Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's He Really Thinking? by Paula Rinehart

Paula Rinehart ventures into the oft-explored waters of male-female relationships and manages to keep afloat throughout her book What's He Really Thinking?: How to be a Relational Genius with the Man in Your Life

While she mainly seems to focus on the relationship a wife has with her husband, she also emphasizes that understanding men assists in relationships with brothers, sons, fathers, and friends. And she often refers to the ultimate father, God.

She starts out in Part One trying to explain men and their thought patterns. In Part Two, she guides the woman through expectations, respect, conflict, getting through, and intimacy. In the appendices at the end, and the Relational Guide, Rinehart provides a workbook of sorts for the woman to use to help her on her quest for Relational Genius with the men in her life.

Rinehart uses real-life examples revealed to her through friendships and counseling sessions. She then dissects the situation, explaining it from both the male and female point-of-view. Everything flows together quite well, making this an easy read for any female who has any relationship with a male. Perhaps men could also benefit from reading an interpretation of their actions from a female point of view?

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