on falling in love, but the connection he felt was too strong to ignore. The imprint she left on his heart was stronger than his desire to remain indifferent could sustain.

Everit had watched her for weeks now. He knew his feelings for her complicated things, but he knew what he was sent here for. He could not fail his people. Loving her made leaving her behind that much harder.

He made an oath to himself to find a way to protect her at a distance, even if it meant his own death.

Author Bio:

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, June E Spears had spent her early years writing mostly poems and school songs. However, she could not escape the allure of storytelling and quickly began studying to become a novelist. She began by reading every chance she had. Mostly Fantasy and Romance novels, June's love of writing was uncontrollable. Once she began typing, she never stopped.
June is best known for her Fantasy Novelette Series "The Blood Moon Chronicles". She is a single mother to her only daughter Isabella Rose.

'Spirits in the Trees' Book Tour Promo

Spirits in the Trees
by Morgan Hannah MacDonald


An abandoned house, a psychotic killer, and a victim reaching out from the grave. A woman must unearth deadly family secrets before she becomes a ghost herself.

Madeline Anderson goes to Isabelle Island, Washington, to sell a family home abandoned over forty years before. Bizarre things occur the moment she steps on the property. Inside the dilapidated old house, items move about of their own accord. Strange noises come from empty rooms. She has a vivid, recurring dream of a woman running for her life. The wind rustling through the trees sounds like urgent, murmuring voices. When the cacophony dies down, one single word emerges: MADELINE,MADELINE,MADELINE.

At first, Doug Lindstrom, the hot fireman helping Maddy restore the old home, doesn't believe anything is going on. He’s certain Maddy is jumping at shadows because she heard the local kids call the house haunted. That is, until he witnesses horrific violence himself that he can't explain away. After Maddy’s life is threatened not once, but twice, Doug vows there will not be a third time.

While searching for answers, Maddy uncovers astonishing secrets about her aunt's past. Finding more questions then answers, she digs deeper until she stumbles across evidence of a cold case involving a serial killer nicknamed The Seaside Strangler. Together, Doug and Maddy must unmask a killer. The lives
they save just might be their own.

WARNING: This book contains mild language, explicit sex and graphic violence.




SPOOKY!!!, By Terri Camp

GRIPPING! By bella200



FANTASTIC!, By Lori Petticrew



I read the first book by Ms. MacDonald and found it a very excellent read, so that when this book came along I was excited to dig into it. I wasn't sure what the book was about and when I found it was a paranormal, I hesitated as I do not read those kinds of books, but continued because of "Sandman". I have to say I was not disappointed. I was laughing so hard in parts of the book that I began snorting (terribly embarrassing at work, I was on my lunch break) and my cat thinks I'm crazy. Other parts will have you biting your nails.

I truly love the way Ms. MacDonald writes; she doesn't bog you down with a lot of detail, allowing your mind to wonder and imagine and if there are ghosts around, well, it becomes a rollercoaster of a ride!

The hero in this was exciting and I too, would have been drooling over him. I like the fact that the heroine was able to overcome tragedy, live through strange occurrences, and welcome love.

This is one author to watch for; her mysteries are exactly that, and to also to tell your friends about, I know I have!

Great work, can't wait for your next book. A trilogy? Brilliant!

BUCKLE UP FOR AN AMAZING RIDE!,By Skye Doggett (Oklahoma City, OK)

Morgan Hannah MacDonald does it again! When I read "Sandman", I thought it can't get any better than this but Spirits in The Trees does just that! I know, "I couldn't put it down" is highly overused but it is the truth. I started reading it first thing in the morning, and literally got nothing done until I finished it (thank goodness it was my day off)! It has the best of everything; edge of your seat suspense, a mystery that deepens with each page, a nail biting ghost story, and a passionate love story. Ms. MacDonald breathes flesh and life into characters that are deep and whom you come to care about very quickly. I
love that the main character Maddie, though she endures more than your average woman in a mystery story (not giving away any spoilers!), still comes across as having strength. I highly recommend this book to anyone loving a good mystery/suspense/ghost story with a healthy dose of romance.

About the author:

Morgan Hannah MacDonald writes Romantic Thrillers that are NOT for the faint of heart. She has always been interested in writing and serial killers, but it wasn’t until she found she had dated one herself that a true writer was born.

She belongs to Romance Writers of America, the San Diego Chapter, as well as the Kiss of Death Chapter. She resides in San Diego, California where she is busy working on her next novel.

Find her at the following links:

www.morganhannahmacdonald.com and