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Read an excerpt from Catfishing (A Romantic Comedy about Online Dating) by Linda West

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An excerpt from Catfishing:

The snow was deep, and the wind had whipped up. Sable pulled her unfashionable, but warm, black parka closer to her body. Rapido’s was busy as usual. Sable sighed. She climbed the stairs to her little overhead apartment and poured herself a glass of wine. She stared at the computer like an enemy. She would not open it. It only held pain and misery.

But of course, that would have taken good sense, which, since Ben’s declaration that Tiffany wanted him back, had left and flown out the window. She opened her computer, and felt the adrenaline flow through her. Facebook appeared on her screen like a portal to hell.

Sable wanted to go check out Tiffany’s Facebook page to see if Ben had commented on any of her pictures. Sable knew she shouldn’t do this. In any case, this was not a road she should be on. Slippery, treacherous, deadly, and love killing. Love killing for herself, mostly.

She knew she needed back up, so she texted Ann Marie who was closing the restaurant downstairs to check on the bees and come upstairs. Sable took a deep breath, and then despite her best interests, typed Tiffany Histon’s name into the search bar on her Facebook page. 
Suddenly, a vision of perfection popped onto the screen mocking her. There it was; Tiffany Histon’s Facebook page. The perfect place to find out what she was doing, every day. For one thing, she was looking good every day, that was for sure. Sable’s heart sank. She was every man’s dream. An impeccable California blonde, with blue eyes and a tan to die for. Her picture-perfect smile spread across the whole darn page and nearly off her face. Shit. Sable closed her eyes and moaned.

She should have stopped right then and not put herself through hell, but no, that would have taken some sense, some modicum of control. After seeing this Venus of an ex, she was consumed. With one little glance, she had transported herself to crazy land. Sable couldn’t pull herself away. It was like watching a train wreck, or more like she was on the tracks, watching the train coming right at her, and not moving. Stuck and paralyzed with jealousy.

Catfishing: A Romantic Comedy About Dating Online

Cat-Fishing ( To pose as a fake person. To lure or trick a mate online.)

Sable Mancini runs the family restaurant, and is perfectly happy with her simple life in Buffalo. She has a great family, great friends, and a wonderful boyfriend she's about to get engaged to. Although 'Mancini's Pizza and Pasta' is losing business to the new trendy pizza chain across the street, it doesn't compare to the mess that Sable's best friend Ann Marie is having with her love life! No matter who Ann Marie meets online, they end up being someone, or something else. It seems that in the modern world of online dating, that getting catfished is a common pitfall. One night, Sable's stable world suddenly falls apart, when she learns her beloved boyfriend's supermodel ex fiancé wants him back! Tiffany Histon, is a beautiful famous heiress, and Sable is freaked out with jealousy, and afraid he's going to return to her. She goes off the deep end, and comes up with a really stupid idea to stop Tiffany from stealing her man! Together with Ann Marie, they come up with a plan to catfish Tiffany and spy on her via Facebook.

When Tiffany starts to return their fake catfish messages, Sable falls into a trap she can't get out of. She takes off to LA to meet her nemesis and attempt to do damage control, but her whole world turns upside down...She ultimately learns that sometimes, what truly makes you happy, is already in your own back yard.

About Linda West

Linda West is a number one best selling author on Amazon, and the author of the best selling romance "Christmas Kisses and Cookies." She is also the owner of Morningmayan publishing where they publish books good for the soul.

Hi I'm Linda! Thanks for coming by to check out my books! I'm a mom to a wonderful young son who is the light of my life and keeps reminding me how lucky I am everyday. I was inspired to write my first Christmas novel because I couldn't find one that quite captured the happy go lucky holiday spirit I was looking for - so I wrote my own! I grew up in the snowy winter wonderland of Buffalo, New York which was the the inspiration for the town of Kissing Bridge Mountain in 'Christmas Kisses and Cookies'. After living for years in sunny shallow Los Angeles I learned how valuable family and the Christmas spirit really is.

I have just recently started writing fiction and I hope you enjoy my books as much as I did writing them:))

I am most well know for my work in the science of frequencies and the law of attraction. If you've ever wanted your dreams to come through, but thought only money would make that happen; please come learn about how to manifest anything you want to you with no money, just love!!

I love to help people be happy and achieve love and success. Come on by to Facebook or visit me on youtube as Morningmayan where I have many inspirational and empowering videos that are life changing! I also work full time as an Empowerment and Love Coach at

Also please write us anytime at our publishing company where we write books that are good for the soul! I'm happy to send you any of my books for a first time reader for free just write and let me know which one you prefer!

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