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12 Kindle Freebies: Cookbooks, Chick Lit, Mysteries & Thrillers, Writing

Even if I don't have a chance to make daily posts about the Kindle freebies I purchase, I do actively search them out every day. Some I find on my own; some come from my subscriptions to freebie websites. Here are some gems I found over the past several days and look forward to devouring.

Please remember that while they are all free at the time of this posting, prices can change without warning. Always check the "Buy" price and not the "Prime" price prior to making your own purchase.


35 Scrumptious Cookie & Bar Recipes

You can't go wrong with cookies! This collection of 35 recipes is a collection of some familiar ideas, and some that are a little more out of the box. (At least I have never seen them before!) I'm liking the sounds of Cherry Cheesecake Bars, Frosted Fruit Bars, Nut Goodie Bars, Chocolate Chip Cereal Bars and Creamy Cookies. This book already has an average of 5 stars from readers, which I take as a good sign.
Get your Kindle copy here.
50 Cupcake Recipes

This collection of 50 cupcake recipes also includes 35 tips for baking the perfect cupcakes. Cupcakes are great fun for parties or for sharing. And they are a hot commodity with the advent of shows such as "Cupcake Wars." Specific recipes that caught my eye include the following: Baked Cream Cheese Cupcakes, Cinnamon Chocolate Cupcakes, Cream Cheese Pecan Cupcakes, Iced Carrot Cupcakes, PB and Chocolate Cupcakes, Velvet Red Cupcakes and Whipped Mocha Cupcakes.
Get your Kindle copy here.
Healthy Chicken Dishes That Keep You Feeling Full and Help You Lose Weight

Chicken is one of the most versatile dishes around, and we are always looking for new ways to make it. The bonus with these recipes is that they are supposed to be healthy for you. Included are Weight Watchers points for each dish, for those of you who are keeping track of those. Recipes are supposed to be representative of numerous world cultures. I always say, even if I can find one new dish that is worthy of eating and repeating, it makes the purchase worth it!
Get your Kindle copy here.


The Wife of Reilly

Jennifer Coburn's main character Prudence ends up in a whirlwind romance with an old flame, Matt, after the two reunite at a reunion. They very quickly fall in love and get married. Only a short time later, Prudence realizes that she has made a mistake. She doesn't want to leave Matt all by himself, so she embarks upon a quest to find him a new wife. Marion Keyes, one of my favorite "chick lit" authors recommended this book. I am hoping she is right.
Get your Kindle copy here.
Golden Lies

Best-selling author Barbara Freethy stole my heart in another novel of hers that I read some months ago. So, when I saw this one offered for free, I had to grab it. Three women from different backgrounds have their lives changed forever as they follow a trail through the streets of San Francisco. They have to choose between romantic love and family loyalty, while coming to terms with the past.
Get your Kindle copy here.

Lauren Bruce suffers a "wardrobe malfunction" as she is breastfeeding her baby in the local art museum. A Massachusetts politician jumps on her story and uses her as the poster child in the breastfeeding wars, to help him gain the women's vote. Two different groups, the BOOBs and the MOMs put her in the middle of their battle and force Lauren to have to decide where she stands in the debate.
Get your Kindle copy here.
Scrambled Babies

Would you always be able to pick out your baby? Somehow Paeton McPhilomy has ended up with a baby who closely resembles her own, only he is a boy and she has a girl. Even worse, she is currently on a plane to Los Angeles with the baby and her six year-old daughter. How did this happen? And how can she find her own baby, if she has no idea how the mix-up happened.
Get your Kindle copy here.
Fools Rush In (Weddings By Bella, Book 1)

This is one of the first freebies I ever got for my Kindle app on my Droid. And I fell madly in love with it. I really need to give in and purchase the remaining books in the series. But because it has recently popped up again in the Top 100 list, I thought I would bring it to your attention in this collection.

Bella Rossi is pushing 30 years old. Her Italian parents have recently given her control of the wedding planning business. When a mix-up gets her involved in working with a southern hunk named DJ, hilarity and culture clashes ensue.
Get your Kindle copy here.
mysteries & thrillers....

May Day (Murder by Month Mysteries, No. 1)

Mira James quickly gets tired of life in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and decides to move to rural Battle Lake. She secures two jobs. One is as an assistant librarian. The other is as a part-time reporter. She falls in love with the perfect man, only he ends up being murdered between the reference stacks. She tries to find out more about this mystery man and his past and ends up uncovering many secrets in this sleepy little town.
Get your Kindle copy here.
Fool Me Twice (Jake Lassiter Series)

Jake Lassiter is a linebacker-turned-lawyer who becomes the prime suspect when a witness turns up dead. He needs to find the real killer, otherwise he is the one who is being charged with murder. Supposedly this book should appeal to those who love John Grisham, Harlan Coben, James Patterson and more.
Get your Kindle copy here.
Ultimate Thriller Box Set

For this collection, authors Scott Nicholson, Blake Crouch, J.A. Konrath, J. Carson Black, and Lee Goldberg were asked to pick their favorite book for inclusion. All five authors have done well in the self-published thriller market. The Amazon description reads as follows:
5 irresistible set-ups:

A crime novelist imprisoned in a desert cabin by a villain more sinister than any he has ever written...

A detective's race against the clock to find a missing teenager...

Twin brothers caught up in a deadly game to settle sins of the past...

A lowly security guard struggling to realize his private eye fantasies...

The US government conducting secret testing on the most heinous and intriguing of all subjects—Satan himself...

This box set is called the Ultimate Thriller Box Set is.
It also boasts that these books have sold hundreds of copies and have a couple hundred 5-star reviews. And you can't beat that price!
Get your Kindle copy here
on writing....

The Moonlighter's Guide to Online Writing for Immediate Income

We are all looking for ways to increase our income. And as a part-time online writer, this particular title peaked my interest. It is supposed to give you tips for writing in an online market, as well as including a lengthy list of sites to which you can apply. Reviewers say that there is some helpful information, but more in the list of sites at the end. And remember, there is no such thing as an easy, quick way to make a lot of money!
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