Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#KindleCountdown 'The Murder Motif: An Austin, Texas Art Mystery (Michelle Hodge Series)' by Roslyn Woods


When Shell Hodge moves to Austin, she is ready to start a new life as a single woman with her focus squarely on her art career. After reuniting with her best friend Margie and renting a house from Margie’s older brother Dean, Shell believes life will be as uncomplicated as moving in and getting back to her painting. But Margie’s older brother is distractingly handsome, and he has a charming dog that wins her heart. More importantly, a murder charge is looming over Dean, and trying to find the real killer is drawing Shell into a world of intrigue and danger.

Read an excerpt:
Please don’t let there be snakes, she thought as she sank to a sitting position in the grass. Just sit here and wait. It was a good hiding place. The car was visible, but even so, it was just too dark to see much else. In the distance the water bubbled along. Occasionally she heard a truck or car passing noisily on the bridge overhead. She thought of her mother then, and how she wouldn’t want her to be doing this. Help me, Mom. Help me, Lana. She sat there pondering over the fact that she didn’t really believe in the supernatural but that she always seemed to pray when she was scared or worried.

It seemed an eternity before she heard the squishy sound of wet feet trudging near her hiding place. Don’t find me. Don’t find me! She could see him by the light of the bridge overhead now. Kojak. He stopped in the darkness and looked intensely into the brambles for a moment. Shell held her breath while her heart thudded against her ribs.

“Who’s there?” he called. Surely he could hear her heart beating. Surely he would see her in a moment.

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About the author:

Roslyn Woods, an oil painter and watercolorist, has quietly written fiction for years. She lived in Barcelona as a child, the daughter of two writers. Roslyn now lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and her dog, a lovable mutt. The Point of Death is the prequel to her mystery series featuring Shell Hodge.

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