Saturday, July 4, 2015

#99Cents Sale! 'Snowdrift Strangers (Jackie's Christmas Tales Book 1)' by Jackie C. Myrtle


Christmas Short Stories has 6 titles in the series Snowdrift Strangers is the first book both in print and in kindle. It is the perfect length to sit and read with a coffee during your lunch break and written for our busy lifestyles.

Snowdrift Strangers will transport you to Christmas time the period of friendships, giving and love, the city bursting with the joy of Christmas as decorations were being hung in shop windows and streets. People bustling from store to store in search of that perfect gift.

Of course, not everyone had someone special or the money to buy gifts to show their love, not everyone had a grand spread set before them on Christmas day to feast on. There is a another side to Christmas that is not so pretty, people working double shifts just to make ends meet and purchase things they couldn’t buy, too much alcohol that would have fights in the streets bellowing out a nasty tune and then there is the many homeless, just trying to keep warm in the snow trying to survive yet another Christmas.

For Annie who had escaped a battering marriage, on one evening near Christmas she went for a walk through the snow that led her to a life changing chance meeting with an old friend. In an instant he reminds Annie of all she had once been, but she is certain she is not that person anymore, and could never be again. Annie believes she is in control of her life, but she may be forced to learn that there are more powerful forces than a wounded heart, like love’s desire to heal.

Christmas miracles do happen even if they are disguised in a single chance meeting. Has Annie been too hurt in the past to risk opening her heart to another man? Will she let another Christmas season slip past without anyone to share it with? Settle in for a heartwarming tale of renewed romance, and one woman’s journey from a life of isolation, beatings and pain to a life full of love.

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Quote from Jackie
I just love Christmas, it can be such a romantic opportunity for those looking for love.
So with a fire crackling in the background and the fragrance of pine needles, cinnamon and apples in the air I just can’t help myself and the results are, wonderful Christmas stories that have romance, perhaps a wedding or just people in love.

I do write family friendly love stories after all, my children read my stories & I am proudly family orientated!. So I hope you enjoy a hart warming feel good romance even if it is just for a little while.

About the author:

On most mornings, Jackie is sat at her computer typing away on her next idea, next book, once she gets into one of her creative moods it is not many who can get her attention let alone get her to stop for a moment, it is heard that often her poor family end up with late dinners, bless them.

She has 3 wonderful children, a very patient hubby and a dog who sits beside her every day listening to her type away. He really is a cutie and comes to her rescue when she get stuck and can’t think what to write, Oscar is there with his collar and lead and so off they go walking which is usually enough to refresh her mind so that when she returns she is encouraged, excited and ready to write again.

If you have read some of her books you know she like to write adventures with a bit of mystery thrown in, she prefers short stories because these are ideal for lunch breaks or when you’re waiting for an appointment or that long ride home on the train.

She always carries her kindle with her for such occasions as these, you know when you’re waiting in the doctors room or the vets or the dentist (helps to keep your mind of the sounds of those drills!) she even has a kindle reader on her computer so when and if she gets time she can read there not to mention her iPad that also has a reader so she always has one at hand and book not too far from her!

You can reach Jackie on her Facebook page or on her authors website and right now one of her books has been reduced you can grab it at Amazon US or UK!

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