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Review of Millionaire B&B by Robin Daniels

Welcome to the book blast for Millionaire B&B by Robin Daniels. This is the third book of hers that I have read and I absolutely loved it! Please enjoy an excerpt as well as my review. You can follow the tour for even more reviews and excerpts. Please leave questions and comments for Robin along the way and take advantage of extra chances to enter the giveaway!

Millionaire B&B

Sadie is a successful romance author. She can write a swoon-worthy man with the best of them but can’t seem to find one for herself. Miles is the cute and wealthy heir to Copeland Press, Sadie’s publishing house. It’s hard to find a woman in his social circle who appreciates a down-to-earth book nerd.

When a twist of fate has Miles and Sadie double booked in the same vacation rental, they decide to share the cabin. Even though Miles isn’t Sadie’s type, she can’t deny the chemistry between them. Sadie’s down for a flirty fling, but Miles has other plans. He’s got a huge crush, and just one week to convince Sadie they were meant for a happily ever after.

Read an excerpt:

Miles set the bowl down and turned to face me. He was wearing a black apron that had red lips all over it and read Kiss the Cook. Underneath the apron were some nicely-fitting jeans and a maroon T-shirt that said something about Gryffindor. “Kiss the Cook, huh? Is that the price for breakfast?”

“No, breakfast is free…but I do accept tips.” He winked, and I shoved a giant strawberry in my mouth to stave off a giggle. Seems I also had a fourteen-year-old girl inside of me who was fighting the horny sixteen-year-old boy for control of my body.

Time to put the ball in his court. “If you plan to cook like this every morning, you should probably just stay for the rest of the week.” It came out sounding more forward than I’d intended. I popped in another grape and held my breath while I chewed. Miles cocked his head to the side, searching my eyes for what felt like minutes. I was starting to feel stupid because I’d just thrown it out there, not bothering with subtlety.

Before I could withdraw my offer, he asked, “Let me get this straight. I can crash your vacation, and the only thing you want in return is breakfast?” His tone held a hint of innuendo, and his mouth tipped up at the corners, making his eyes crinkle.

There’s no way I was reading into that one. I gave him a playful smile and nodded. “Yep. Breakfast is the only fee. Of course, I do accept tips.”

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**My thoughts**
This is my third book by Robin Daniels. It's her first adult novel. I think she needs to write some more.

This one isn't your typical billionaire romance, because it is a little more believable as a millionaire romance. Sadie is a semi-famous romance author. Miles is the millionaire whose family owns the publishing company for whom Sadie writes. Only she doesn't know this. She has never met him. But he has had a crush on her ever since he saw her picture on the back of her book and read her book. He would love to meet her and could totally play the stalker, but refuses to. When they meet, it's a sheer comedic coincidence, but leads to a fantastic romance.

You're also dealing with his crazy ex-girlfriend Whitney. Sadie is up against a deadline. They have amazing chemistry that keeps sizzling as they get to know each other. And I like how they are taking it relatively slowly. 

Sadie is a romantic at heart because of her career. But Miles is also a super romantic. Sadie has dreams about him and romance in general, but he truly has stepped out of the pages of a romance novel. It's not perfect, but it's one that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. I loved every minute of it and didn't want it to end.

About Robin Daniels

Robin is an overgrown child who fancies herself a bit of a comedienne. She loves to laugh, crack jokes, create flirty characters, write witty banter and believes in happy endings. Robin lives outside of Phoenix with her wonderful husband, five crazy kids and naughty labradoodle puppy. Millionaire B&B is her first adult rom-com, but she has six YA titles that are equally fun.





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  1. Great post and I appreciate getting to find out about another great book. Thanks for all you do and for the hard work you put into this. Greatly appreciated!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind review and for hosing Millionaire B&B on your blog. I'm around throughout the day and will check back periodically. If any readers out there have questions or comments for the author, I'd love to hear them! :-) Robin Daniels

  3. Thanks for the giveaway; I like the cover and excerpt. :)

  4. Lovely review, great story. I like the theme to it.

  5. Great review! I love books with crazy exes and romance authors :)

  6. I don't read a ton of 'romance' stories without the paranormal or murder, but this sounds like one of those exceptions for me.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  7. My question for the author is: Whose works inspired you to start your career as a writer? Also, is there any special music you listen to that helps you with your creativity?


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