Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Kindle Fire is here!

I am typing this post on my new toy, the Kindle Fire. It just arrived last night, which was a pleasant surprise. I was totally not expecting it until next week.

I have been saving up Amazon gift cards from the various point sites that I use and couldn't make up my mind which Kindle I really wanted. I have been intrigued by the Fire for quite some time, but also saw the benefits to having the Touch. Then, that commercial came out where the family has all three Kindles, each for a different reason, and all of them together cost less than the guy's iPad. That pretty much cemented in my mind that I was going to want both of them for different reasons.

I finally decided to go with the Touch when I had saved up gift cards. That would leave me some extra to buy a regular Kindle asagift for a friend. So, I placed my order on Monday, selecting the free shipping option. Expected delivery time was the end of next week. That is perfect because I have parent-teacher conferences and the new toy would give me a way to unwind.

On Wednesday morning, I got a text from my friend Amy, who runs the blog A Girl and Her Kindle and is my cohost on the Facebook page "Andi Reviews With a Girl and Her Kindle" (see the side bar). She said that refurbished Kindle Fires were on sale in the Gold Box Deal of the Day for only $139. That's $60 cheaper than brand new. No stranger to refurbished electronics, I jumped onto the opportunity and purchased it. The last time thatI had tried, they were immediately sold out. I got lucky.

So far, I haven't done too much reading on it. I immediately jumped on Facebook, of course. I player with some of the apps and watched a lotof Netflix. I did open up a couple of books out of curiosity. The view is just as crisp and clear as holding a physical book in your hands, if not a little clearer. Colors obviously show up and look great. So far, everything pretty much seems to navigate quite similarly to my Droid. There is still a little bit of a learning curve to be had, tough, which is typical any time you are dealing with new technology. I know I am going to like having the Touch, as well, as the glare from overhead lights and sun can be a bit of an issue with the Fire. I will keep perusing it and keep you posted on what I discover!

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