Saturday, October 18, 2014

'Active Appreciation: How to Develop Employees Who Exceed Expectations' by Paula Schwartz


A person who feels appreciated will exceed expectations.

"Conversations build a culture. Culture builds a company. There are few conversations more powerful in building a strong, engaging culture than the conversations of active appreciation."

"In accounting, the term, "active appreciation" refers to an asset's increase in value. In this timely, common sense leadership guide, Paula Schwartz explores active appreciation as a means for increasing the value of an organization's greatest assets, it's people."

About the author:

Paula Schwartz is the owner and founder of HSE Performance Solutions in Houston, Texas. Her expertise is garnered through her interactions with hundreds of workers, managers, and executives mostly in the offshore and land drilling industries, and also in the finance and manufacturing sectors. She is honored to work with the people who take on the responsibility of providing the world’s energy. Her writing is inspired and driven by the risks they take to do so and devoted to their success, safety, and quality of life.

Active Appreciation is written to inspire growth, innovation, and contribution to the people and businesses who strive for such.

Paula lives in Katy, Texas, and appreciates every opportunity to take her work to different parts of the world, with recent projects in Brazil, Scotland, Norway, Australia, Canada, and Angola.

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