Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reading A to Z: K is for Krakauer

I first fell in love with Jon Krakauer's writing when I read Into the Wild. I read the book after watching the movie. I was drawn to the story. And having Eddie Vedder create the soundtrack made it worthwhile. So, I went and purchased the book. I was fascinated.

After reading that, I decided to check out Into Thin Air. Jon Krakauer was one of the people up on Mt. Everest during that horrendous storm that led to the largest death toll at one time on the mountain. That book was his account. It is the one that got me hooked on adventure stories. I now devour books about mountain climbing and hiking.

Jon Krakauer is also someone who helped to expose Greg Mortensen's lies in his book Three Cups of Tea. Krakauer and others discovered that the book was not entirely truthful. He published his short book Three Cups of Deceipt in 2011.

Krakauer used to write regularly for my favorite magazine, Outside, prior to embarking upon his career writing books. He likes to dive into the middle of his research, actually living what he writes. It helps to make his writing quite interesting to read.

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