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Review of The Scholar (Emerson Pass Historicals #3) by Tess Thompson


They've both been wounded by the past. Can their marriage of convenience bring the healing they need? Theo Barnes has been in love with Louisa Keller since they were kids. However, she's in love with his twin brother, Flynn. Sadly for Louisa, Flynn is in love with another woman and has no interest in her. When tragedy strikes Louisa's family and she's left penniless, she's forced to consider Theo's offer of marriage. They agree to a marriage of convenience with no bedroom privileges. He secretly hopes she'll change her mind once they're married but the marriage gets off to a rocky start. The Scholar is the third book in the heartwarming Emerson Pass historical romance series. If you like staunch heroines, emotional backdrops, and sweeping family sagas, then you’ll adore Tess Thompson’s wholesome tale. Order The Scholar to enjoy this next installment in the Barnes' family saga.

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**My thoughts**
There's just something about Tess Thompson's Emerson Pass Historicals that makes them truly lovable and special. I always look forward to a new one coming out - and I'm not typically a fan of historicals. But when you read each one, you fall in love with the Barnes family all over again, for their kindness, their generosity, and their wisdom.

This installment features Theo, who has held a special place in my heart from the very beginning. He is the more reticent twin who has had a lot of trauma in his young life. He is delicate and sensitive, but at the same time has an amazing inner strength that keeps him going. His understanding of pain and trauma makes him the perfect match for Louisa, who has truly been to hell and back.

I enjoyed seeing Louisa all grown up and thriving in spite of her difficult past when we first met her. She is struggling, though, to find herself and her self worth after her father passes away. You just know that Theo is the one who will help her do it.

Their courtship does feel a little rushed, though they have known each other most of their lives. You just know they can work through their pasts together and thrive.

I enjoyed the Prohibition aspect of this book and seeing how each character feels about it. Cymbaline continues to steal the show. I absolutely adore her and can't wait to see where she goes. We're also starting to get to know Fiona better. And the youngest siblings are absolutely adorable. 

This story absolutely leapt off of the pages, making me feel as immersed in their world as if I were also a resident of Emerson Pass. I just loved it.

You can read this as a standalone, but I promise you'll want to read the others.

Thank you to the author for a requested copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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