Monday, January 18, 2016

'Fire Below' by Robert Mahler


A plot by Islamic terrorists to wreak unimaginable devastation upon the Homeland: It's scarcely believable and in fact, not believed. Until two American heroes uncover the scheme while on combat duty in Iraq and almost single-handedly track down the sleeper-cell agents planning to unleash a firestorm -- it's the Fire Below.

Fire Below -- part adventure, part mystery-novel, all edge-of-your-seat action -- takes us on a roller coaster ride of adventure, intrigue, and espionage, as Bob Marconi and Mike Mackintosh initially deployed in Iraq fighting terrorist insurgents uncover a plot that if successful would destroy a third of the Homeland and kill millions of people. They have to track down the perpetrators, hiding amongst the peaceful citizens of the United States, and racing against the clock, their lives and the lives of millions of Americans along with them at risk, foil the plot of the terrorists to strike a blow for the Caliphate against the hated enemy, the United States of America.

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