Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Fire Opal by Sabrina Beretta

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The Fire Opal

In the aftermath of her daughter’s death, Sarah has to deal with the struggle of moving on while trying to hold together the shattered pieces of her old life. It all takes an unexpected turn when Tom, a prosecutor hired by her ex-husband to replace the spot she left vacant, makes his appearance in her life.

About Sabrina Beretta

Sabrina Beretta was born in 1973 on the verdant hills of the Italian Pre-Alps and raised on a diet of Bruce Springsteen and Little Steven.

She cut her teeth on translations and proof-reading of novels before making her debut as a writer of short stories.

She’s a graduated business consultant proficient in foreign languages, which she specialized in over her working years.

She and her husband share their home at the gates of Milan with two lively boys, a school of psychopathic fish and random amphibians and felines hanging about their porch.

The Fire Opal, her debut romance, is the first book of a trilogy.

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