Friday, May 25, 2012

Review of Time for Death by Christie Silvers

Christie Silvers and I have been Facebook friends for a few years now. In April of this year, she sent out a request for people to read and review her Liz Baker series. I have not really been a fan of vampire novels, but am slowly warming up to the idea. I was home sick, anyway, and decided to give it a shot. She sent me her first book, Time for Death, and I stayed up all night reading it.

Liz Baker is the owner of the bar Athena's Ambrosia and she likes to have a good time. In fact, she and her sort of boyfriend Rick have a thing about having sex in the cemetery. On this particular night, someone or something is watching them do the deed. As they are scrambling out of there, Liz accidentally crashes the car when something flies over the hood of the car, a la Mothman Prophecies. She ends up in the hospital with rib injuries; Rick is okay. While she is there, her nurse is mysteriously murdered.

She goes home to recuperate, under strict orders to have nothing to do with the bar until she is feeling better. Someone else close to her is murdered, presumably by the same man who killed her nurse, and she begins to suspect the mystery man in the cemetery.

When she goes to sleep again, she is entranced by a mystery man with long silvery hair, who is wearing a black cape. He brings her to climax before she feels a sharp pain in her neck. He comes to her again for an even more intense erotic session, leaving her wondering how much of it is real and how much is in her dreams.

Liz also receives a surprise inheritance, leading to questions about her parentage and world as she knew it. She also has to become stronger than she ever thought she would be, to protect herself and her loved ones from a murderous vampire.

What I loved about this book was how fast the pages kept on turning. The story caught my attention from the beginning. I remember joking at the time that you know a book is good if it can hold my interest while I am lying in bed, sick as a dog.

Liz maybe isn't who I would choose to be my best friend, but I can see myself hanging out with her to have a good time. She is strong in character and in personality. She is loyal to her friends and family and will do whatever she can to protect them. She doesn't take any crap from anyone - mortal or otherwise. And the men in her life are just absolutely delicious.

For those who can't stand sex scenes, don't bother with this book. I am not usually a fan of erotica, but these scenes didn't bother me. They were steamy enough to pique interest without going overboard and fit in well with the story. Violence is also at a minimum. It's a steamy, fast-paced book that left me wanting more. Good thing there are two more books in the series!

Time for Death is also available on Kindle. Click here for your own copy.

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  1. Awww, I'm so glad you enjoyed book 1! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on book 2. :)


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