Saturday, March 17, 2012

2 Kindle Freebies: A Cookbook and a Mystery

I scour the Kindle freebie lists daily, to add to my obsessive collection. Here are some fun purchases I made today and look forward to reading later. Please note that while they were free as of the time of this posting, prices can change without warning. Always check the "Buy" price instead of the "Prime" price for the current price.
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 How to Cook Delicious Healthy Vegan Breakfast Recipes
This bestselling cookbook is free for a limited time. Filled with 52 breakfast recipes for those pursuing a vegan diet, you can try one new thing a week and always be satisfied. Recipes have already been tested in her kitchen. Angela Thomas is the mother of three children, so you can also be certain that these recipes are easy to make and ingredients are easy to find, to save time.
Get your Kindle copy here.

Kill the Competition
Stephanie Bond is considered to be a popular author, so when a third one of her books came up as a freebie, I decided to snag it! In this one, Belinda Hennessey has a series of disasters befall her soon after her move to Atlanta. Her luck worsens after she discovers some shady recordkeeping in her new company and her boss asks her to overlook it. When her boss then turns up dead, Belinda ends up getting into trouble. This book focuses on relationships between female friends more than a romance or the murder mystery.
Get your Kindle copy here.

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