Saturday, December 19, 2009

Can't Stand the Heat

Can't Stand the Heat
is A Recipe For Love novel by Louisa Edwards, and her debut novel. In this steamy romance, Miranda Wake, a stubborn food critic who never has anything nice to say about any place she reviews, meets her match in restaurant owner Adam Temple. When the two of them meet at a special opening celebration for his new Manhattan restaurant, Market, things become sizzling hot both in the kitchen and out of it.

Adam challenges Miranda to come spend a day in his kitchen to see how tough it actually is. Next thing they both know, Miranda is spending a month in his kitchen, to work on a series about a critic in the kitchen. Ideas quickly come together for a book, but what exactly this tell-all confessional will contain keeps changing as relationships between characters keep evolving.

Adding to the plot are secrets about other workers at The Market, including a big one being hidden by Miranda's younger brother Jess. Miranda has been caring for him since their parents died when he was young. These secrets help add to the plot's twist and turns, test relationships, and keep the pages moving.

The strong attraction between Miranda and Adam is apparent from the very beginning, and let's face it - it wouldn't be a romance novel without a somewhat predictable relationship between the two main characters. Yet, reading of their exploits provides plenty of entertainment over a period of a few hours. Also enjoyable are the recipes and cooking tips that are included throughout the text. At the end are detailed recipes for a few of the highlights, including rose-infused vodka.

Intimate scenes between the two are quite detailed, and the associated language suddenly becomes vulgar. The language used to describe their encounters almost feels out of place with that of the rest of the story. Some people who would have otherwise greatly enjoyed this story are going to be turned off by these scenes.

Fortunately, I was able to get through those scenes and liked the book a lot. At the end is a preview chapter of the next book, On the Steamy Side, which I look forward to reading some day, as well!

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