Monday, June 15, 2009

About Me

I am one of those freak kids who learned how to read at the age of 2. Family legend has it I learned my letters from watching Wheel of Fortune with my grandfather during the day, and it just went from there. There is also some story about me being in my crib holding a book the proper way and turning pages correctly as if I was reading, at a very tender age, and on a regular basis. And then, of course, there was the big murder in Toledo, which my parents wanted to keep from me. So, they kept the TV and radio off, but I managed to tell them all the details, at the age of 3, from reading the story in the newspaper.

30 years later, I can still be found reading on a regular basis. I read articles online, any book I can get my hands on, and will page through numerous magazines and newspapers when they are available to me.

People are constantly asking for my advice on what to read, be it for themselves, their family, or their children. So, my goal is going to be to bring to the forefront some of the best reads I've had.

I welcome suggestions and comments. I also will do book reviews for free, for any interested authors and publishers. I have already received a few books from authors and publishers, and am very interested in previewing some more!

Thanks for reading!

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