Friday, January 27, 2017

Aaberdeen: The Beginning of the End Part 1 Journeys Collide by L.M. Blair


Aaberdeen is no longer a land teeming with mystical and magical creatures. Hope, honor and magic are rare commodities. A melancholy has settled upon the land where the people have forgotten their past and fight their own potential. Rulers make laws to preserve their positions. The common man, more common than ever, has little hope in the future, especially as the dark forces gather.

There is one ray of hope and a chance to spread goodness in the land or the evil will increase. But first, those who have forgotten or fight their destiny must be reminded of their potential and ability as they must first choose to go on this journey of self-discovery.

About L. M. Blair

"It's no wonder that people say that some things are written in the stars, because there are some things that should not be changed."

L. M. Blair is new to writing, she is a stay at home mom and started writing as a hobby when she basically had to give up her gardening hobby when she could no longer keep it up due to her sensitive eyes. She decided to self publish when her daughter liked her book a great deal, so she decided to print it and see what happened.

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