Monday, January 11, 2016

'31 Strategies on How to Win Radio Contests' by Catherine Collins

Everyone loves to win a contest. Apart from getting our hands on the prizes, there is this unspeakable joy and thrill of winning a contest, knowing that we have done something right in beating other contestants to it; or simply by just being more fortunate! Joining radio contests may start off as merely exploratory and eventually reach the height of not being able to live without it. 

Stage 1 - for the fun of it / out of curiosity 

Stage 2 – it becomes a Hobby – ever since winning the first contest, your confidence level has certainly gone up a notch! Moreover, listening to the radio is also a hobby. 

Stage 3 – it becomes an Addiction – you tell yourself that you must win a particular contest and you will not be at peace until you have done so. You will do all you can to win, e.g. wake up early or stay up late (depending on the time of the contest), take leave off from work, etc. 

Stage 4 – it becomes a Passion – you know you are good at winning and you idolise your radio station. Winning radio contests is an integral part of your lifestyle. You want to share with others the good news of winning (but not the secret of doing it!). 

Stage 5 – it becomes a Profession – this is when strategies are being charted as well as research being done in order to maximise the winnings. 

Radio contests are also generally more “transparent” as the contests are run live on air with participants calling in at “real time” and scrutinised by the thousands, if not millions of listeners tuning in. 

You will find 31 STRATEGIES ON HOW TO WIN RADIO CONTESTS - INCLUDING WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING MORE! a useful tool in whatever stage you may be at.

About the author:

Catherine Collins enjoys writing and one of her favourite hobbies is joining, or rather winning radio contests. She is also a lyricist and poet. She holds a BA in Social Science & Humanities and a MBA from Australia. Her areas of specialisation include linguistics, sociology. services marketing, and consumer behaviour.

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  1. Interesting. Until now the only strategy to have crossed my mind is redial. Now may be the time to rethink that.


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