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Promo Post for The Miracle Chip Tour - and Giveaway!

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About the book

F.E.M.A. Prison Camps are a Smoke Screen!!!!!!!! 

Yes, there are F.E.M.A. prison camps, but they were purposely constructed to distract us from the TRUE PRISON CAMPS; the prison camps that will detain those citizens that refuse to be implanted with the comingbiochips….
Did you know, the Military has built its own prison system right here in the United States, and these prisons are notfor housing military prisoners?  In factmilitary prisoners(soldiers who have been court martial-ed and transferred into the BOP system) are band from being housed in these prisons located on military bases!
Everyone has heard about the F.E.M.A. prison camps. If it was such a secret, why does everyone know about them?  They are small, insignificant pieces of property enclosed with razor-wire topped fences and a few guard towers.  Have you seen the pictures? I mean, how many prisoners do you think these few F.E.M.A. camps could hold? 
Of course, right now, most of these prisons located on military property are housing federal inmates for the Bureau of Prisons (BOP).  A few of these prisons are already empty, waiting! For what
However, like the book The Miracle Chip, when the BOP starts administering the biochips to the prisoners, under the New Prison Reform Act, and the federal prison population is reduced tremendously, all of these prisoners housed on military property will be transferred back into the BOP institutions.   This will leave the military with a complete prison system in place; vacant… ready to be filled with detainees.      
National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012contains controversial provisions that allow the military to detain suspects (citizens) without due process or habeas corpus.
Now, you know where these citizens will be detained! Unlike these F.E.M.A. camps this prison system will be able to hold a mass number of the population without a problem.
 In  this book, The Miracle Chip you will take a exciting journey with Sergeant Major Tracy Long and discover what it will be like when the military takes control of its prison system!    

About the Author

About The Author Stanley Grainger was born in Alabama, but grew up in central Florida. After graduating high school, he joined the military. He also writes inspirational poetry as well as songs. This is his second novel, but first to be published. He resides with his father in central Florida.
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 The Miracle Chip
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