Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spirits Out of Time

Annie Wilder's Spirits Out of Time: True Family Ghost Stories and Weird Paranormal Experiences takes us through her family's history of paranormal experiences, which almost seem to be genetic for them. She outlines her family tree, in hopes of helping the reader keep track of all of the "characters" contained within her book. (And it is somewhat helpful.) The end also includes an appendix with pictures of these people, to which she refers throughout the book.

Each chapter focuses on a different location that is significant to the Wilder family. She talks about yellow eyes that followed her around in childhood and the death knock that her Irish family heard before someone passed away. Some family members had astral experiences, which are basically out-of-body experiences. Others were haunted by childish ghosts, who in reality were shadows of their former selves. There are the highly sensitive young ones and the cats, who always seem to see things that humans can't.

Particularly touching is a chapter dedicated to the spirit of her friend Dylan. After passing away, he reappeared to her as a white deer. He also appeared to her in dreams, when she needed him most. There is some comfort in believing in the possibility that our loved ones are still here even after they are gone.

Wilder also often refers to her previous work, a book called House of Spirits and Whispers, which is a true story of living in her haunted house.

If you're looking for a truly terrifying tale, this book isn't going to scare you as much as others might, though it helps to read it late at night. It reads more like a family history then a scary book. Nevertheless, it is interesting to hear how one family has shared in supernatural experiences throughout time. And it kind of makes you want to call up your relatives to find out their stories, as well.

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