Monday, October 13, 2014

'McKnight's Memory' by Paul Kyrizai - Get a free audiobook download with Kindle purchase!


CIA agent James McKnight has three problems....amnesia...the Mafia...and an addiction to the ultimate woman. Can he trust her?

Read an excerpt:
McKnight picked up a table lamp and threw it against the wall.

The crash made Carla spin around. “What?” She saw McKnight standing there in a silent rage. “Jim.....what's wrong?....What's happened?”

“Somebody just tried to kill me at the mall.”

“Oh my God.....Are you all right?”

“If it hadn't been for some security guard, I'd be dead right now.”

Carla studied McKnight’s angered face. “I'm sorry.....,” she said.

“….But it started me thinking....thinking about you,” McKnight continued.

“What?....What about?”

“I've been thinking that for the last two days you've been healthy....extremely and night. Then when I decide to go out, suddenly you have a headache.”

“So?....So what?” she said, now getting defensive.

“Maybe you're part of what's been happening to me, all of which is bad. Maybe you're part of the Masenetti organization.” 
Carla stood silent, holding in her temper. 
“Maybe you made a phone call when I left here,” McKnight continued. “A phone call to get me killed. So just answer me straight, are you working for whoever is trying to kill me.”

“What a God damned stupid question to ask a woman who's been climbing in and out of your bed for the last three months. I think you’re becoming paranoid as hell.”

“I might be paranoid,” he said, pulling back his anger a tad. “I'll give you that. But somebody wants me dead. And somebody tipped off the killer that I was going to the mall. And you know what? I think it was you.” McKnight pulled out his pistol and held it at hip level aiming at her. 
Carla took a step back. “Oh, my God. What's the gun for?”

“What do you think, Carla?” McKnight raised up the gun and aimed at Carla’s chest. 
“Don't point that at me....Jim....stop....”

McKnight pulled the trigger and fired.
This kindle edition includes 'The largest production in audio-book history'. 4 hrs. narrated by Frank Sinatra Jr. and performed by 10 stars as you can see on the cover. It comes as a FREE download with the $2.99 Kindle purchase from Amazon.

About the author:

Paul Kyriazi has directed 22 movie stars in his six feature films and five full-cast audio-books; including Rod Taylor, Robert Culp, Adam West, Russ Tamblyn & George Chakiris. He has a BA in Film from San Francisco State University. He wrote and directed the movie 'Omega Cop' starring Adam 'Batman' West. The audio-book productions of his novels have film-quality sound effects and music, making them 'audio-movies' of sorts.

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