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Read an excerpt from 'Secrets From a Dangerous Time' by Hunter S. Jones


Chaos reigns in a lawless time filled with revenge and betrayals. Following the American Civil War, the Southern States are reeling under the revenge taken on them by the victors.

Casey King must change her name, fake a marriage and forget modern comforts to survive within the world she now finds herself - 1873 post-Civil War Reconstruction Era Chattanooga, Tennessee...a world full of violence and mystery.

The charismatic Dr. Garrett Cleighton, a mixed heritage Cherokee, decides to give her a part in his traveling medicine show. Casey takes a chance in order to hide her secrets. Dr. Cleighton could betray her or he might keep his promises.

Author Hunter S. Jones mixes romance with Civil War drama and brings contemporary suspense to life in the setting of the Reconstruction South. The journey begins in "Secrets from a Dangerous Time, Story 1".

Read an excerpt:
Overhead, a cloud blocked the sun. A shaft of lightning struck a nearby tree. That was when the pain ripped through my skull. The electricity from the storm must be triggering a migraine. The sky appeared to be melting as my vision slowly disappeared. Pressing my hands to my head, I tried to block the amplified sounds that the migraines induced. The thunder and wind were deafening. It was as if every leaf jarred the earth as it landed. As I attempted to shield my face from the elements, the ground beneath me shifted and swayed, matching the overhead turmoil in the sky. Heaven and earth felt as if they had turned against me. The car...I had to get back to the car and my phone. The lightning crackled once more as it spiraled me into an open chasm of pain and a disconnection from my senses. The headache was now so intense, I could no longer see or hear. There was only a sensation of nausea and a foreboding as I was swept into a maelstrom of pain. Feeling as if I was suspended in the air, I knew I was stumbling into the wet dirt of the battlefield.

A twig snapped underneath someone’s foot. The sound came from the tree line to my left. Strange, I hadn’t noticed anyone nearby earlier. That was when I saw him. The next thing I recall, there was a nudge at first then a hard kick. It is the sharp pain as he kicks the side of my body. Mold and the scent of damp earth surround me. I open my eyes to see leaves and mud stuck to my hands. The moisture trickling down my forehead let me know I had cut my head in the plummet. 
The boot kicked my side again and a velvet-tinged baritone voice drawled, “Get up, boy.” 
“I’m not a boy!” I said as I attempt to sit up. 
Blood dripped into my left eye. Looking up, I saw his silhouette against the sky. His hat cast a shadow across my face.

“Pardon me, ma’am. The way you are dressed led me to believe you were a boy.” He uncocked the pistol that had been aimed at me and placed the gun in his jacket. “Woman don’t wear them kinda clothes generally. At least not in these parts. Where you from?”


About the author:

Deb Hunter writes fiction as Hunter S. Jones. She is a member of the prestigious Society of Authors founded by Lord Tennyson, Rivendell Writers Colony, Historical Writers’ Association, Historical Novel Society and the Atlanta Writer’s Club. Her Tudor History blog, Fear and Loathing in Tudor England, is a reader’s favorite. Originally from a Chattanooga, Tennessee, she currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her Scottish born husband. Her best seller, PHOENIX RISING, a fictional story of the last hour of Anne Boleyn is available on Amazon.com and at a bookstore near you.

SECRETS from a DANGEROUS TIME is a multi-dimensional series set in post-Civil War Reconstruction in Chattanooga, Tennessee and the north Georgia. This series is an Amazon Exclusive available via MadeGlobal Publishing.

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