Tuesday, August 11, 2015

'Leap of Faith (The Faith Series)' by Emma Carolan


Katriona lost her Mum in a car crash at the tender age of four leaving her in the care of her possessive father, Nick. That horrific day and the tragic events to come changed her life forever.

This young woman has suffered a lifetime of pain, yet never shed one tear. Hiding her sorrow became second nature, leaving her a shell of a woman, until she met Jason. Never wanting or needing love, Katriona finds herself at crossroad with the young and handsome green eyed stranger, who from the moment they met was determined to tear down the walls encasing her damaged heart.

Will she ruin this perfect man?
Will he run when he gets to know the woman with no soul?
She'll only know if she takes a...
Leap of Faith

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About the Author

Emma Carolan is a bright and talented new comer residing in Dundalk, Ireland. She enjoys digital photography, and is very passionate about writing. The joy of creating something from nothing, is all Emma asks from life. This creative young woman is one to watch.

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