Monday, April 27, 2020

An Agent for Lorelai (Pinkerton Matchmaker Book 70) by Jo Grafford

Lorelai Woods believes she's engaged to the perfect man and living the perfect life, until she discovers he is part of a cattle rustling gang. In a desperate bid to regain control of her family’s ranch that the gang has commandeered, she signs on as a Pinkerton Agent, only to discover she’ll be required to marry a fellow agent (at least temporarily) before being allowed to launch an investigation into the case.

Pressed into the hard life of sailing on a pirate ship, John Langston quickly grows bored with his new vocation as a farmer once he is freed. A happenstance glance at an advert for Pinkerton Agents has him jumping at the opportunity to juggle adventure and danger once again. He doesn’t count on falling in love with the woman he’s sent to protect, and he hates the fact that his undercover assignment requires him to keep so many secrets from her.

To make matters worse, he receives orders to marry a new female agent...and discovers the ravishing Lorelai Woods has been keeping a few secrets of her own!

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Read an excerpt:
He’d known this day was coming. It was inevitable that Lorelai would eventually learn that he’d been less than completely honest with her about his presence on her ranch. He’d been hoping that he and Edgar would have successfully solved their case by then, but it simply wasn’t written in the stars. 
“She’s as smart as she is beautiful.” Dante made no attempt to mask the admiration in his voice. 
“So that’s the way the wind is blowing.” His partner sounded resigned. 
“On my part, yes,” Dante said. “I’m fairly certain she hates me, at the moment.” 
Edgar made a sound of disgust. “It’s never a good idea to let your personal feelings get involved in a case.” 
“Too late,” Dante snapped.

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