Sunday, January 24, 2016

'A Guyanese Jaguar Soul' by Maja Sinclair


In A Guyanese Jaguar Soul Maja Sinclair takes the reader through the early years of her eventful life. Her father, a successful engineer, eventually sees that his wife is a terrible mother to Maja and her sister so when they split Maja follows her father around the world as he moves from continent to continent with his work.

In a very engaging style Maja shows the reader different countries and cultures through a child's eyes. Her chance encounter with a Jaguar in Guyana teaches Maja that she has the strength and durability of the mysterious cat, traits that will help her through the bad times until the good arrive again.

A Guyanese Jaguar Soul is an absorbing and enjoyable read following the path of a child as she journeys through South America, to Africa, America and Scandinavia until the urge to settle down finally takes over.

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