Monday, November 22, 2021

Revolt (Era of Darkness Book 3) by Naif Makmi

Following the death and destruction caused by the activation of the 8G network server, Damien and Estrella had to escape to Canada with the help of Eva. They met a man who had been contacted by Eva prior to their arrival and he taught them warfare. The robot population increased and the havoc and destruction which they caused were new every day. However, Phineas made it his life purpose to find and kill Damien. Damien on the other hand swore to never give up till Phineas was destroyed.

Amidst their battles and fights against each other, division was created among Phineas’ robot army and they broke out from each other without his knowledge. Their break out led to them trying to take him out and take over the whole world completely. The destruction kept increasing while Damien continued making plans to take Phineas out. With the destruction and chaos caused by delusional people who only want power, will the world get back to what it was in the past or will it be destroyed forever?

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Naif Makmi started life in a small, cold town surrounded by a big, warm family. Growing up, he loved stories about robots and the limitless future. Along the way, he always told stories in his own way and enjoying entertaining is friends. The nickname Mr. Fiction seemed to suit him, and he thought himself destined for storytelling. Of course, life rarely works out how we expect it to, and Naif works as a Health care professional, a Disaster manager, and is an MBA student at Fayetteville State University. The urge to tell stories never left him, though, and now he’s writing like mad in his spare time. Naif is married with a young son, who’s fascinated by his tales. With a flair for making the mundane seem interesting, he’s always thinking up new was to describe, well, everything. Good observational skills, ample curiosity, and a strong background in science natural gear him toward science fiction writing. Writing helps him escape his everyday work stress and he hopes to create worlds others can escape into as well.

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