Sunday, March 18, 2012

Inspirational Quotes by Jennifer O'Neill

We tend to thrive on the words of others to inspire us in our daily lives. Social media sites are filled with status updates and pictures emblazoned with quotes. We share those that provoke our minds and help us answer life's daily questions. Spiritual teacher Jennifer O'Neill has put together her own collection of 180 inspirational quotes to help you work on your own inner peace.

The physical copy of the book is supposed to have a slider bar along which you can run your finger. When you feel compelled to stop, open up the page where the bar has landed. That is meant to be your message of the day, week, or in whatever moment you need one. Or, you may do like I did, and read straight through. 

I read straight through because I obtained a free Kindle copy from for the purposes of reviewing the title. What I found were many words of wisdom about the power of the Universe, that could apply to anyone who has some sort of faith in a higher power. I am a believer in the power and the messages of the Universe, so appreciated that point of view. 

A lot of the ideas seemed like common sense ones that have been around for quite some time. But Jennifer tried to make the ideas her own. And what is common sense to some people is a foreign concept to many others. One such idea is "Happiness is a choice, not a side effect...." My personal favorite from the book was "Sometimes when you are putting things off, the Universe likes to give you a little shove, that's when it's saying to you, the timing is good now!" That is how my life always seems to operate.

This book is one that some people will want to purchase in physical form, to set by the bed or on the coffee table. I have a harder time flipping through this type of book in an electronic format. But for others, it will help to be able to carry it with them to read on their favorite e-reader or app whenever the mood strikes.

My one criticism of this book is that there are some grammatical errors that pop out at me and distract me from a couple of the messages. I noticed a few run-on sentences that are easily broken up. The quotes would sound better if those were fixed.

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