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Nipples to Kneecaps: To Die or Not to Die With Cancer by Mandy Brown

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Nipples to Kneecaps

'Nipples to Kneecaps – To Die or Not to Die with Cancer' is the true, inspirational story of Steve, a man who seemed to have it all…until a cancer diagnosis threatened to take it all away.

Historians recall that the mid-1980s boasted big hair, loud music, and iconic Hollywood superstars. Mandy recalls, “My dear girl, I have seen many a patient in my time and we cannot help Steve. At best he has three months to live…” Words that every partner dreads.

Mandy and Steve’s real-life journey throughout the ordeal of battling ‘terminal cancer’ captures how it shaped their lives, minds and spirits.

Three months to live. An unbelievable plan. A Lifetime of memories.

FOLLOW their INCREDIBLE journey.

REALIZE what the human body is capable of.


DISCOVER an appreciation of the paranormal and their unusual and risky plan.

Follow this family’s amazing story and take inspiration from the day to day foibles of a family who chose never to give up on family, love and most importantly, on life.

Steve is alive today.

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About Mandy Brown

"My mission in life is to 'touch the souls of others' by being the most inspiring, passionate, thought provoking author, speaker and communicator that I can be."

After being qualified as a teacher (1984), Mandy worked as a teacher of the deaf , an intervenor (for deafblind), a special needs teacher and became a fully qualified BSL sign language interpreter (1995).

As a Communication Consultant (for deaf, deaf blind, autism and dementia), she is dedicated to making sure everyone's 'voice' is heard regardless of perceived barriers to communication.

After the miraculous recovery of her husband from ‘terminal’ cancer, Mandy has continued to help cancer patients and others in need of 'healing' and guidance.

To further her understanding of the the body and mind she studied psychology, nutrition, iridology, herbalism, swedish massage and epigenetics.

Mandy (and her husband Steve) deliver training such as: Changing Your Mindset, Goal Achievement, Meditation for Relaxation, Self-development.

Look out for Mandy as the keynote speaker at TEDtalks in the near future.

About Stephen Brown

Steve began his working life as a chef, but soon became a Manager looking after four kitchens. He moved into Sales, then Area Sales Management with various blue chip companies in the 1980s e.g Campbell Soups, Pretty Polly Tights and Crown Paints & Wallpaper.

In 1986 he was diagnosed with ‘terminal cancer’ and given three months to live. The doctor said they could not treat him as it was too late. Thus began Steve’s remarkable journey into regaining his health and exploring other options.

After his astonishing and unbelievable recovery, Steve continued in Sales Training. However, he took time out to learn sign language (full time student) because one of their children was deaf (now deaf blind) and Steve wanted to be able to communicate with him fully.

​He continued his studies and became a fully qualified BSL sign language interpreter.

Today, in addition to working with the deaf community and providing much needed access which he considers vital, he remains committed to his passion of training and coaching others be the best they can be – in their health, mindset and wealth.

Whenever asked how it is possible for anyone to overcome such mountainous obstacles, his relentless message is,

"Don't give up. Just keep going!" He then shows them how!

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