Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Chocolate Drop (The Chocolate Romance Series Book 3) by Edwina Martin-Arnold

Love in the time of corona is different than other times. Check out the third installment of the Chocolate Romance series!


Maria and Jian felt instant chemistry the moment they saw each other at Seattle General Hospital! Then the pandemic hit, causing all types of complications! Will their budding romance grow or be extinguished by the pandemic?

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Edwina Martin-Arnold is the author of several romance books. She is a hopeless romantic, and a true believer in happily ever after. However, Edwina knows that the path to real love is rarely straight forward. To the contrary, it’s often paved with many turns and a peril or two, in real life and in the stories she creates.

ebsite - https://edwinamartinarnold.com
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The Turncoat King (The Rising Wave #1) by Michelle Diener

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The second featured book in this holiday collection is The Turncoat King, which is the first book in Michelle Diener's Rising Wave series. Enjoy an excerpt and follow the tour for more! Best of luck entering the giveaway!

The Turncoat King
(The Rising Wave, #1)
By Michelle Diener
Fantasy, Romance
Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 312 Pages
January 12, 2021 by Eclipse

A thirst for revenge . . . Ava is committed to vengeance against the man responsible for the death of her parents. The same man, the Queen's Herald, kept her prisoner for two years, until she escaped with Luc, a warlord bent on vengeance just as fierce as her own. He's forged a powerful army of people from all through the region, called the Rising Wave, to march on the Kassian royal family and smash its corrupt power under the weight of their anger. But for Luc, just as for Ava, his true motive is a lot more personal.

A hidden magic . . . Luc suspects Ava has magical abilities, suspects he's benefited greatly from them, but he's no stranger to the burdens of power, and he's prepared to let her tell him in her own time—after all, she's his heart's choice and he will give her all the time she needs. Except time is running out for both of them. As they near the Kassian stronghold, forces from within their own camp and without will use every trick they have to stop both Luc and Ava and tear them apart.

A secret laid bare . . . Luc knows Ava has a secret she's keeping from him—but what he doesn't realize is she has many. And when those secrets are exposed, everyone will have to grapple with the consequences. Ava is prepared to sacrifice her happiness and even her life to save the Rising Wave and Luc—but she would prefer to use her heart and her head to outwit her enemies instead.

Author's note: The Rising Wave series begins with a prequel novella, The Rising Wave. It isn't necessary to have read The Rising Wave to enjoy The Turncoat King, but it will give readers a better grounding in the world of the story.

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The guard assigned to lead them to the Skäddar warrior paused to speak to someone in low tones. When he turned back to Luc and Dak, he was grinning.

“The Skäddar warrior is this way. He's sparring with one of our best fighters and we're hoping he wins.” His smile widened as he led the way.

“Why are you hoping he defeats one of your own?” Dak asked.

“Because she's from the mountain border with Skäddar, and has been teasing us steppe-dwellers about how the highlanders are superior. It will be very good to see someone land her on her arse.”

“None of you have been able to?” Dak lifted his brows.

The guard gave a grunt. “Not yet.”

Luc could tell they were close to the sparring match. The sound of cheers and whistles started up, and ahead of them was a circle of soldiers, all looking inward.

The guard led them around the side, to where the crowd wasn't as thick.

The sun had almost completely set, so two torches had been driven into the ground to illuminate the fighting ring, and the opponents were already circling each other.

The man was obviously Skäddar. Luc had met only a few of the northern dwellers before, but they all had markings on their faces like this one.

The Venyatux highlander was much smaller than her opponent, and had her back to them.

Luc felt the air freeze in his chest and throat as he recognized her hair first—a little longer than it had been since he'd last seen her a month ago but still much shorter than everyone else's.


Excerpted from The Turncoat King by Michelle Diener. Copyright © 2021 by Michelle Diener. Published by Eclipse.

About the Author

Michelle Diener is the bestselling, award-winning author of historical, fantasy and science fiction romance novels. Having worked in publishing and IT, she’s now very happy crafting new worlds for her readers to escape into. She lives in Australia with her husband and children.
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November 28th: Launch
November 29th: Elayne Audrey Becker - Forestborn
November 30th: Michelle Diener - The Turncoat King
December 1st: Jes Drew - Agents Adam and Eve
December 2nd: Sharon Hinck - Windward Shore
December 3rd: Kara Linaburg - The Broken Prince
December 4th: Cathy McCrumb - Recorder
December 5th: Sandra Fernandez Rhoads - Realms of Light
December 6th: Chawna Schroeder - The Vault Between Spaces
December 7th: Melissa Wright - Beneath Stone and Sacrifice
December 8th: Kristen Young - Elite
December 9th: Grand Finale

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Monday, November 29, 2021

Forestborn by Elayne Audrey Becker

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Here's the first book being featured in the Fantasy & Sci-Fi for Christmas series this year! Enjoy an excerpt from Forestborn, the first in the series by Audrey Becker. Visit the other stops on the tour and be sure to enter the giveaway!

(Forestborn, #1)
By Elayne Audrey Becker
Young Adult Fantasy
Hardcover, Paperback & ebook, 368 Pages
August 31, 2021 by Tor Teen

A young, orphaned shapeshifter in a world that fears magic must risk everything if she hopes to save her only friend in Elayne Audrey Becker's Forestborn, first in a new fantasy series with a timeless feel.


Rora is a shifter, as magical as all those born in the wilderness―and as feared. She uses her abilities to spy for the king, traveling under different guises and listening for signs of trouble.

When a magical illness surfaces across the kingdom, Rora uncovers a devastating truth: Finley, the young prince and her best friend, has caught it, too. His only hope is stardust, the rarest of magical elements, found deep in the wilderness where Rora grew up―and to which she swore never to return.

But for her only friend, Rora will face her past and brave the dark, magical wood, journeying with her brother and the obstinate, older prince who insists on coming. Together, they must survive sentient forests and creatures unknown, battling an ever-changing landscape while escaping human pursuers who want them dead. With illness gripping the kingdom and war on the horizon, Finley’s is not the only life that hangs in the balance.

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Finley’s eyes are glazing over, far too fast, the pupils dilating as if he’s concussed. He shakes his head, holds out a hand, clutches mine when I step close to steady him. “I think—”

“Finley!” I cry, catching him when his knees suddenly give way. I’m dismayed at how easy it is to support his weight, considering he’s only one year younger than me. Or two, or three. It’s all a guess, really. “Fin, talk to me,” I say, my heart flinging itself wildly against my ribcage as I watch his eyes lose focus once more. His hand loosens its grip on mine, and both of us sink to the forest floor.

“Let him go,” I beg, bending over the body gone rigid, the heaving chest, the quivering, waxen skin. Alarm bells are screaming through my head, loud as the clocktower tolling the hour, and with them, the tingling in my core returns. Threads of numbness engulf my limbs. Fur along my back, then feathers all over—my body torn between the urge to hide or to flee, far away from this scene I never saw coming. “Please. Not him, too.”

I ignore the gathering sounds of creaking, groaning wood overhead with a vengeance. Tears are welling in my eyes, but I blink them away and shake my head, refusing to let them fall. Refusing because this day of truth has always been tainted by lies, so what’s one more to add to the tally? In the darkening wood, I set each one before me, all of the lies I reach for when the nightmares, the dirty looks, the hidden scars and endless self-loathing begin to drag me under—that my mother loved me before she left me, that my brother and I are not a curse, that I can be good and selfless and worthy of love in spite of the things I’ve done. I assemble them all, then set one more on the shelf: that my best friend, my only true friend aside from Helos, isn’t dying.

But the trees around me, leaves and branches straining against their holds, limbs pointing to Finley like a circle of swords—the trees all tell a different story.

Excerpted from Forestborn by Elayne Audrey Becker. Copyright © 2021 by Elayne Audrey Becker. Published by Tor Teen.

Other Books in the Series

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About the Author

ELAYNE AUDREY BECKER (she/her) is a storyteller with a passion for history, myth, mountains, and magic. She holds a B.A. from Vassar College and a master of science from the University of Aberdeen, and she has worked as an editor at a New York publisher. Born and raised in Georgia, she grew up with a lake and woods as her backyard, spending long days outside and visiting national parks with her family. Forestborn is her first book.
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November 28th: Launch
November 29th: Elayne Audrey Becker - Forestborn
November 30th: Michelle Diener - The Turncoat King
December 1st: Jes Drew - Agents Adam and Eve
December 2nd: Sharon Hinck - Windward Shore
December 3rd: Kara Linaburg - The Broken Prince
December 4th: Cathy McCrumb - Recorder
December 5th: Sandra Fernandez Rhoads - Realms of Light
December 6th: Chawna Schroeder - The Vault Between Spaces
December 7th: Melissa Wright - Beneath Stone and Sacrifice
December 8th: Kristen Young - Elite
December 9th: Grand Finale

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Regrets, Love, Sex, and Life Lessons by Melissa Owens


Regrets, Love, Sex and Life Lessons describes all the pros and cons of being an adult. As an adult, we make just as many mistakes as we did as a child or teenager, the only difference is now, we learn from it and take it as a “Lesson or Blessing”. You’re blessed to have experience passion, good sex and maybe “Love”. Or, you have learned a hard lesson on the difference between “Love and Lust “and “Need and Want”.

It seems as we get older, we always end up thinking with the “Wrong Head” and it always causes severe heart break or severe consequences.

One thing I can honestly say is, you’re not living your best life if you’re not making mistakes and you’re not truly an adult, if you’re not learning from them.

Read an excerpt on Amazon here.

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About the author:

Melissa Owens is an African American Author who was born and raised in Oakland, Ca. She is a mother of a college graduate and works as a Full-time Case Manager/Mental Health Worker. Melissa works in her community supporting adults and Youth who are battling severe mental health and homelessness on a daily basis.

While Melissa was in the hospital battling Covid-19, she started a “Bucket list” and writing “2 books” was on the top of that list.

Melissa is Compassionate, enthusiastic and shows unconditional support towards anyone around her. She is truly dedicated to serving her community and also continuing growing as a mother, Author and a human being.

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Fantasy & Sci-Fi for Christmas 2021

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We're excited to be sharing books from ten fantasy and sci-fi authors this holiday season, a different book each day! There is also a giveaway to enter below.

Tour Schedule
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November 28th: Launch
November 29th: Elayne Audrey Becker - Forestborn
November 30th: Michelle Diener - The Turncoat King
December 1st: Jes Drew - Agents Adam and Eve
December 2nd: Sharon Hinck - Windward Shore
December 3rd: Kara Linaburg - The Broken Prince
December 4th: Cathy McCrumb - Recorder
December 5th: Sandra Fernandez Rhoads - Realms of Light
December 6th: Chawna Schroeder - The Vault Between Spaces
December 7th: Melissa Wright - Beneath Stone and Sacrifice
December 8th: Kristen Young - Elite
December 9th: Grand Finale

Books on Tour
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Friday, November 26, 2021

Phoebe (The Flagstaff Reunion) by Susan Wuthrich


When Phoebe O’Flannigan turns up at The Flagstaff Reunion and accuses three former pupils of sexually assaulting her nineteen years before, it rakes up foggy memories of a wild teenage party; one they’d rather forget.

The men are arrested and charged with rape. Brandon Foster, one of the accused, is horrified to learn his friends have turned against him and are letting him take the fall. Amid denial and recriminations friendships fall apart and the sordid allegation puts Brandon’s fragile marriage on the line.

The bullying and humiliation Phoebe suffered at the exclusive school was real. But is she stretching the truth? She knew to achieve her goal, drastic measures would be required. But because of the time lapse, is it too late to turn the tables on those who treated her so despicably?

So, what really happened that night and why has it taken her almost twenty years to come forward?

A gripping saga full of suspense and intrigue.

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This is her 5th novel.

Born in Canada and raised in the United Kingdom, after spending twenty-five years in South Africa, she now lives in a picturesque village in Switzerland; an idyllic setting in which to pursue her passion.

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Acrimony: When She Shed Her Wrathful Tears by Ninsiku


A tragic romantic drama novel about growth and self discovery; that perceives atrocious deeds stirred by deep hate. The life of a young and growing Ramona is centered on the small cultural boundaries of her country life where she neither hates nor questions the norms of her own people, until one day she meets someone who teaches her to dream. Her life changes as she breaks loose from the chains of her society, opening a whole new world to her, a world she never knew existed, but along her journey of self discovery, chaos lurks amongst those who bear a deep animosity for those seek self-fulfillment like her...

Available on Amazon
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About the author:

Ninsiku is an author who specializes in the romance, fantasy, mystery/thriller and biographical genres, with her unique style of writing.

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Kai's Diary: A Canadian's COVID-19 Days in Chongqing, China by Jorah Kai

Everyone has a COVID story to share. Just as the virus affects each person differently in the physical realm, it affects their lives in a different way. I witnessed many different stories from friends all around the world. Here's one such account:

A feverish fear …what began as a memoir, and a goodbye,
became a story of triumph against the virus,
and a lighthouse in the storm.

“Although not a traditional authority of any kind Kai proved to be an essential source of sanity and safety during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. He truly is a warrior poet.” - Dylan Lane (ill Gates), bass music superstar


My name is Jorah Kai, and I was born in the year of the earth goat. I've traveled around, spreading mirth and revelry since I was a wee lad, a merry bard. My band, The Root Sellers, headlined festivals, played Olympics, and produced albums around the world, breathing fire and breaking hearts for two decades. I was a full-time detective in a mythical part-time city, solving existential mysteries for lost and weary travelers. You may have heard of me.

One day I disappeared and wandered until I found misty mountains that shrouded the ancient Chinese city of Ba with a civilization along the mighty Jialiang and Yangtze rivers that stretches back 15,000 years. Today, it is called Chongqing. I am a married man, a teacher, and a humble writer, happily obscure, until a virus smaller than a . stopped the world in its tracks.

On the first day of the year of the metal rat, the beginning of a novel 60-year cycle, everything changed. Wuhan, a city the size of New York or London, was locked down in a failed attempt to control the spread of a deadly virus. The quarantine grew, but the virus, full of creeping, cosmic horror escaped and spread across the world. It used us as carriers for an invisible alien attack.

This is the story of the first two months of COVID-19, as I learned, day by day, what it was and what it could do. I tried to warn you it was coming, and some prepared, but many did not. This is the story of how Chongqing stood tall when other cities fell.

This is not how the story ends, but this is how it began.

Find on Goodreads

Available on Amazon

Kindle * Paperback

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Read an excerpt:

Saturday, 25 January

Self-Isolation Begins

Day 1. We, along with much of China, have canceled our travel plans

and will spend our holiday at home in quarantine. It's not really a lockdown in Chongqing, more like a suggestion. We are a bit alarmed, but my friends are saying it's basically bad flu and not worth getting upset about. Some friends are on their way to Thailand and Vietnam on vacations, with their families coming from the UK to meet them. We don't want to get Shaolin's parents or baby Ethan sick, so we're happy enough to stay home for now and see how it goes. We sleep in until noon and have a lazy brunch.

Ben Ben has urinated in front of the screen door. He's an 11-year-old brown poodle with lousy hearing and cataracts and can't figure out the epidermal membrane of screen doors. I mop it up using a disinfectant. Everything has to be clean now.

Hachoo, our tiny black poodle, is about four but has good eyes and

a quick mind. She can zip outside and will use a puppy pad out there too.

Hachoo is the superior virus. Shaolin tells me people are worried animals

can get infected or get their humans sick. Some are kicking their pets out,

frantic, in fear for their lives. We decide we will keep the dogs inside until

it's over.

Shaolin's mom asks us to come over, but we tell her it's too

dangerous to go outside and risk the taxi. Mama says it's not too bad; we

don't know any sick people. We try to explain it could be a health risk,

and we're trying to be careful. We video call instead.

I get a call from Jenny, the newsroom chief, "Pending stories, please

edit!" There's a superstition that you're not supposed to work on the first

day of a new year, but public health trumps superstition, so I check the

news. "Chongqing New Coronavirus Update: 57 Cases in Total, Medical

Team Headed to Wuhan." We must be testing a lot of people to have 57 already. Medical crews and army support from all areas of China are

organizing to support Wuhan's struggling hospital system.

We get suited up with protective "Red Zone clothes," including gloves,

goggles, and masks. We grab a couple of stools and head to the parking

garage, where we can sit outside and get some sunshine for an hour or two.

It feels amazing. The poor dogs look so disappointed when we leave them

inside. I'm going to get some more dog treats as soon as I can.

A local friend, stuck outside of Chongqing, decides to make a

"Canadians in China" (all country) WeChat group and I meet Terry and

Patterson, two Canadians inside the Wuhan quarantine zone. They tell me

there are a couple hundred more that aren't in our group. We talk about

the lack of contact with the Canadian consulates and embassy. I guess

they're on holiday. Most of us Canadians aren't registered abroad, although I registered last year when we went to Europe. The Canadian embassy has sent me a few emails, but nothing helpful. They suggest I don't travel to Wuhan.

There's talk about an American plane coming to airlift the Americans.

We're not sure if that means consular officials only or all American citizens stranded inside the quarantine zone. We wonder if Canada will come to help our Canadians in Wuhan and how the people will make it to the airport with roads closed off. Those of us around China wonder when the virus will come to us and if we will be quarantined too. Would Canada help us if we are?

This would be a great time to finish my novel, but the mess of my

150,000-word manuscript haunts me. I had so much going on, so many

stories intertwined, so I want to take the story back to the beginning.

What is the first story I can tell? My story is about a Chinese boy named

Amos from my city Chongqing. He's a boy about 10, who goes through a

family shakeup and uses his creative imagination to turn a trip into rural

Chongqing into a magical adventure full of wonder that gives the space

and time to cope with his reality.

I write a lot of ideas down. Later, we watch Criminal Minds. We miss the gym, it's closed, until further notice. Maybe we will play some Just Dance on my projection screen or Shaolin's Korean dance aerobics

in the living room. We stay up late. Shaolin adores police procedurals, but

by season four of Criminal Minds, we're getting a bit burnt out on all the

psychos and murderers. We should switch it up tomorrow.

My school tells us to come back by the end of the week. Within two

days, they've done a 180 again and decided all foreign teachers are not

to come back. A few of my friends are on vacation and wonder how long

they can manage to hover around Asia and what they should do. Some

want to shelter in place. Others are canceling their vacations and flying

home to their countries. My friend Alessia is considering flying back to

China, but we tell her to go home to Italy if you have the chance; it's safer.

Monday 27 January

A Trip to the Market

Day 3. We sleep in late, no reason to rush up early with not much to

do. It's our third day of self-imposed full quarantine from other humans

and staying in our flat.

Our news headlines read, "Chongqing New Coronavirus Update: 35

Newly Confirmed Cases Reported, A Municipal Medical Team with 144

Staff Went to Hubei." My coworker, Mikkel from Denmark, makes a map

of Chongqing's downtown districts and rural areas, including the current number of infected in each area.

My district has one to five people infected so far. It's a vast area,

though, so these are still relatively low numbers.

We decide to go shopping at the local market on the street and get a

few things.

There are only a few people on the street, and we all keep our

distance. Everyone is wearing a mask and walking quickly. Outside of the

bakery that makes my baguettes, a man is sneezing and coughing, with no mask on.

We stop, look around. A couple of other people freeze too. I feel


We cross the street to avoid him.

At the market, where we can shop from the street, we feel comfortable, it's not indoors, but we keep our goggles and mask on. I've lent Shaolin my clear safety goggles, so I'm wearing shaded rainbow swim goggles. Everyone else wears a mask, but most people have their eyes exposed. I feel safe in the precautions that I take. It's uncomfortable to wait in line. I'm so close to everyone.

At home, the decontamination procedure kicks in. We try to stand in place by the door. We keep the dogs back. We take off our gloves, our jackets, our hats, and our goggles. Then we wash our hands for a minute as hot as we can stand with lots of soap. The spray is too intense, and I get some water bounce back from my contaminated hands to spray me in the

face. I can feel it in my eye.

Is this how I become a zombie?

I hope it was a dry run. No virus yet.

You never really know when you're fighting an invisible army.

There are no dress rehearsals for war. Shaken but not stirred, I take

off my two masks. The sun will disinfect them, so I can wear them again.

I take a shower.

Today, Shaolin is excited about her club, Salsa 5. They are going to

broadcast a class with two new instructors from Venezuela.

The day passes quickly, writing and chatting with friends online.

She's happy to move around, and dance and I try a little bit. I'm glad to get some exercise.

That night, Shaolin abruptly starts to scream. I rush over, but she's inconsolable. Her arm is spasming in pain, but she can't explain what happened. I determine that she's stuck in her sweater, got her injured shoulder extended the wrong way. I help her get the sweater off and dry

the tears off her cheeks. I give her a shoulder and arm massage with a

balm. We're both a bit freaked out by how much pain she's in.

I worry about what would happen in a medical emergency where we

are sacred to call for help or to go to the hospital.

I stay up all night listening to WHO and the Center for Disease Control

(CDC) briefings, Canadian news, American news, European news, the British press, podcasts from doctors and specialists. I start listening to "city preppers" that discuss how to survive "grid down" situations. The sun begins to peek through a break in our heavy curtains, and I turn my phone off. I get a couple of hours of restless sleep and terrible dreams.

Jorah Kai is a writer and teacher from Toronto, Canada, who currently lives in Chongqing, China. He has previously published short stories and poems in literary journals ‘The Liar’ and ‘Fathom Magazine’ and has worked as an editor and contributor to iChongqing, an English news desk for the 34 million person metropolis since 2018. When the pandemic began, Kai wrote a syndicated diary column for Chinese and Canadian audiences (CTV News) which was expanded and published in 2020 as the epistolary novel The Invisible War aka Kai’s Diary by New World Press in English and Chinese. Kai’s Diary is listed as an Amazon Bestseller for China Books and sold out of a limited run, with a second English edition coming out in December by Canadian publisher Royal Collins. It received awards from the Chongqing Journalists Association and was designated one of the top 10 foreign language books and 25 overall notable books published in China in 2020. He’s currently preparing to publish a ‘Solarpunk YA Fantasy novel’ called Amos the Amazing and working on other nonfiction books, Year of the Rat, Gutter Oil, and SOLARPUNK: The Optimist's Guide to the Apocalypse.

Find him on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/21601404.Jorah_Kai

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Polish Dragon P.I. (The Good Book) by Steve Zimcosky


What happens when a bible disappears and a secret organization vows to keep it hidden at all costs? Find out in Polish Dragon P.I. Read an excerpt and then follow the rest of the tour. Best of luck entering the giveaway!

A bible mysteriously disappears from a Russian businessman’s home and it is said to have a secret hidden inside that would cause embarrassment to the Russian Orthodox Church. The Polish Dragon P. I. is called in, along with his new partner, to help find the bible. The problem is the bible is not supposed to exist and there is a secret organization, sworn to protect the church, also looking for the bible. They will stop at nothing to locate it and destroy it.

Read an excerpt:
"So," Andy began, with his voice trembling a bit. "The item that was stolen was an old family bible. It had been in the family for well over 600 years."

"Wait a minute Andy. You said that the police could not be involved. I don't understand, aren't they capable of finding an old bible?"

"I'm sure they are," he responded. "The problem is that the book is not supposed to exist. It was supposed to have been destroyed 200 years ago."

"Why?" she exclaimed.

"Apparently the leaders of the Orthodox Churches in Eastern Europe demanded it. There was supposed to be some sort of hidden message that would be devastating to the Church, even though my family never knew that the message existed. Plus it also had my family genealogy going all the way back to the 15th century."

"So, why was it never destroyed?"

"It had been in the family for many years and rather than destroy it, one of my ancestors decided to smuggle it out of Russia. They burned a fake one in its place and apparently, that appeased the Church. If they only knew it wasn't the real one. They would probably come after my family again."

(affiliate link included)

About the author:

Steve Zimcosky is a multi-award winning and international selling author. He is the creator of the Polish Dragon P. I. series and was born in the Slavic Village area of Cleveland, Ohio where many of his stories take place. He has wanted to be an author since elementary school while reading books like White Fang and Call of the Wild by Jack London. He spends his retirement time writing short stories on a variety of subjects he hopes his readers will enjoy. Some of his favorite authors include Stephen King, James Clavell, Thomas B. Dewey and Vivien Chien.

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Steve-Zimcosky/e/B00DZ0CW58

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theoldmanfromthehill/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stevezimcosky

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7219444.Steve_Zimcosky

Steve Zimcosky will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Monday, November 22, 2021

Magic in Mauve by Nonna Gerikh, Read by Carolyn Jania


A perfect mauve-shade skirt created for upcoming wedding, makes its way around the globe over different people. As their life transformed and intertwined by seemingly random acts in a magical way, it eventually ending up in Paris where the secrets revealed.

Monique, an American fashion reporter; Princess Zorina; and Alison, an Irish fashion designer, lead very different lives. Monique designs the perfect skirt for her wedding, Zorina’s love is forbidden, and Alison’s star rises in Paris.

But when Monique donates her skirt, she sets it on a journey that will change all their lives forever. In her attempts to retrieve the skirt, she encounters other women who convince her the skirt has magical properties. But can the skirt bring Tahir and Zorina together? Can Alison salvage her relationship and her career? Will getting the skirt back bring Monique the luck she craves? Or does Magic in Mauve have something else in store for them?

For the fans of interwoven stories spanning distance and time, such as Sisterhood of Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares and Love Actually by Richard Curtis.

Get the audiobook!
Just $0.99 through November 26!

I was compensated via Fiverr for sharing this post. I only share those books that I feel will be of interest to my readers.