Saturday, April 2, 2011

A to Z Challenge

There is this fantastic challenge for the month of April, known as the A to Z challenge. The concept is, each day in April, except for Sundays, one letter of the alphabet is assigned to the day. Your job is to blog about a topic that begins with that letter. For some of my sites, this is going to be really easy. For others, such as this one, not so much.

The challenge technically began yesterday. So, I am already a day behind, and scrambling to come up with ideas. I think I will be doing the same as I am doing over at Andi's Kids Books, and will just try to think of different books, series, authors, and/or characters that begin with each letter. I will talk about them, as opposed to doing a traditional review. And, I am going to include Amazon Associates widgets, to help you with your shopping. You will benefit from getting great deals on your Amazon purchases. I will benefit by you purchasing through my links, with a few pennies here and there.

So, thanks in advance for your support. Happy reading!

My other blogs entered into the challenge:

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