Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Happy Working Mothers Know

What Happy Working Mothers Know: How New Findings in Posilktive Psychology Can Lead to a Healthy and Happy Work/Life Balance is a self-help book for mommies that is based upon scientific research. Authors Cathy L. Greenberg, Ph.D. and Barrett S. Avigdor, J.D. have compiled workplace statistics with stories from successful, happy mothers. Stories are about real people in real situations, with real solutions to their real-life problems. Some contributors are unknown working moms, such as Yolanda. Others are more widely recognized such as First Lady Michelle Obama and Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, the first U.S. African- American to win Olympic gold in the 100-meter hurdles.

Happiness isn't about smiling all of the time and laughing out loud. It is about finding a sense of peace and joy in one's own life. How one achieves these will depend on the individual. Some mothers base it on personal success in the home and wokrplace. Others may view it as flexibility or being a role model. However it is defined, it is about a positive attitude in life.

Women need to be happy in order to be healthy. Unhappiness leads to stress, which leads to several health issues. Also, an unhappy mother leads to an unhappy family. Mom is the one who sets the tone for everyone else. Those who worry about the impact of the mother working outside the home can have their fears put to rest. It isn't the fact that Mom is working that influences the children - it's how she feels while doing it.

The authors have created an easy-to-read format with numerous bits of information. Everything is divided by subtitles, lines, lists, or boxes, to separate each type of information. Research statistics are bulleted. These smaller blurbs are much easier to read, especially for the busy mommy for whom this book is intended. Read explanations of various facets of happiness, followed by a real-life example from a mother. Be inspired by interspersed quotes. Then take the small self-coaching breaks. These are exercises designed to help Mom really think about what she wants out of life.

Also included are physical exercises that allow for meditation and relaxation. Complete with a list of good food choices, the authors strive to help Mom become a happier, better person from the inside out. 

A review copy was provided via my association with BookPleasures.

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