Monday, January 3, 2022

Review of Watching Over Me by M.K. Farrar and M.A. Comley

Some secrets are better left buried...

Amy Penrose knows how it feels to grow up in a home where your parents harm you more than raise you.

Now an adult, she's newly qualified as a child psychologist and wants to help children who've gone through struggles of their own.

When a father brings a twelve-year-old boy into her office, she recognises the bruises and the way the boy withdraws into himself.

And she wants to help.

Her questions reveal the boy’s mother is missing, and there are secrets around her disappearance. Strange things begin to happen around Amy and she fears for the boy’s safety, as well as her own.

But as she delves into the family's past, she starts to wonder if this is one child beyond her help.

Get book one is this heart-racing psychological thriller series from NY Times and USA Today bestselling author M A Comley, and M K Farrar.

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**My thoughts**

Amy is a relatively newly minted psychologist who is absolutely dedicated to her profession and wants to help everyone that she can. And then Edward Swain lands in her office, and it’s a case that will be more than she bargained for.

He is a very troubled young man whose mother disappeared on him two years ago. His relationship with his father is quite strained and he is constantly in trouble at school. Amy’s gut tells her that there is more to the story, so she goes digging and unearths a whole heap of trouble.

I admire Amy’s strong desire to help others, especially a lost teenage boy. It seems like she is relatively good at what she does. But she also has a naivety about her, especially when it comes to her own personal circumstances. I kept reminding myself that this story takes place in the ‘80s, so that could have contributed, especially when dealing with her overly controlling boyfriend. But I was alarmed at a lot of personal situations, considering her profession.

And then, of course, you have the truly suspenseful portion of the book where Amy really gets herself into trouble. As the reader, I felt like I saw it coming because of her naivety.

This wasn’t my favorite book in this genre, but it wasn’t awful. It killed some time on a lazy afternoon. But I am also not in a hurry to grab the authors’ next installment. Other readers will definitely feel differently, and that’s great.

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