Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review of Cut the Shapes by the Grabarchuk Family

Do you want to make your brain hurt? Check out this app by the Grabarchuk Family. In Cut the Shapes, you are given large shapes that are broken up into piece. You have to "paint" the pieces until you have dissected the larger shape into two congruent shapes. Can you think back to your math classes in school? Two congruent shapes are the same size and the same shape. That means you need an equal number of pieces.

Here I thought I was so good at math, but this app really made my brain work in overtime. I often found myself having to turn my Kindle Touch all the way around, with lots of trial and error until I finally stumbled upon the correct answer. I honestly could only handle doing a few puzzles at a time and then I needed a break.

In the basic level, the shapes are made out of series of squares. It reminded me of finding two Tetris blocks that fit together. In the domino level, you have rectangles fit together, instead of squares. Longer pieces actually made it more difficult. The level that really killed me was the trio level. These were series of triangles fit together.

You definitely have to have strong spatial awareness to easily conquer these games. I think it would make a great game for kids to play to practice their skills, as much as for adults who need the practice. I enjoyed the mental workout and will return to play older levels again and again.

This app is not available for the Kindle Fire, though it does work on the other Kindles. I played it on the Kindle Touch.

I received a complimentary copy of the game in exchange for my honest review.

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