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Chat with Collette Cameron, author of 'The Viscount's Vow'

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What was the inspiration behind this book?
While writing my first book, Highlander's Hope, I get getting ideas for Vangie and Ian's story. Vangie and Yvette, the heroine from Highlander's Hope are cousins.

I knew Vangie and Ian's story had to be told.
What are some of your favorite things about this book?
I loved all the Romani culture and language. One of my favorite Roma sayings I used in the is, "It's easier to milk a cow that stands still."
Will we ever see these characters again?
Quite possibly. I'm writing several other books that include some of the secondary characters in The Viscount's Vow and Highlander's Hope.
What is so appealing about romance between unlikely pairings?
I think we like finding someone who completes us; makes us whole. Also, in the case of Vangie and Ian, I think it's so romantic how they never should have been together, all the odds were against them, yet they found love.
What are some common misconceptions about gypsies?
I have to be honest, I held some of the misconceptions myself. Gypsies, or Roma as they preferred to called, are a close knit, moral people with a strong belief in God. The whole fortune-telling, palm-reading stereotype is inaccurate. Women were expected to be virgins when they married, and they have very strict customs about cleanliness.
Please tell us about your other published works.
Highlander's Hope is the first book in the trilogy. As I mentioned before, it's about Vangie's cousin, Yvette. It's the story between an heiress who has no desire to marry and a titled Scot who essentially tricks her into marriage with him, in order to protect her. The Viscount's Vow takes place chronologically before Highlander's Hope, but both books are stand-alones.
On what other projects are you currently working?
I just finished The Earl's enticement, the third book in the trilogy. Now I'm starting the fourth book about Flynn Templeton. He was mentioned in The Viscount's Vow and introduced in The Earl's Enticement. I have several more stories bouncing around in my head. I'm thinking about trying to write two at once this go round.
How does the ocean and your gardens influence your writing?
In both cases, my love for nature comes out. I mention flowers and birds in all my stories. I also get a lot of ideas and solve plot issues while gardening.
What is something readers may be surprised to learn about you?
Hmm, I've only been writing for two years? Not exciting enough?

I had a pet deer as a child and I want a pet skunk. 

Is there anything else you would like to add?
No, except, thank you so much for hosting me!

The Viscount’s Vow 
by Collette Cameron


Amidst murder and betrayal, destiny and hearts collide when scandal forces a nobleman and a gypsy to marry in this Regency Romance.

Half Romani, half English noblewoman, Evangeline Caruthers is the last woman in England Ian Hamilton, the Viscount Warrick, could ever love—an immoral wanton responsible for his brother’s and father’s deaths. She thinks he’s a foul-tempered blackguard, who after setting out to cause her downfall, finds himself forced to marry her—snared in the trap of his own making.

When Vangie learns the marriage ceremony itself may have been a ruse, she flees to her gypsy relatives, declaring herself divorced from Ian under Romani law. He pursues her to the gypsy encampment, and when the handsome gypsy king offers to take Ian’s place in Vangie’s bed, jealousy stirs hot and dangerous.

At last, under a balmy starlit sky, Ian and Vangie breech the chasm separating them. Peril lurks though. Ian’s the last in his line, and his stepmother intends to dispose of the newlyweds so her daughter can inherit his estate. Only by trusting each other can they overcome scandal and murderous betrayal.

Read an excerpt:
Gypsy Camp Ian's Return

Ian rode Pericles directly across the clearing and stopped before her. Something delicious skimmed across her senses before she returned her attention to the child. She handed Puri Daj a soft linen cloth to wrap Lala's calf. He'd returned. She truly hadn't thought he would. Surely the fluttering in her middle wasn’t gladness?

After what he’d done to her?

She wasn't completely addle-witted. No, she’d not eaten anything since morning. She was hungry—that was all.

She watched him from the corner of her eye. Holding the reins in his left hand, he grasped Pericles’s mane and swung his right leg over the stallion’s hindquarters. With a powerful shove, he dropped to the ground. With a smart bow, Ian greeted Puri Daj first. “Droboy tume Romale.”

A pleased look flashed across Puri Daj's face. She inclined her head in greeting. “Thank you, Ian. You learn our language. This is good.” She smiled her approval.

He was learning Romanes? Vangie squelched the happiness attempting to bubble to the surface. Balderdash and rubbish. It meant nothing. If he thought he could wheedle his way into her affections by learning a bit of Romanese—

Lud, now he's smiling at Lala.

Ian bowed to the child. “Droboy tume tinka.”

Lala giggled and buried her face in Puri Daj's skirt. Vangie dipped her head and hid a smile. He could charm a stick into throwing itself into a fire, then have it thanking him for the honor.

“Vangie,” His deep voice interrupted her musings. “I'm sorry I didn't return last evening.” Ian rubbed the Pericles’s forehead before patting his neck and grasping his bridle. “I was delayed.”

Vangie placed the stopper on the jar of pungent ointment, then wiped her hands on her apron. “Tis of no importance.” She searched his face. Lines of fatigue marred his brow and crinkled the corners of his eyes. Faith, had he slept at all? Unease washed over her. Something was wrong.

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

A life-long Oregonian, Collette Cameron was born and raised in a small town along the northern Oregon coast. Today she makes her home in a rural community, 30 minutes west of Portland. Her Victorian farmhouse sits on a one-acre certified wildlife habit, interspersed with a plethora of gardens: English, rose, butterfly, rock, water, and of course, vegetable.

A voracious reader of romance since her teens, she even named her daughter after a heroine in her favorite romance novel. An enthusiast of times gone by, and anything related to romance, she writes Historical Romance, with a dash of inspiration, a pinch of humor, and a liberal portion of suspense.

Having dabbled in interior decorating in her youth, Collette returned to school, graduating summa cum laude from Oregon State University, and went on to obtain her Master's Degree in Teaching. She is member of Romance Writers of America, Rose City Romance Writers, The Beau Monde, and Love Faith and Hope, Inc., and a whole slew of other author/writer groups.

Some of Collette's favorite things include unique blends of coffees and teas, trivia, Cadbury Milk Chocolate, inspirational quotes, and scented candles. Her Christian faith, husband, three adult children, and five miniature dachshunds round out her life quite nicely! When she's not teaching or writing, she enjoys amateur photography, bird watching, gardening, interior decorating, rock-hunting, boating or fishing on the Columbia River, and reading of course.

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  1. Hi Collette! So this is kind of a you have any more ideas for couples in the same world? I love semi-series like that!

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    1. Andra, The Viscount's Vow is actually the prequel to Highlander's Hope. I just finished the third book in the trilogy and here will be several more books based on characters introduced in the first books.

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    1. I found myself really reassessing my thoughts on gypsies while doing my research.

  5. I would love the gift card, but more than that, I would love a copy of the Highlanders Hope. This series sounds absolutely awesome. I really liked this excerpt.

    1. Thank you. As with any series, some readers like the first book better than the second, and some like the second better. I have beta readers and critique partners who think the third book is the best. It's all taste, isn't it?

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  10. Both books are wonderful. Looking forward to the third. Wishing you many sales.

  11. Both books are wonderful and I look forward to the third. Wishing you many sales.

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