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Far Beyond Woman Suffrage: The Prices of the Vote by David McCracken

Far Beyond Woman Suffrage 
The Prices of the Vote
Book One
David McCracken

Genre: Alternative History
Date of Publication:  8/25/21
ISBN: 979-8464929616
Number of pages: 104
Word Count: 32,514
Cover Artist: PixelStudio

Tagline: “It isn’t just about women in long skirts finally voting!”

Book Description: 

It isn’t just about women in long skirts finally voting. The racists and the rich know that, and the politicians worry.

Mercy Martin has an inside view as the battle for woman suffrage nears a climax, but she encounters many puzzles.

So many women and Southern states oppose votes for women.  

So many people are afraid it would bring on free love, abandonment of family, economic catastrophe, or communism.

So many suffragists are willing to abandon black women voters.

From an innocent teen to a young adult, Mercy has a central role in the campaign. She advances from confinement in a suffragist jail cell to the national campaign for the suffrage amendment. She campaigns around Tennessee, ending at the capitol for the explosive climax in the last state that might ratify the amendment and grant the vote to women. 

Why should something so clearly right be so hard, and why were some bitter compromises made? Mercy is right in the middle, relied on by key players. Along the way, she acquires a husband, a baby, and better parents than she was born with.

This is an intimate view via alternative historical fiction, as accurate as it can be and as thoughtful and moving as it must be. In this first novella of a series, Mercy jumps into the campaign for woman suffrage and prepares for a vital role in the coming decades. She’ll continue on into the wider civil rights struggle growing out of woman suffrage. 

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Anita and I have taken a circuit northwest from Knoxville and back around to the northeast. We’re canvassing as many legislators and their key supporters as we can track down. Finding them is the tricky part. Sometimes we go as far as the road goes and finish the journey to an isolated farmstead on foot, with our dresses trailing in the dust. We’ve been drenched by rainstorms, chased by watchdogs, and even had to change a flat tire, which isn’t that easy in a long dress, but we find our men.

Some seem to be avoiding us, like Representative Cletus Jacobs. He keeps barely visible off in his woodlot. We mark him as a “no.” Senator Phil Gridley graciously, really graciously, says we are communists betraying our gender, our state, and the country. Fortunately, the next two are warm and positive. However, Sen. Billy Broadus says he is nervous the women’s vote will support that anti-American League of Nations. He seems mollified when we point out it would first have to go through a vote in the U.S. Senate, where it is sure to fail.

“Anita,” I ask, back in the car, “why is there such a fear of communism here?”

“Well, with the recent Russian Revolution and the widespread unrest in European countries after the war, people are nervous, especially people with property. You may not realize that Communism seemed on the verge of sweeping across Europe after the war, with uprisings all over. I guess women are considered softies who might vote communists in or go easy on them. Maybe they’re especially sensitive in the South on the loss of property since their human property, slaves, were ‘taken’ at the end of the Civil War.”

“I guess big business is hyping the fear for their own purposes, against labor unions.”

“You’ve got it, Honey!  That started before the Russian Revolution, as a way to smear and foil labor unions.”

“I don’t guess we could ever reach people so concerned about communism, however they got concerned!"

“ ’Not bloody likely,’ to use a term  Alice Paul picked up from a friend over from England. (The shocking phrase was uttered by Eliza Dolittle in George Bernard Shaw’s new hit play, Pygmalion. Alice loves throwing  it out.)”

Driving east from Livingston, on a dim overcast day, we have a scare. Three white-robed riders and horses are moving into position as if to stand astride the road and block our path. Behind us, we see three more horsemen trotting out of a grove we had just passed and following us.  We look at each other and gulp. It doesn’t look good, even if their robes look rather shabby. A lonely road doesn’t seem ideal for a twilight chat with six mounted Klansmen. Luckily, they hadn’t reckoned how fast our Blue Knight moves or how well Anita can handle it. Just as the ones in front are getting into position, Anita swerves far over onto the left edge of the road and races onward. The nearest horse nervously dances back, then rears and throws his rider as we roar around them.

“I thought the Klan was dead,” I say.

 “Apparently, that Birth of a Nation propaganda film of a few years back is reviving them. Next, they’ll burn a cross.”

 “Well, they’re eating your dust. Great driving!”

“I hope we’ve seen the last of them. How’d they know where we were?”

I think and respond, “Was Senator Broadus actually less friendly than he seemed?”

“I wondered why he spent so long in idle chatter before he let us go,” offers Anita.

About the Author:

David McCracken became a political activist when the Supreme Court ruled against school segregation. Fellow students joined him in urging the school board in Winchester, KY, to integrate immediately. He campaigned for a Democratic governor and joined the ACLU before he graduated from the University of Kentucky. After debating at U.K., he got a degree in economics and a job with the U.S.  Department of Commerce.

When his daughters approached school age, he became increasingly concerned with how he wanted them schooled. Researching that, he decided teaching was what he really wanted to do. He got a master's degree in elementary education at Murray State University. He taught for several years, until the fact that his girls qualified for reduced-price lunches based on his salary got to him. Ronald Reagan's anti-government policies prevented him from returning to government work, so he took programming courses and shifted careers again. Programming was like being paid to solve puzzles all day, but teaching eventually drew him back until retirement.

For many years of this time, he was working intermittently at a novel that became Fly Twice Backward: Fresh Starts in Times of Troubles. This concerned his waking on his twelfth birthday, trying to figure out what had happened, following his new opportunities, and ultimately outliving an evil president resembling Donald Trump. After thirty-six years, David finally published it as an interactive alt-history Kindle novel. He soon started Far Beyond Woman Suffrage: The Prices of the Vote, an alt-history novelette dealing with the campaign for woman suffrage. He finished this piece in just ten months. At 81, he is bold(?) enough to plan this as the first of a six-volume set dealing with the far-reaching results and implications of woman suffrage. His completed novels and another in the works are presented for discussion on a new website,

David now lives with his third wife, stepdaughter, and step-grandson near Winchester, VA. He has a son from his second marriage, six grandchildren, and two stepchildren. And a funny black dog with four white feet.

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Review of The Girl in the '67 Beetle by Linda Lenhoff


Welcome to the blurb blitz tour for The Girl in the '67 Beetle, a slightly different kind of contemporary romance by Linda Lenhoff. Get a sneak peek inside and I will also share my thoughts on this one. Check out the rest of the tour for even more. Leave your questions and comments along the way! Best of luck entering the giveaway!

The art director of Kids Press, Amy Shepherd has been assigned to reinvent the story of Goldilocks, and she finds her own life reflecting a similar tale. Will she fall for a man who’s a little too old (but exciting), a man who’s a little too young (but awfully exciting looking), or a man who’s just right, at least as far as her friends are concerned? Or will she bring Goldilocks’ story—and her own—up to date with a little help from high-technology and the Goldilocks Planet theory? Amy will have to decide how her own tale will end, all the while driving her beloved powder blue convertible through the streets of Santa Monica, where she has become known as the Girl in the ’67 Beetle, the only thing in her life that, so far at least, feels just right.

Read an excerpt:
Working at Kids Press in Santa Monica, California, does not mean that I have to wear primary colors or polka dot jumpers, but it does have its perks, one of them being that if I did show up in primary colors or a polka dot jumper, no one would much care. I am the Co-Director of Artistic Endeavors, according to my boss, a cheerful entrepreneur named Nelson. My title is even printed on my business cards, which I always forget to carry, maybe because they’re shaped like little artist’s palettes. There is of course another Co-Director of Artistic Endeavors named Chris (short for Christopher, which he doesn’t much like being called), who’s about my age. I have heard him use his full title when he answers his phone, saying “This is Chris, Co-Director of Artistic Endeavors.” Sometimes, he even adds, “What would you like to fingerpaint today?” He gets quite a few hang-ups, but maybe that’s his intent. I usually tell people I’m the co-art director and leave it at that. I leave most of the phone answering to Chris, anyway. It’s a thing with him.

“Ugh,” I hear from the front of the office, meaning our administrative assistant and all-around super helpful person, Kelly, has arrived. She’s about twenty-two and has blonde surfer girl looks she cannot stand about herself, which those of us whose blonde hair isn’t quite so light and shiny anymore just can’t understand. Kelly lives out in the Valley, and although it isn’t that far if you’re a bird flying directly—a big strong bird, say—it can take an age to get here on the cracked, hot freeway, given that every single other person in L.A. drives a car, too.

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**My thoughts**
This is not your typical contemporary romance novel. It's not as formulaic as so many out there. And as much as I love those Hallmark Movie-type books, having something a little different is a breath of fresh air. 

Amy is newly divorced and slowly reentering the dating world. She ends up with three of the most interesting men vying for her attention. Each one has his own charming qualities that makes him entertaining. I kind of went round and round a bit about which one I personally preferred, though there is one that I knew pretty much right off the bat wouldn't be my type. But it's not my decision. I also know that I need to have a first date like she has with Chester. Or at least find a similar venue. When you read it, you'll understand.

She's also trying to find herself again in her post-married life. Plus things are changing up at her job. I found the whole parallel concept of the Goldilocks Planet to be very interesting, as it applies to her personally as it does to the book on which she is working. It also gave me a lot to think about, being close to the same age and single.

I think this is the first main character who has resonated so much with me in a while. I just get her, quirks and all. And I enjoy the people she has around her in her life and wish her well in her final decision.

Thank you to the author and to Goddess Fish for providing me with a requested review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Linda Lenhoff has worked in publishing as a writer and editor for several years, having edited nearly everything from makeup techniques (apply blush up and over the “apples” of your cheeks) at Seventeen Magazine to migraine studies (cut back on that chocolate) at research institutes. She has earned an MFA in Creative.

Writing, and her next novel, *Your Actual Life May Vary, will be published in 2022. Linda lives in California’s Bay Area with her husband and daughter. Contact Linda at (925) 784-9393,, Author photo by Haley Nelson.

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Love Over Kpop by Marilyn Vix

Kindle Vella is a new fun way to enjoy stories from your favorite authors. Find out how it works and read along with this Kpop romance. Kpop is also a lot of fun. And then be sure to follow the tour for even more chances to win the great giveaway. Remember to let the author know what you think along the way!


What is Vella? A Rundown of the New Platform for Readers

What is Vella? It’s a new reading platform by Amazon available through their website or the Kindle iOS app. It works very similar to other online serial platforms like Wattpad and Radish, with a coin or token pay system to unlock episodes. Each story has 3 FREE episodes to get the flavor of the story, and then can be unlocked further after purchasing tokens. The tokens can be purchased in different packages, with more given for the more expensive bundles.

Paid episodes are priced by word count. For example, 3500 words in an episode would be 35 tokens. The word limit on Vella per episode is 600 to 5,000 words. So, no episode can be more than 50 tokens or at the very least, 6 tokens. When logging into Amazon’s website or through the iOS app, you can get 200 free tokens to start reading. You can follow stories and like individual episodes. After purchasing your first bundle of tokens, you are awarded a weekly “Fav” which you can bestow on your favorite story you’ve read that week. The likes, favs and follows all help stories become more visible in the system like many other platforms.

The fastest and easiest way to find stories are to follow direct links to them. Each story is assigned an ASIN, but I have found that search abilities on Vella can be hard to isolate. The easiest way to find Vella stories by your favorite author is by doing a search with their author name, a combination of their story title and their author name, or just the story name. Seaching for just Vella doesn’t seem to bring up much yet. But the system is still new, and things are being sorted out daily as the platform gets more use.

To find “Love Over Kpop” by Marilyn Vix:

• Search for Marilyn Vix, Love Over Kpop Marilyn Vix, or Love Over Kpop

• Use the direct story link.

• Pick up your 200 FREE TOKENS!


• Follow and “Fav” to stay on top of new episodes posted weekly.

-Marilyn Vix

Trish Russo has just started a job at an agency in LA that is paired with a Korean agency to help with managing the band, Friends5, in the States. But the finicky Woo In-ho won’t come out of his trailer to film the current music video. Trish is asked, as the new assistant, to talk to him. She tries to talk to him like a regular person. He responds to the normal treatment, but on one condition. She needs to help out and be in the video. What is a girl to do when a gorgeous K-pop Idol asks you to be in his video? Then, she reads the scene she is to appear in. There’s a scripted kiss. Will it all just be acting? Or will she let her feelings get entangled with In-ho threatening her new career?

Marilyn is a paranormal romance novelist. She enjoys the characters that just don't fit in. From witches to time traveling researchers, she is letting her imagination soar to explore new worlds and write all the details down. Marilyn has traveled to Paris, London, Sydney, and Munich. She loves to include these in her settings as much as can allow. Best of all is letting her reader enjoy them through the perspective of a character. Here love for K-pop has produced her current rock star/K-pop romance project, Love Over Kpop, available on Kindle Vella. She currently lives in Northern California with her husband and cat. The cat, of course, is the center of attention.


Twitter: @MarilynVix



The author is awarding a $25 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter. Follow the tour for more chances to win!

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Read an exclusive excerpt from Cinders Like Glass by Clarissa Kae

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

You've gotta love retellings of your favorite stories and fairy tales! Today you can read an exclusive excerpt from Cinders Like Glass by Clarissa Kae. Be sure to follow the tour linked above for even more. Best of luck entering the giveaway!

Cinders Like Glass
(Victorian Retellings #2)
By Clarissa Kae
Historical Romance, Fairy Tale
Paperback & ebook, 234 Pages
July 29, 2021 by Carpe Vitam Press

Grieving her father's sudden death, Lady Ada Whitworth's childhood stutter resurfaces. She seeks solace in her charcoal sketches secretly published in London's Thames & Times newspaper. Her brother's sharp tongue and quick temper shame Lady Ada into complete silence but not before she overhears his traitorous plot to kill the queen at the upcoming International Ball.

Mute and heartbroken, Lady Ada's private pain is mistaken for arrogance, earning the ire of society. The Duke of Girard is tasked with sniffing out the elusive French spy called Tailor while an anonymous artist pokes fun at the duke's failed pursuit, taunting him every step of the way. With the upcoming International Ball just weeks away, the Duke will stop at nothing to bring stability back to his beloved Britain-including finding the artist behind the sketches.

When Lady Ada's accused brother disappears, she becomes the target of the Duke's wrath, assuming her silence is from guilt, not grief. To loosen her tongue, the Duke demands Lady Ada be interrogated at his estate, a home hidden in the wild Welsh countryside. She sweeps the chimney, launders her clothes and helps the cook-she will do anything but speak to the Duke.

Lady Ada's quiet service softens the Duke, his mind often turning to thoughts of her. But can he earn Lady Ada's trust in time to save the queen?

(Affiliate links included.)

Read an exclusive excerpt:
Edwin felt the pull, his feet moving faster than his thoughts. He slipped the mask over his face and cut across the marble floor. His stare—or perhaps his reputation as the Dark Duke—sent the golden woman’s admirers searching for other partners.

She met his gaze, her eyes the color of a stormy sea, blue and green swirling together. She didn’t wince. Nor did she look away. In a slow, breathy voice, she said, “I’ll have to disappoint you.”

Excerpted from Cinders Like Glass by Clarissa Kae, Copyright © 2021 by Clarissa Kae. Published by Carpe Vitam Press.

Other Books in the Series

A Dark Beauty
(Victorian Retellings #1)
By Clarissa Kae
Historical Fiction, Fairy Tale
Paperback, ebook & audiobook, 212 Pages
February 9, 2021 by Carpe Vitam Press 

A Victorian Twist on Beauty And The Beast

Bold and brilliant, Georgiana has a gift for fixing machines—from clocks to carriages—while her father has a penchant for finding trouble. In an accidental fire, Georgiana and her father scar the once handsome face of Lord Pichon, cousin to the queen.

Rumors of Georgiana’s gift raise her family’s status. Her incomparable beauty captures the eye of many gentlemen and the wrath of Lord Pichon. Abandoned by his peers and alone in his cold castle, Lord Pichon is determined to enact revenge.

When Georgiana’s father makes a terrible mistake, she sacrifices herself to pay his debt—as a lowly maid in Lord Pichon’s castle.

Her wit and warmth begin to thaw Lord Pichon’s estate, making him question his version of the past. Will her kindness break the beastly lord or will he hold her family hostage forever?

(Affiliate links included.)

About the Author

Clarissa Kae is a preeminent voice whose professional career began as a freelance editor in 2007. She's the former president of her local California Writers Club after spending several years as the Critique Director.

Since her first novel, she's explored different writing genres and created a loyal group of fans who eagerly await her upcoming release. With numerous awards to her name, Clarissa continues to honor the role of storyteller.

Aside from the writing community, she and her daughters founded Kind Girls Make Strong Women to help undervalued nonprofit organizations—from reuniting children with families to giving Junior Olympic athletes their shot at success.

She lives in the agricultural belly of California with her family and farm of horses, chickens, dogs and kittens aplenty.

Tour Schedule

Tour Giveaway

Five winners will receive one of the author’s backlisted titles: Once And Future Wife, Pieces To Mend, Taming Christmas, Of Ink And Sea, or A Dark Beauty 
(ebooks to international winners, print to US winners)

Ends October 6, 2021

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Pixies in the Mist by Rasta Musick


Fantasy fans are going to want to check out this excerpt from Pixies in the Mist by Rasta Musick and then follow the tour to read even more! Then you'll want to download your own copy and enjoy! Best of luck entering the giveaway!

Jake had drifted to Japan without any serious intent, and it was going… okay. He had made friends in the local Salsa community, his Japanese was improving, but for Jake the familiar feeling that had dogged him most of his life—that something special should be happening—had struck again.

Kenneth had been assigned to Japan by the pixie queen years ago, which is just enough time for a pixie to get bored and complacent while keeping tabs on the local talent. Most humans had no magic, and most magical humans didn’t know it was their power that made their food taste better, their paintings more vibrant, or people like them more.

When the two met, the spark in Jake gave Kenneth’s role a new urgency. Jake didn’t just have magic, he had a wild and unpredictable kind seen only once in a generation. How could Kenneth keep Jake’s magic from falling into enemy hands? Kill him? Recruit him? Somehow keep him ignorant?

Jake’s magic had quietly led him to Japan, subtly influencing every choice in his life. That something special Jake had been waiting for was about to happen, ensuring his and Kenneth’s lives would never be boring again.

Read an excerpt:
Jake stood up and walked into his shower room to get ready for a night of dancing. It was only recently that the separation of his toilet and shower didn’t make him uncomfortable. To someone else, it might have been strange that he felt pride from having gotten used to such a minor aspect of his life in Japan, but it was part of his life that he had to deal with daily. Every small comfort mattered when adjusting to a new country, as Jake had quickly found out. Things were different than visiting on vacation. It had already been a few months since he had moved to Japan on a student visa. The five-day-a-week Japanese course he was taking filled up his mornings and some of his afternoons. Jake once again wondered why he had signed up for morning classes when he hated waking up early. Thankfully, he had studied Japanese before coming. He couldn’t imagine being as lost as some of the people he met during class. The thought made him shudder as he started the water.

Amazon * BN * Smashwords 

Rasta Musick spent the first 12 years of his life in California before moving to Japan with his family. After graduating from college with a Bachelor’s in economics at the age of 16, he spent the years after learning Japanese and working. Having spent more than half his life in Japan, he’s confident that it’s his home.

With many different hobbies, chief of them being Latin dance, he keeps himself physically active as well as mentally active as much as he can. The Latin dance community in Japan is alive and, surprisingly, quite large.

Rasta has lupus and hereditary coproporphyria. Given their complicated nature, he’s had to learn a lot to adapt and manage them. The process also taught him a lot about managing other aspects of his life, and all of this influences his writing.

Author page:


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Review of The Shady Chateau (Julie Cavallo Investigates) by Ana T. Drew


Welcome to the review tour for The Shady Chateau, another installment in Ana T. Drew's charming Provence Cozy Mysteries series! Today I have an excerpt for you as well as my thoughts on this story. Be sure to follow the tour for more. Leave questions and comments for the author along the way. And best of luck entering the giveaway!

Beware, dressing up as Napoleon can get you killed!

Provence baker Julie Cavallo and her grandma sign up for a Napoleonic re-enactment at a nearby chateau. The event includes theatricals, war games, and costume balls — all courtesy of the host and pillar of the local community, Baron Gustave Cordes d’Auzon.

What a welcome break from baking and catering...
and from pining for a tall, dark, and unsociable captain of the gendarmerie.
Unlike the captain, the weekend guests at the castle love conversing. Some are so flamboyant they outshine even Julie’s badass grandma Rose!

It’s all fun and cosplay… until the lord of the castle turns up dead.
Three unlikely culprits plead guilty.
Each gives the gendarmes a different motive.
Each insists they did it alone.

Who’s lying? And why?
And who really killed the baron?

If you’re a fan of Murder on the Orient Express and country house mysteries, then you’ll love this book. It will regale you with a dogged amateur sleuth, a puzzling ensemble of suspects, and a tangled web of lies.

Read an excerpt:
Stepping closer, I check if there’s a Hands Off sign anywhere near or on Napoleon’s papier-mâché bust. Satisfied that there’s none, I give in to every human’s impulse in the presence of an unusual object. I touch it.

I run my fingertips along the shoulders, then the chin, lips, cheekbones, and nose before sliding up to the iconic bicorne hat.

It’s painted in subtle shades of black that imitate wool felt to perfection. A revolutionary cockade—a red, white, and blue rosette fashioned out of ribbon—is pinned to the front. The cockade is cut from real fabric.

Naturally, I trace its outer red edge, then the blue circle in the middle, and then the inner white. To my surprise, my index finger meets a hard little button in the center of the white. Tentatively, I push it down, because… Because what else do you do when you find a button?

With a soft creaking sound, the bookcase behind the console slides away, revealing an opening the size of a door in the wall.

Holy cow!

Carefully, I step in.

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**My thoughts**
I've been enjoying Ana T. Davis's Julie Cavallo Investigates series and like each subsequent installment better than the last. What I really got a kick out of with Shady Chateau was how much of an old school Agatha Christie vibe I got out of it.

You have a group of people playing dress-up and doing reenactments at an old chateau in the South of France when the host ends up murdered. A few people confess, though they are rather unbelieveable, and fingers point in all kinds of directions. The suspect list keeps changing as new information is revealed. Plenty of twists keep you engrossed in this quick cozy mystery and the identity of the true killer may surprise you.

It really is Agatha Christie with a contemporary twist (I'm still snickering over the "pink boudoir") and just the slightest touch of the paranormal/psychic. Your favorite other supporting characters return. We're still dancing around the gendarme romance. And the end provides some possible clues into the next installment, I think. I'll be eagerly awaiting that one so well.

Thank you to the author and Goddess Fish for my requested review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Ana T. Drew is the evil mastermind behind the recent series of murders in the fictional French town of Beldoc. When she is not writing cozy mysteries or doing mom-and-wife things, she can be found watching “The Rookie” to help her get over “Castle”. She lives in Paris but her heart is in Provence.>>> Visit for a free cookbook and a game!







Ana T. Drew will be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Friday, September 24, 2021

The Widow Rescue (Disaster City Search & Rescue) by Ginny Sterling


Breanna Martin felt like life was splintering apart before her very eyes. Arguing over an unexpected pregnancy, her husband never returned home again. Widowed, wounded, her heart aching and full of regret, she focuses nurturing the only thing left that seemed to matter anymore other than her growing baby. Karma has other plans for her, when an unexpected kindness comes in the form of a handsome fireman, Jake Childress.

Jake knew the torture of losing a loved one, saying goodbye to his own brother after a tragic accident, yet something in the frantic woman’s tears struck a chord in him. He’s drawn immeasurably to Breanna. Her sad, soulful eyes that seemed to look right through him, making him wonder at what it would be like to make her smile again.

When attraction kindles a flame neither expected, can a second chance at life be just what both of them needed?

Available on Amazon
(affiliate links included in post)

About the author:
Ginny Sterling is an avid romance writer. She lives to tell sweet, inspirational, tender tales that tug at the heart, leaving the reader smiling, laughing, or crying. She favors writing sweet historical and contemporary romance books - including The Lawkeepers Series, Disaster City Search & Rescue Series, Legendary Brides, and her own beloved series, Healing Hearts.

Growing up, Ginny traveled extensively, visiting family all over North America, seeing the sights and learning that everything in life worth having... revolves around love, faith, and home. When not at work, she spends all of her free time writing, quilting, or shopping for coffee mugs to add to her vast collection.

Each book written is sure to be an adventure, bringing laughter and love to your heart!

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Read an excerpt from A Lot Like Christmas by Jennifer Snow

A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS by Jennifer Snow is coming in one week! Check out this gorgeous holiday romance and grab your copy today! But first, check out this excerpt that will whet your appetite.

Title: A Lot Like Christmas

Author: Jennifer Snow

Genre: Holiday Romance

Release Date: September 28

About A Lot Like Christmas:

For Jessica Connolly, there is no better place than her coastal hometown of Blue Moon Bay. She has a wonderful family, supportive best friends, and a successful bakery on Main Street. Unfortunately, every time she designs one of her ex-boyfriends' wedding cakes, she's reminded just how unlucky she is with love...and that she's a good luck charm for men to find their happily ever after. With someone else. The minute they break up. So she's decided to be done with love.  

Dr. Mitch Jameson is more comfortable traveling the world with Doctors Without Borders than staying in one place. He just needs to survive the holidays in his small hometown before he can leave again. The beautiful, intriguing bakery owner with an aversion to dating might be just who he needs to occupy his restless heart.  

From sipping hot chocolates at the local festival of lights to early morning dessert deliveries, Jessica and Mitch rediscover the spirit of the holidays. But when the 25 days of Christmas are over, will their romance be over, too?  


Pre-Order Your Copy Today:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Bookshop | IndieBound

(affiliate link included)


Exclusive Excerpt:

December 1st…24 Days until Christmas

“Be honest, you at least spit in the frosting, right?”

Jessica Connolly placed the bride-and-groom topper on the white-and-silver, tastefully Christmas-themed, three-layer cake and stood back to admire her work. “The only joy in all of this is that they will never know.” She winked at her best friend, Whitney, as she carefully boxed up the forty-hour labor of love.

Later that day, her beautiful creation would be enjoyed at ex-boyfriend number three’s wedding. Three weddings in the same year for three guys she’d had relationships with. Unbelievable.

“No one would blame you if you did.” Sitting at the counter of Jessica’s bakery, Delicious Delicacies, her not so recently engaged friend flipped through the book of wedding cake designs that she’d looked at a dozen times already. Her beautifully manicured, candy-cane-themed nails flicked the pages so fast it was a wonder she could actually see the choices. Whitney shook her head. “I can’t believe these guys, asking you to do this.”

“To be fair, I’m the only real bakery in town. And besides, John, Cameron, and Dallas are great guys. They just weren’t the right guys for me,” Jessica said, repeating her mantra. She could put on a brave face, but this was getting exhausting.

Three brides in the last year. None of them her.

And worse, there wasn’t anyone in her small hometown of Blue Moon Bay that she wanted to date that she hadn’t already. At almost thirty, she’d been hoping to design her own wedding cake soon.

“The funny thing is,” Whitney said, “they all found ‘the one’ after they ended things with you.”

“Thanks for pointing that out, Whit.”

Her friend’s laugh was apologetic. “Sorry. I’m just saying, you’re like a good luck charm for these guys. Wasn’t there a movie like that?”

“Believe me, if this was a movie, I’d have your legs and Sarah’s butt.”

Whitney paused her page-flipping, her expression contemplative as she tilted her head to the side.

Did we have a winner? Excitedly, Jessica leaned over the counter to see which design had caught her friend’s attention. Her heart stopped. It was the three tier cascade wedding cake, white with lavender accents and sugar work doves adorning the top. Jessica’s favorite. The cake she’d always wanted for her own wedding…if/when she ever got married.

Please don’t let her select that one.

If her best friend wanted it, there was no way Jessica could deny her from having it. She held her breath, waiting…

It’s only a cake. No big deal. She could design a new one for herself. Not as pretty as this one.

A second later, Whitney resumed flipping.

Oh thank God.    


About Jennifer Snow:


Jennifer Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author writing contemporary romance fiction for Grand Central Publishing, Entangled and Harlequin. Her stories range in heat level from sweet to sexy and are set everywhere from big cities to small towns. Her books are light and humorous, but also full of heart, featuring families and communities readers love to visit over and over again.

Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, she now resides in Spain with her husband, son and three mischievous cats.

She currently publishes psychological thrillers under her pen name J.M. Winchester and writes screenplays and TV shows in her 'spare' time. Her holiday rom-com, Mistletoe and Molly airs Christmas 2021!

More information can be found on her website at You can also find her at and  

Connect with Jennifer:

Facebook | Twitter | Website


Something Lost by Bernadette Marie


Welcome to the book tour for Something Lost, a contemporary romance by Bernadette Marie. Today you get a sneak peek inside and Bernadette is telling us all about her journey to becoming a writer. Remember to ask her questions in the comments section! And be sure to follow the rest of the tour for even more. Best of luck entering the giveaway!

Saying goodbye is sometimes the beginning.

Craig Turner was Coach Diaz’s star player, back in the day. He was held in high regard, until he broke the rules and dated the coach’s daughter. Young and stupid, his affection for her lasted until graduation, and then it was time to face the real world--but his love for her would never leave him.

Rachel Diaz became who her father wanted her to be, a well educated, well traveled, successful woman, but she holds a well full of secrets from the outside world. As a high school therapist, she uses her past traumas to help others overcome their own.

When the Fabulous Five arrive at Coach Diaz’s funeral, to pay their respects, a rekindling happens between them all—and between Craig and Rachel.

Is Rachel woman enough to face her demons and is Craig man enough to accept them? Or will their encounter be as brief as the affair they had a decade ago, behind her father’s back?

Read an excerpt:
She stepped to him. “I trusted you. You act all so cool and collected. Perhaps, this will faze you,” she said pushing him back and into the pool.

Suddenly, everything spun out of control. Olivia had been so upset that she hadn’t seen Santa Claus approach Jace carrying a small Christmas tree full of decorations for the hospital in Grand Cayman. 
As Jace stumbled back into the pool, he unfortunately carried Santa and the tree with him into the water. The last thing Olivia heard was Santa’s “Ho! Ho! Ho!” turn into “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” before they both took a splash.

Olivia literally bit her tongue to stop from laughing. This was so not funny, but yet it was hilarious. She, Olivia Chasen, had finally found her fun and excitement. She had a new groove.

And as she looked around and noticed all the phone cameras rolling, and most likely had been the entire time, she delicately took a curtsy as proper as one she’d give Queen Elizabeth herself. Thankfully, watching all those episodes of the The Crown had paid off big time.

Available on Amazon
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My journey to becoming an author

Like many authors, I started writing when I was thirteen. I wasn’t a stellar reader, but I loved creating stories and found, in the end, it did help with my reading skills and grades in school. My writing began as letters to my friend, but in character form. She had characters that wrote to my characters. We’d pass notebooks off in the hallway between classes. Then, I took my character and began to write her story in 1980’s tragic romance form. When I was sixteen, I ventured into the world of publishing, sending my manuscript directly to publishers. Publishers don’t take unsolicited manuscripts, so lesson learned. But it started a lifelong passion for the written word.

I wrote that same book for 20+ years. In 2007 I began to read in the genre I loved to write in. This was the greatest blessing ever. It fueled my fire again, and I learned that there was a Happily Ever After world out there, and my tragic love story needed to be shelved. I finally gave that book an ending I could live with and went on to write seven more books that year. I started taking this hobby seriously and joined writing organizations, meeting those likeminded people who would change my life.

I was contracted in 2009 and published in 2010 by a small press with no business model. Unfortunately, this proved to be a train wreck. Though the experience was horrible, it netted me an amazing editor who went with me when I opened my own publishing house in 2011, 5 Prince Publishing. I took my career in the direction I wanted it to go, and I’ve never looked back. Since 2011, I have published 50 of my own books and over 170 books from 65 different authors. Seriously, when I was passing around notebooks in the junior high school hallway, this is not where I thought I’d be.

Bestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building families readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller Family has graced bestseller charts since its release in 2011. Since then she has authored and published over thirty-five books. The married mother of five sons promises romances with a Happily Ever After always…and says she can write it because she lives it.

Obsessed with the art of writing and the business of publishing, chronic entrepreneur Bernadette Marie established her own publishing house, 5 Prince Publishing, in 2011 to bring her own work to market as well as offer an opportunity for fresh voices in fiction to find a home as well.

When not immersed in the writing/publishing world, Bernadette Marie and her husband are shuffling their five hockey playing boys around town to practices and games as well as running their family business. She is a lover of a good stout craft beer and might have an unhealthy addiction to chocolate.








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Monday, September 13, 2021

Origen: True Story of Evil by Peter J. Perry and Kathleen Elizabeth Sumpton


Buckle up for this wild ride that is a true story and based on a screenplay. Read an excerpt from Origen: True Story of Evil and then a guest post by Peter Perry about his journey to becoming a writer. Follow the tour for even more and leave your questions and comments along the way. Best of luck entering the giveaway!

Have you ever come face to face with the devil? In a tapestry of sports, business, and dating, there is an evil presence that is not quite visible to anyone: The Bedroom Strangler. A serial killer that scales fifteen storey buildings, enters through the balcony, and stealthily slithers under the bedroom bed, with the sole intent of raping and murdering innocent women in their sleep. He has been classified as the worst serial killer in Ontario history and Canada's most dangerous criminal ever, operating at the height of London's 40 year serial killer period, from 1974 - 1978.

The Bedroom Strangler is a member of a gym. It is the same gym the protagonist managed during the 1970's. Members of the gym trained and worked out together, never knowing their friend's true nature. In fact, Mike even introduced the killer to a female member friend at a gym party, a woman who lived in the same building as the murderer; a woman who would become his last victim. As a result of unprecedented tactics by police, Mike ends up becoming part of the investigation—but will he be able to stop this evil predator? It took 40 years to write this story and it's important to remember that this story is being told by someone who was there.

Origen: A True Story of Evil truly began when Mike's real-life persona, Peter J. Perry, was just 17 years old. At the time, he was just a student of St. Mary's College in Sault St. Marie who would carry out heated discussions with a priest, Father Lawlor, about the existence of the devil. Father Lawlor tells him that one day he might meet someone so evil, he will surely know the devil exists, and maybe he will do some good by it. And we will. Part of the proceeds of this novel are being contributed to good causes to respect both the victims and Father Lawlor.

The novel's title reflects a belief about the dynamic forms of energy as Origen believed that demons can take human form and humans can also be demonized. What follows is inspired by true events. All the names of characters have been changed and many of the events happened, although not all.

This painting of the gym scene, the dating scene, the underground fighting martial arts scene, the psychiatric scene, and Origen's beliefs may cause you to rethink the devil. If you dare to read the contents of this book, you can come to your own conclusion: Is there more to evil than what we think?

Based on an original screenplay by Peter Perry and Geoff Hart.

Property of the Origen Foundation Inc.

Read an excerpt:

He locks the door to his office and heads for the sauna. He sees Claire finishing her exercise class and waves at her. She waves back. As Mike walks past the window, Claire tunes in to a breaking news report on a television that is mounted above on the wall. Everyone in the class stops to watch the report, too.

Claire reads the tagline on the newsfeed detailing some kind of murder investigation.

“The victim was strangled in her bedroom with friends just outside her door. There appears to be evidence of indignity to the body and may be the work of a serial killer. Police are considering a link to previous cases where the death has been made to look accidental or natural. This is the first case where…”

Claire stops to pay closer attention, but the news switches to some other story. Claire quickly moves over to the television and starts switching channels to find more on the story she just heard. There is nothing. What is going on? She wonders. The class resumes in chit-chat, loud whispers, and long-faces.


Your journey to becoming a writer

Deciding to become a writer ... is a decision to pursue the perfect part time career. You are your own boss. You set your own hours. There's no commute. Your office is always just seconds away. There's little to no investment. You don't need to locate resources, file permits, or tie up collateral.

The only real resource required, is your imagination, and your personal experiences.

The downside of becoming a writer is that the learning curve required to do the job takes practice and a lot of trial and error. Unlike other part time jobs, there may be very little compensation until you master the craft. It's also difficult, much more difficult, than most people realize.

Writing utilizes a key muscle. The brain. Just like any muscle, the brain can improve with exercise. There are right ways and wrong ways to exercise. Just like with weight lifting, the most productive method, is short duration workouts on some kind of schedule. Write for two hours a day. Read for two hours a day. Once that becomes effortless, write for three hours a day. Your brain grows a little stronger each time you use it. Before long, the desire to go vacuum the living room every time you sit down to write, goes away. Soon all the distractions that cause speed bumps in your writing, simply vanish. It's the same with weight lifting. The one hundred pound bench press you couldn't accomplish when you first started, can now be done repeatedly, without much effort at all.

What if a writer is getting on in years and their imagination isn't what it used to be?

We all grow older. But as we age we undergo a tradeoff. Our imagination lessens but our experiences have grown exponentially. The messages you wished to convey may not have been clear in your twenties, but they're clear now. With experience comes wisdom. That's why I decided to write Origen. I needed to let others know about my experience, in the hopes that, perhaps, some good would come from it.

So if inclined to write, please invoke your imagination and share your experiences. The decision to do so may be the perfect, part time career that has been waiting for you.

Peter Perry

About the authors:

PETER J. PERRY’S athletic accomplishments include being an eight-time Canadian open powerlifting champion from 1976-1984. He won the North American powerlifting championship in 1979, and dedicated his trophy to the woman he promised he would dedicate it to in this novel, Jessica. Peter was also the U.S. deadlift champion in 1980, International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Open fifth place in 1982, World Masters level-one drug-free powerlifting champion in 1991, and three-time Canadian Masters Powerlifting champion in the years 1991, 1992 and 1993. Best gym lifts certified by the IPF judge are: squat at 750 lbs, bench press at 450 lbs and deadlift at 775 lbs at a body weight of 208 lbs. Knee wraps and squat suit plus a lifting belt were the only pieces of equipment used.

Peter founded Peter Perry Insurance Agency LTD in 1978 and is still the operating president. The company is a London-based insurance and investment brokerage specializing in RRSPs, tax-free savings accounts, segregated funds, tax shelters, RRIFs & LIFs, creditor proofing, annuities, educational savings plans, GICs, and Mortgage insurances. Being a certified and award-winning independent brokerage allows Peter to custom-tailor financial portfolios to suit the specific needs of the client and easily make amendments as one journeys through the various stages of their life. Peter’s acclaimed background in health and fitness as a drug-free world & Canadian powerlifting champion makes him particularly mindful of retirement, health and long-term planning and incorporating all aspects of life into the advice he provides his clients. Click here to learn more about Peter’s athletic accomplishments.

Some interesting facts about Peter are that he was born in Toronto but grew up in Sault Ste. Marie. He became a St. Mary’s Knight due to his academics and sports and is a graduate of St. Mary’s College in Sault Ste. Marie. He was the manager of Vic Tanny’s gym from 1974 to 1978 before launching his insurance company and beginning a new career path.

KATHLEEN ELIZABETH SUMPTON is an advocate for the arts and often works with languages. With a passion for culture and a focus on communications, she is an Author. Poet, and Communications Professional with a primary focus on writing. She has a working background in fourteen different languages.

Her five-year plan is to secure two master’s degrees in English and business, followed by a PhD in English, while running her freelance business.

Her 10-year goal is to publish novels and other works in the genre of satire in order to strengthen communications locally and globally by discussing the proper use of language and terminology.

Her work brings awareness to large societal issues such as the criminal justice system, substance abuse, and mental health, a variety of topics everyone else is too afraid to talk about.

As a representative for members of the community as well as for her own projects, Kathleen hopes to enrich her surroundings with both the beauty and power writing holds. It is now her personal mission in life to provide meaning and entice insight through literature. When she is not busy with her work, you can find Kathleen enjoying the outdoors or spending time with family. Favourite hobbies are working out and people-watching. She operates out of Southern Ontario.



GOODREADS (Peter Perry)

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