Friday, March 23, 2012

Free Kindle Books: Titanic & Cookbook

Ah, the evil free Amazon Kindle books, always tempting me and quickly filling my Cloud Reader. I will never get through them all, but can't resist a freebie! Here are a few of my random finds from today.

Please note that while they were free at the time of this posting, prices cannot be guaranteed to stay free. Always check the "Buy" price and not the "Prime" price prior to your purchase.

The Sinking of the Titanic

My interest in the Titanic has NOTHING to do with the movie. The only part that I liked was the real-time sinking of the ship. I have been a fan of the Titanic since that National Geographic magazine from when they finally found her arrived at my grandmother's house. I started to learn as much as I could about her and was fascinated by the history. This book is supposed to be real survivor stories that seek to dispel some of the myths laid upon us over the years.
Get your Kindle copy here.
Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters

This is supposed to be the full version of the book above. It also includes other maritime disasters. It could be fun to compare the two, especially at this price!
Get your Kindle copy here.
Titanic Disaster Poem

It's almost 100 years since the tragedy. Why not honor it with a poem?
Get your Kindle copy here.
High Fat, High Calorie Breakfasts and Brunch (F**k the Diet)

While a high fat, high calorie diet is not a good choice, it is okay to indulge every once in a while! And some of these breakfast ideas, though a lot of work, sound good! I mean, Bananas Foster Breakfast Pancakes, Breakfast Pizza with Potato Crust, and Savory Breakfast Cheesecake? Sure, I'll try 'em!
Get your Kindle copy here.

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