Saturday, April 2, 2011

A is for Andrews

Did you ever read V.C. Andrews? I started with them when I was either 9 or 10 years old. My cousin, who is 16 years older, had given all of her books to my mother, so that I could enjoy them as I got older. My smart parents decided to put those books away until I got older. Yet, I still managed to get my hands on Flowers in the Attic. I was completely enthralled in the book and read it over and over again. I particularly remember sitting on Saturday, reading the entire book in one day. Then, I found out there was more to the story, so I continued reading the series. I was confused by Garden of Shadows coming out last in the series, especially as it was the prequel to Flowers in the Attic. But, I didn't care.

Next, I read the Heaven Leigh Casteel series. One of my favorites was the stand-alone My Sweet Audrina. I also enjoyed the Cutler series about Dawn and tried the Landry series. The Logan series was my final series.

Alas, V.C. Andrews died before she could complete all of the ideas that she had created. The family wanted to maintain her legacy, so they chose to work with carefully selected authors to bring those ideas to life. Unfortunately, I could tell the difference, and I soon stopped reading. They were all too formulaic and predictable. The new authors lacked some of the magic that V.C. Andrews had.

I still have those books, collecting dust in my attic library. I keep meaning to reread some of them. Perhaps this challenge is the inspiration I need to do so.....

Here is the list of the books I enjoyed reading when I was younger.

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