Friday, November 18, 2016

Christmas Belles and Mistletoe (Love on Kissing Bridge Mountain #6) by Linda West

Christmas Belles and Mistletoe

There's nothing like Christmas in Kissing Bridge. When their family legendary blue ribbon winning recipe is stolen, the Landers sisters are up in arms as to what to do to break the curse and win the Silver Bells cookie contest. 

All of our favorite people in Kissing Bridge weave in and out of this adorable story about love, faith and a little magic.

The curse must be broken and love restored when Summer finds out that her Aunt Amelia has a normal family - with men. Because the curse had caused the rest of them to always lose the men they loved, Summer will stop at nothing to find out the answer to ending the curse once and for all. Her mother however has forsaken men for her blue ribbon cookie crown. Cookies you can count on, men not so much .

Meanwhile Mrs. Beaverton has gone crazy and is accosting the men of Kissing Bridge at every turn and bend where ever an innocent mistletoe lurks. It’s a wonderful fun holiday romance filled with cozy mysteries and cookie contests! What more could you want?

This is the last book in the "Love on Kissing Bridge Mountain" series. Each of the books in the series are complete stand alone clean and wholesome love stories.

Rave reviews!

"Enchanting and delightful Christmas spirit! My favorite romance of 2016! Absolutely loved it!" Olivia Dayton - Inspiration Times

”Original, unique and captivating! Simply enchanting, adorable and Christmas filled!" D.C. Air NY 
”Loved, loved loved this book! I’m going back and reading them all!” CP Daily 
”Everything I wanted in a feel good holiday romance with clean stories that leave you happy. I cried at the end it was so inspirational and touching! Thank you Linda West!" G. Browning Kindle Good Books. 
"I want to move to Kissing Bridge Mountain! I wish my town was as fun and Christmas obsessed! Super fun and thanks for showing that seniors can fall in love too!" Gladys Gershwin UT 
"I really enjoy the way Linda West writes in a different and sometimes first person point of view. I really feel that I know the people in Kissing Bridge personally and I find it a very refreshing style choice!" Doc Holiday 
"I couldn't wait for this book to come out! I've read all six of the books about the different love stories that happen on Kissing Bridge Mountain and I will really miss the fun and friendship of these lovely people I've come to know! Don't stop writing please!"  F. McDonald CA

"Linda West never fails to deliver a feel good and lighthearted romance that makes you smile. Very uplifting!" Barb Branson GA

"In this day and age, it seems every author has to resort to steamy sex scenes to keep a reader's interest. It is so nice to have an author that actually has a plot that interests you, and characters that you fall in love with. I will continue to read this author's books." Joy Neville - TX

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