Friday, November 26, 2021

Acrimony: When She Shed Her Wrathful Tears by Ninsiku


A tragic romantic drama novel about growth and self discovery; that perceives atrocious deeds stirred by deep hate. The life of a young and growing Ramona is centered on the small cultural boundaries of her country life where she neither hates nor questions the norms of her own people, until one day she meets someone who teaches her to dream. Her life changes as she breaks loose from the chains of her society, opening a whole new world to her, a world she never knew existed, but along her journey of self discovery, chaos lurks amongst those who bear a deep animosity for those seek self-fulfillment like her...

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About the author:

Ninsiku is an author who specializes in the romance, fantasy, mystery/thriller and biographical genres, with her unique style of writing.

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