Thursday, February 1, 2018

Read an excerpt from Mirror Image by CJ Warrant with $10 Amazon Giveaway

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Mirror Image

Las Vegas stripper, Jazz Connolly is wrongly accused of murder and finds out the killer may be her identical twin. With help from a Denver cop Mike Mitchell—the latest victim’s best friend and her accuser, Jazz uncovers facts about her past, a dark secret twisted with lies, and clues to the killer’s true identity.

When Mike finds Jazz on his doorstep, he can’t resist the temptation and helps her track down details of her past. As they uncover clues, he can’t ignore the potent chemistry between them. In this tangled web of chaos, their passion ignites, but can they learn to trust each other? While the body count grows, they will have to fight back, love hard, and survive in order to learn the truth and expose the real killer.

Read an excerpt:
I take a glance in the small oval mirror by the door and check my smoky eye shadow, dredged in blues, greens and black, long fake lashes and my blood red lips. My eighties rock hair is totally kick ass, teased out big and wide. I have enough glitter on my skin and hair that it’ll take three showers to wash it off. It’s one of the only times I won’t wear a wig on stage. 
I’m ready to set the stage ablaze. Too bad Michael won’t see this. It’s my best performance dance ever. What the fuck am I thinking about him for? Get your head out of your ass, Jazz. You’re here to make the money! 
Bea passes me, stops short and whistles in appreciation. “Oh chica. You’re going to light up that stage. Knock them dead, rock chick.” She ends in a near shout, giving me air kisses. 
“Thanks, Bea.” I smile with enthusiasm. I love being on stage. Not for the stripping part but for the dance. The exhilaration of the performing art has always been my passion.
She squeezes my shoulder for an extra measure of support and saunters off. 
I take another quick glance at the rambunctious crowd, measuring what I’m about to deal with and spot Michael right up front and center by the stage. I stumble backward and feel my chest compress out all the air in my lungs.

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CJ Warrant Bio:

CJ Warrant is a lover, a hater and sometimes a fighter for all she’s passionate about. She can’t exist without coffee, chocolate and a damn story brewing in her head. She was born an overseas Army brat, in a Korean Italian household but settled in the states at the ripe old age of five.

With a long career in the beauty industry, a wonderful marriage to a great man and three kids nearly all grown, her view of life is as such. Life is a journey; both good and bad, light and dark, but she takes it all in and learns from every experience life has to offer. She takes those crazy moments, stirs in the dark and brings her passion for words to life.

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