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Review of The Musician of Emerson Pass (Emerson Pass Historical series #6) by Tess Thompson


Fiona Barnes has a secret. One so big she's afraid it will destroy everything she holds dear. Not even her beloved music can save her.

Li Wu has fought prejudice his entire life. But he's always felt safe and protected within the fierce love of the Barnes family. If only the object of his desire were free to be his, all would be well. Will he risk everything to be with the one he loves or will societal pressures keep them apart?

Join the Barnes family for Fiona's story and return to the world of Emerson Pass for another heartwarming installment of this American Historical Romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Tess Thompson.

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**My thoughts**
Ah, our dear sweet Fiona, the youngest of the original Barnes clan. She is so sweet and loving with a magical musical ability. We have been watching her affection for Li grow over the years. And you know with the way that they make music together that he is starting to feel the same.

Li has concerns, however, as he is Chinese-American. He worries about putting Fiona in danger, as he has run into problems on his own.

I'd like to thank Tess for including the Chinese racism in this book. We have had a resurgence with the pandemic. But 100 years ago, hatred against the Chinese was severely rampant. We even ahd laws on the books against Chinese people, even if they were citizens like Li. I strongly recommend learning more about it if you are not aware.

But back to the book.

Another interesting facet to the installment is we leave the small town of Emerson Pass. Fiona has the opportunity to study with one of the greatest music instructors in the world- but she must go to Paris for several months to do so.

She learns more about the world than she ever could have known staying just in Emerson Pass. I felt echoes of Hemingway in her friendships and exploits. She grows a lot as a person and we see how much like her father she truly is.

There are multiple love stories going on in this one - of romance, of friendship, of family. My eyes were definitely misty in this one.

4.5 stars

I received a requested review copy from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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