Friday, January 13, 2017

He's Moved On, Why Can't You? by Isabella Smith

He's Moved On, Why Can't You?

Heart-break is perhaps one of the hardest feelings to overcome. In cases where men dumped their girls, the entire process of crying one’s heart out and thinking why me, becomes all the more complicated and numbing for a woman. The moment a man, who still can make her heart skip a beat, walks away from her life, as a piece of glass struck with a hammer, her entire world comes crashing down into smatterings. One after the other, she falls into the various fringes of loss, confusion and anger. If you are a woman and had in the past slipped a man you loved dearly into the hands of destiny, you would well understand the hurt and pain of having to watch him leave. Suddenly doubts and the dreaded fear of rejection come creeping in. Why me? Is there something wrong with me? How am I to live now? How soon will I be able to get out of this emotional vertigo? Will I ever get over it? Why is life so unfair? What would people think of me if I told them that or this? While this book may neither give you the answers to your questions nor may it solve the problems at hand, it may help you drift through the journey more gently and with more ease. You might be shocked at knowing how simple getting over a hard break-up is. Just read along and you will see how it can be done – all in a simple and fun manner!

Read an excerpt:


1. Accept It 

Accept the fact, once and for all, from the very depth of your heart, that from now on you mean absolutely nothing to him! I know after having spent tons of years together it sounds crazy to suddenly sleep alone through the nightmares and go on a long drive without having someone you love by your side.

Just accept the fact and stop asking questions. No matter what the questions are, it will always be you answering them and that from your own love sick perspective. The fact remains. How long do you want to live in denial?

2. Face it head-on

Once you have a complete and deep grasp over your circumstances, you go ahead and face the matter head-on. Accepting your situation and acting in accordance with it require intentional and deliberate effort of will power and 4 strength of mind from your side. Do not run away from reality but face it head-on.

3. Do things that you love to do

Do you still remember those times when you used to close the doors of your room shut and dance like there is no tomorrow? Well, it is time you take out those old shoes from the closet, pull them tight on your feet and began prancing like a swan. Before you completely lose your mind over what reasons he had to leave you for and in which way you succeeded in hurting him so, bring to remembrance the fine things you used to do before he set your heart on fire and took away from you your precious little secrets of enjoyment. Pamper yourself, reward yourself and spoil yourself rotten! Now that you are on your own, you can always go on that long trip with your single friends that you had been postponing for a while now.

4. Do new things

If you do not feel like exhuming an old passion for dancing or singing or drawing, no worries, you can enliven a new one. For example, step out and join some outdoor activities. Reading this as you sit in the solace of your comfortable room after a sad breakup might sound bizarre but believe me, it is worth all your time. Get up, get dressed and get going! There is no point sitting and crying. Embrace the truth swiftly and with grace that only a few rare elegant ladies possess. Be the woman worth your salt!

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