Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rebound (Bending the Rules) is available for preorder!

Rebound (Bending the Rules)


Why did he have to be so perfect? After a terrible breakup, I wanted nothing to do with dating of any kind. Trust was not a quality that I was blessed with at that moment, but that didn't stop him. 

He was the best friend that I'd ever had, but that wasn't all I wanted. I felt terrible about it, but I couldn't help it. I told myself that the last thing that I needed was a rebound, but after that night... Well - I just can't seem to stop myself.
99-cent pre-order ~ available November 15th

About A.M. Wray

A.M. Wray is the Contemporary Romance name for author Candy Crum. She lives with her two young boys and her Harlequin Great Dane, Harley Quinn.

A lover of many genres, Candy Crum writes Paranormal Romance, YA (Romance and Fantasy), Fantasy, and even a little horror. Under A.M. Wray, she covers Contemporary Romance, Erotica, and Thrillers.

Candy loves art and enjoys drawing, playing around and learning PhotoShop, and writing/reading. More than anything she loves hearing from her fans and connecting with them. She even has a newsletter (accessible on her website) that offers freebies for loyal fans.




Twitter: @TheEternalGift


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