Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Max Lucado's Fearless

Best-selling author Max Lucado released his new book Fearless today. I was one privileged reviewer who got an advanced copy to preview.

I have never read Max Lucado before, but I know he is highly regarded by my sister (who is an ordained pastor) and many other devout Christians as one of the best. After reading this book, I understand why.

Lucado tackles the concept of fear by providing real-life experiences to which readers can relate, then backs them up with Bible verses in which they can seek comfort. He is not ashamed of sharing his own weaknesses and how he copes with them. You don't get a "holier than thou" attitude from him, which can be common in similar books.

I also found the book interesting because it caused old knowledge of the Bible's teaching to resurface. I'm not an avid reader nor scholar of Scripture anymore, but it's amazing how much I retained from my years of study. It was a good introduction for me to Max Lucado's works. I'm sure his continuous fans will be pleased with it.

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