Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Kindle Touch has arrived!

I am now the owner of two Kindles. Technically, at the moment, I own three. My Kindle Touch arrived today, along with the regular Kindle that I am giving to my BFF. By tomorrow, I will be back down to two.

I am giving her one because I redeemed points to get them both for free. She also never gets anything new and fun for herself. And I am tired of reading awesome Kindle books that she can't find to read herself.

I have been playing for the past two hours.

People are asking me why I need two Kindles. Well, when you are redeeming points and get awesome deals, it is hard to resist fun new technology. I also like different aspects of each Kindle and can use each one differently.

The Kindle Fire is fun because it is in full color, thus allowing me to enjoy puzzles, games and children's books for reviewing. However, in sunlight and some overhead light, the glare on the screen makes reading difficult. The Kindle Touch may be in black, white and gray, but I can read it outside with no problems. Apparently, there are also some apps that are only designed for the Touch. I was contacted by a company a few weeks ago about reviewing their apps that are only for the Touch. That was in part incentive to get both.

Another thing I love about the Touch is that I can organize all of those books. As of right now, I have about 2100 books that I have downloaded. Most of those have come from freebies. The Touch lets you create "collections." So, now I can sort all of those books by genre, to help me choose a read for the right mood. I can also divide them up by those I need to review and those that have been reviewed. I can add them and delete them at my whim on all devices. I just feel better organized now.

I definitely prefer the touch screen. For my BFF, that is a new form of technology and I think she will be happier with the buttons for now. She can also let her mom play with it to see if she likes it.

I know I will have fun playing with both of them for some time to come. I will be reviewing more books, soon, especially now that conference reports are done. I have plenty of time to read and write. :-)

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